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User Info: Phagey

1 week ago#121
@raoxi grats on that luck!

Daily draws didn't cough up Squall BUSB so I officially checked it out from here.

User Info: MajorMahalo1

1 week ago#122
Decision made: Sarah.
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User Info: herocomplex00

1 week ago#123
Currently thinking I take Sarah, but open to suggestions. I'm done with 5* magicites, have not made progress on Dark Odin yet, and assume 6* magicites will wreck me at first. No single element is particularly sparse, so a lot of my thoughts on this are directed more towards Torment.

Top of the list: Sarah (only SSB), Arc (SSB + meh BSB), Krile (AOSB but no en-fire), Gilgamesh (CSB nothing else), Locke (AOSB/CSB, no USB, en-fire from GSB/LMR); Eiko's heal (otherwise just BSB), Yuna (to supplement AASB), Lightning (AOSB/BSB imperil, no USB, en-lightning only from LMR/GSB), Y'shtola (otherwise BSB/SSBs).

Of those targets, I'm thinking Sarah based on how big a step up it would be from her rinky-dinky SSB. Of the other healers, Arc isn't bad, since his SSB's physical blink is wasted in Torment, but the bUSB isn't as built for last stand spam. Eiko and Yuna would be nice enough for IC heal, but the Brave stock heal seems a bit underwhelming for the time it takes, even just a supplement to Yuna AASB. Y'sh would be decent, but her BSB is serviceable for FFXIV fights for now. Krile and Gilgamesh are also tempting, to take advantage of their other relics, but they'll get decent lens options in Wave 2, whereas Sarah doesn't. Locke and Lightning have been long-term targets to make them more all-around useful, but at least they do have en-element, so it's not super urgent, and they have lens stuff around if I just want *something* useful.

For completeness, dupes: Firion, Exdeath, Terra, Reno, Squall, Rinoa (Earth), Alphinaud.

Ruled out for better options: Leon, Pecil, Vincent, Rinoa (Ice), Kuja, Tidus, Gabranth, Vayne, Nabaat, Gaffgarion. (I am stacked for dark, and have other USBs for Vincent/Rinoa/Tidus.)

And the relics I'm kind of apathetic on: I get Wol is useful, but I have so little for FFI, I feel like I need the basics first. Kain doesn't seem particularly needed, I've got Aranea USB for dragooning and just BSB for Kain. Rydia's not bad, but my earth magic just recently got crowded thanks to OK AASB/Emperor CSB. Gogo is...weird. Ultimecia looks nice, but I'm doing okay for wind magic, so don't feel the need. Eiko's offensive USB seems silly when I don't even have a healing USB for her yet. Paine would see play, I guess, and be flashier than USB1, but it's just not a high priority. Vaan's wind would e wasted, Torment could see use over BSB/USB1. Thancred is kind of cool, my FFXIV isn't great, but I'm otherwise already decent on earth physical, so he just doesn't crack the list.

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 week ago#124
Decided to do the pull. Terra OSB, Shadow USB, and Angeal USB.

Not sure what to pick. I guess healing ones are good. Maybe Sarah since all I have is a BSB for her. Then again, with how little I have not sure how a torment would go even with a good heal. Y'shtola would make XIV more possible I guess. But her BSB is better than Sarah's. Arc's just got his SSB. Better offensively there. Hmm....

Eh, probably Sarah I guess?
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