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User Info: Zenithian Legend

Zenithian Legend
2 weeks ago#161

5 discos:
Kefka AOSB
Golbez USB2
Sice USB dupe
Minfilia USB dupe

2 rainbows:
Aemo BSB
Decil LMR

Well, I got an AASB haha, albeit the worst one. Lotta FFIV in there too. Still I can't complain one bit, and another Kefka relic is always nice. Also I'm happy to get that Aemo BSB given the rarity of the Beyond relics.
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User Info: Warmenx

2 weeks ago#162

Barret USB
Y'shtola USB
Zidane GSB

These three relics dont seem that great. I think I got Y'shtola's bad USB
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User Info: Wagwood

2 weeks ago#163
Forgot to post this yesterday.


Bartz USB2, OK mUSB, Ricard LMR (dupe), Seymour BSB2

Bartz USB2 is okay, don't see myself using it much anymore since I don't need him to off-element anymore.

I never had OK's mUSB so getting it now makes it really nice since I don't have to waste lenses for it. Will makes my III torment much easier too.

The other two are meh.

User Info: CTsChoco

2 weeks ago#164

Curilla USB2
Relm USB2
Vincent Glint
Orran LMR

Nothing earth shattering, but no dupes either. Already having USB1 for both Curilla and Relm make me wonder if those will see any use. No relics for Orran, so LMR only is still meh. But enFire Glint on my chain holder is a good enough pickup.

Anyway, it's still free.
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User Info: GlaringBadger

2 weeks ago#165
6/40, all but two dupes. I did get Edgar's BSB1 (lol) and Gabranth's CSB for the effort. Not bad for free, I guess; he'll make a difference on Dark-weak Odin. The 100 lv. 3 anima lenses help with the pain.

User Info: Icedragonadam

2 weeks ago#166
5/40, 4 discos but it's quantity over quality here.

Kimahri AOSB
Cait Sith USB
Zack CSB dupe
Yang Glint

Only worthwhile prize is Ace's AOSB since I have stuff for him. Yang's will be useful when he gets his AASB.
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User Info: FreeMan5407

2 weeks ago#167
It is me? Or this free draw was more generous for most people!

I only had 2 events with the free x40 draws and most were in the 2-3 disco range
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User Info: DireStraits

2 weeks ago#168
8/40, 4 rainbows, 4 discos


Ceodore BSB (dupe)
Luneth LMR (reduce delay when passing wind -- new)
Laguna LMR (dupe)
Garland Glint -- new
Vaan OSB (dupe)
Rydia bUSB (dupe)
Amarant USB (this actually looks cool, but, Amarant... -- new)
Zidane USB (dupe)

Yay free anima lenses!
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User Info: kokushishin

2 weeks ago#169

Delita USB2
Cloud OSB1
Ace USB1

Angeal Glint
Kelger LMR1
Arc LMR2
Squall BSB2 dupe
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User Info: kwonshin

2 weeks ago#170
Man, fewer people reporting as usual. Miss the days when relic draw thread got locked due 500 posts max.
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