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User Info: SolitaireD

1 month ago#1
How many do you really want? - Results (57 votes)
5.26% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
8.77% (5 votes)
5.26% (3 votes)
8.77% (5 votes)
10.53% (6 votes)
8.77% (5 votes)
5.26% (3 votes)
31.58% (18 votes)
15.79% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
All stats are L20 (L25 for AASB/AOSB/CSB/USB) before realm synergy.
Credits to Discord's Community Development team for SB and relic details.


Meia's Malicious Revolt (6* Rod w/ Water boost; 77 ATK / 173 MAG / 81 MND)
[AASB "Megido Flood", +10 MAG upon Mastery]
15 single-target Water/NE magic attacks, 75% Water Radiant Shield to party, En-Water, Awoken Water Mode & Cap Break Level 1 to user (15 x 1.50)
Awoken Water Mode: Unlimited Water Hones, Water Ability Boost & Dualcast Water
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10100800/20190324_mmbklsFuxRo.mp4)

Firion's Kotetsu (6* Katana w/ Holy boost; 180 ATK)
[AASB "Ruler of Arms", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
15 single-target Holy/Ice/Fire/NE physical attacks, Holy/Ice/Fire Damage +30%, Awoken Loyal Retainer Mode, Cap Break Level 1 & Trinity Rush to user (15 x 0.60)
Awoken Loyal Retainer Mode: Unlimited Knight/Samurai Hones, Knight/Samurai Ability Boost & Dualcast Knight/Samurai
Trinity Rush: When status is removed and 0/2/4/6/8/10/12 Knight/Samurai abilities are using during it, chases with 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 single-target Holy/Ice/Fire/NE physical attacks & single-target Holy/Ice/Fire/NE Overstrike physical attack (2/3/4/5/6/7/8 x 0.96 + 1 x 5.35, Samurai)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10200100/20190324_r0IoRXbYYkA.mp4)

Orlandeau's Ragnarok Masterblade (6* Sword w/ Holy boost; 180 ATK)
[AASB "Sword Saint's Savvy", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
15 single-target Holy/Dark/NE critical physical attacks, Critical Chance +100%, Thunder God's Might, Awoken Thunder God Mode & Cap Break Level 1 to user (15 x 0.60)
Thunder God's Might: High Quick Cast
Awoken Thunder God Mode: Unlimited Knight/Darkness Hones, Knight/Darkness Ability Boost & Dualcast Knight/Darkness
Foreseeable Return: Ramza AASB 2
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/15000600/20181031_jUDCuc7HR40.mp4)

Lightning's Liberator (6* Sword w/ Lightning boost; 180 ATK)
[AASB "Army of One Evolved", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
15 single-target Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks, En-Lightning, Awoken Lightning Mode, Cap Break Level 1 & Lightning Strikes to user (15 x 0.60)
Awoken Lightning Mode: Unlimited Lightning Hones, Lightning Ability Boost & Dualcast Lightning
Lightning Strikes: After using 2/4/6 Lightning abilities, chases with 5/10/20 single-target Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks (5/10/20 x 0.32, Celerity)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11300100/20190131_90BP23du5M0.mp4)

Famed Mimic Gogo's Mirage Morion (6* Hat w/ Water boost; 45 MAG / 111 DEF / 34 MND / 164 RES)
[CSB "Secret Revelation?", +10 MAG upon Mastery]
Activates Water Chain (150) & 50% Water Field, MAG +50%* to party
*ID: 601
Foreseeable Return: Grandpas 2
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10500600/20190324_U-t568Aa2D0.mp4)

Meia's Svetovid (6* Rod w/ Water boost; 77 ATK / 173 MAG / 81 MND)
[AOSB "Fata Fiore", +10 MAG upon Mastery]
3 single-target Water Overstrike magic attacks (3 x 26.50)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10100800/20180824_Y1pcX2O-_8c.mp4)

Orlandeau's Masamune (6* Katana w/ Dark boost; 180 ATK)
[AOSB "Swordplay Extraordinaire", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
20 single-target Holy/Dark physical attacks & single-target Holy/Dark Overstrike physical attack (20 x 0.55 + 1 x 8.00)
Foreseeable Return: Ramza AASB 2
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/15000600/20181031_OiSaBmXr758.mp4)

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

1 month ago#2

Firion's Lightbringer (6* Sword w/ Holy boost; 175 ATK)
[USB "Double Trouble", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
10 single-target Holy/NE physical attacks, En-Holy & EX "Loyal Shield" to user (10 x 0.71)
EX "Loyal Shield": ATK +30%, Casting Speed 2.0x & +0.5x per damaging action (maximum 10 increments, up to 6.5x)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10200100/20170428_lBtxzypGjhQ.mp4)

Orlandeau's Mythril Helm (Helm; 17 ATK / 120 DEF / 107 RES)
[GSB "Sword Saint's Honor", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
Critical Damage +50% & Instant Cast 1 to user, Instant Cast
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/15000600/20181031_galuVeNOOU0.mp4)

Meia's Glam Vamp (Light Armor w/ Fire resist; 17 MAG / 119 DEF / 119 RES)
[LMR "Free from Hatred", +10 MAG upon Mastery]
25% chance to Dualcast Water abilities
Foreseeable Return: None

Firion's Mythril Spear (Spear; 147 ATK)
[LMR "Defying Oppression", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
PHY Damage +20% with Sword equipped
Foreseeable Return: None

Meia's Vesna Krasna (Light Armor w/ Water boost; 17 MAG / 117 DEF / 117 RES)
[LMR "Vengeful Magic", +10 MAG upon Mastery]
En-Water for 25 seconds at the start of battle
Foreseeable Return: None

Lightning's Reprise (Light Armor; 17 ATK / 115 DEF / 115 RES)
[LMR "Gleaming Blade", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
25% chance to Dualcast Lightning abilities
Foreseeable Return: None

Famed Mimic Gogo's Power Rod (Rod; 55 ATK / 143 MAG / 105 MND)
[LMR "Waterlogged Misfit", +10 MAG upon Mastery]
Water Damage +25% with Rod equipped
Foreseeable Return: Grandpas 2

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

1 month ago#3
Banner 4 Overview

Malicious Revolt/Svetovid/Glam Vamp:
Phoenix & Water Dark Odin are one of the fastest bosses, so Radiant helps.
6* Ifrit uses a lot of AOE attacks too.
Water weak superbosses are not known for their bulk so AOSB might not be that crucial.
LMR provides the Dualcast she needs to remain competitive.
Personal Rating (Malicious Revolt): 8/10
Personal Rating (Svetovid): 6/10
Personal Rating (Glam Vamp): 6/10

Kotetsu/Mythril Spear:
Strictly for Torment until he gets a powercreep.
Well Ice could have some use since the element is rare.
But he definitely can't compete with other Holy/Fire/Multi elemental users in Holy/Fire.
Furthermore his Dualcast Knight/Samurai LMRs are not available.
New LMR is a good 2nd LM to pair with the Dualcast.
Personal Rating (Kotetsu): 6/10
Personal Rating (Mythril Spear): 3/10

Ragnarok Masterblade/Masamune/Mythril Helm:
Like I've mentioned in banner 1, this fest is for catching up.
Orlandeau is awesome in Torment, Holy/Dark Magicites, and almost all other contents outside of them.
AASB with guaranteed Crit, 20+1 hit AOSB & Glint gives 50% more damage.
Personal Rating (Ragnarok Masterblade): 10/10
Personal Rating (Masamune): 6/10, 9 with AASB
Personal Rating (Mythril Helm): 5/10

Yes her SASB is the biggest prize in the next fest, but this is a backup in case you fail to get it.
And for some reason her SASB can't kill bosses for you, this AASB provides the Chase and additional Cap Break.
Still one of the best physical Lightning SASBs.
Personal Rating: 9/10

Mirage Morion:
Best Chain animation ever.
That aside, Strago is still the better choice due to his healing LM2.
Fire Magicites are more painful than bulky.
Upcoming Water Chocobo banner has Gogo's AASB and other stuff except Chain, banner 2 has Strago's.
If you are planning on pulling in banner 1, you can consider grabbing his CSB here.
Personal Rating: 8/10

Lightbringer/Vesna Krasna/Power Rod/Lightning's Reprise:
Anima Lens Corner.
Firion USB1 is one of the worst item in this fest and a waste of Lens. I would rather exclude him from Torment team rather than purchase this. FFII is easiest to off-realm anyway.
Meia LMR1 is her least important one unless you really need to stack.
Gogo LMR is unnecessary.
Lightning's an auto-purchase if she is a mainstay in your team.

Conclusion: Meia for rare Water and Orlandeau + Lightning are powerful for current contents.
For a fest designed for players to catch up, this banner does a good job.
Outside of that USB.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: Garetjax333

1 month ago#4
Not sure what to do here. My Water team could use some help since Tidus is my only Chain. I’m always thinking of future-proof, but some of this stuff might help me with Dark Odin (only beat Ice-Weak). Hmmmm...any suggestions? Sitting on about 140 Mithril and I still need to do all the RoP banners. Any good post-fest Banners coming?
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User Info: ZeroQ8

1 month ago#5
strago is better to be the chain holder

gogo should focus on allegro usb and aasb

User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

1 month ago#6
Ignoring the upcoming content when considering this banner is foolish.

Lightning's AASB is nothing compared to her SASB, Firion and Orlandeu's have no place in 6* Magicite and we'll get an influx of new water mages in a few months, making Meia not that important. This is a hard pass.

User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#7
Already have Orlandea and Lightnings AASB. Don't care about Firion. I actually do want Meia's but not enough to pull here other than a 100 gem and /pray
FFRK - Rem's AASB Code: 9DXU

User Info: Summoner_Sage

1 month ago#8
1 dupe with Firion USB1. I don't really want Meia or Gogo's things. Pass.
"How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist.."
Zenith || Winterfrost || FFRK - 3mNf

User Info: drg3

1 month ago#9
5 dupes, easy pass. Would like a second holy aasb for odin, but already have orlandeau’s, and this isn’t the way to get one.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#10
2 dupes: Meia AOSB, Lightning LMR.

:D Orlandeau AASB, Lightning AASB, Firion AASB, Meia AASB
:) Orlandeau AOSB
:| Meia LMR1, Meia LMR2
:/ Gogo CSB, Firion USB1, Orlandeau Glint, Gogo LMR, Firion LMR,
:( Meia AOSB (dupe), Lightning LMR (dupe)

The AASBs would all be nice, but aren't necessarily top priorities for me. Orlandeau/Firion/Meia should help against Odin (but not Lightning since I already beat lightning-weak Odin), Meia/Firion/Lightning would freely crush their respective torments (but I could probably beat them without those), and Orlandeau/Lightning/Meia are powerful in general (but all of them seem lackluster for 6*: no enelement for Orlandeau, Lightning really needs her SASB to take off, and radiant shield gets nerfed hard by the gimmicks). I'd be happy with any of them, and I do simply just like Orlandeau and Lightning. But there's flaws abound. ...As for Orlandeau's AOSB, that one would just be nice to have.

Gogo's CSB is completely unnecessary since I already have Strago's. I wouldn't hate it, but realistically it'd probably never get used.

Firion's USB1 is an absolute insult but might barely be useful for torment. Probably better to go full-mage there though. And Meia's LMRs might boost her a bit since I have her AOSB, but I feel more likely to go for a physical team for that torment right now. And the rest of the LMRs/Glints are really iffy without anything else for those characters.

So... It's 5/14 okay, maybe like 7/14 if I'm being generous. It looked like such a good banner until I started analyzing it, goodness. It's so top-heavy. I'm tempted by those AASBs, but in the end it's basically just a trap. >.>
What a fuddy duddy.
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