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User Info: Sporadicles

1 week ago#81
Noctis USB1.

Yesterday's Ramza USB1 was an oldie but a goodie. Today, not so much. But with a 6* for all three pulls so far I am happy.

User Info: ShinUltima

1 week ago#82
MrMcMahon posted...
Noctis Usb1...this looks bad

It is.

Congrats to all the new Noctis AASB/Prompto CSB holders. I'd try for Noct AASB myself (already have Prompto CSB), but I doubt my luck would be that great.
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User Info: Lavabit

1 week ago#83
T-0: Queen OSB [New!]
T: Miladoul USB [New!]
XV: Noctis Sword Dmg+ LMR [New!]

User Info: CryingGod

1 week ago#84
XV : 2x6* both being Prompto USB

User Info: Goldice

1 week ago#85
XV: Gladio USB (dupe)
FFT: Orlandeau OSB (dupe)
FFT0: Machina OSB

3/3 on discos, 2/3 dupes and 2/3 OSB. SUPER AWESOME.

Least I have 100 more lvl 3 lenses...
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(edited 1 week ago)
Decided to go for it, against my better judgment, due to the higher 6* rates. Did not disappoint, Noctis USB2 and +10 atk on one of my best characters.
FFRK ID: 24F2 - Shadow BSB for dailies

User Info: EchoNull

1 week ago#87
@mazurka posted...
XV: 1/3 Prompto USB (dupe) - wrong Prompto disco gun, I wanted the CSB
I would *so* happily trade you my dupe CSB =\
FFRK: D6vf Garnet Chain ~ Orbs: https://goo.gl/9ERBYu ~ SBs: http://goo.gl/SO1Iyc ~ Spreadsheets: https://goo.gl/SYKysf
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Champ2013

6 days ago#88
1/3 Prompto Chain!!!!

This was the only this I wanted from XV, so this made any and all draws of the LoTR worth it!

Type-0: Queen BSB
FFT: Orran LMR
XV: Prompto CSB
FC: 1693-4540-8687 | IGN: Angel | TSV: 1671, 1347

User Info: Jack-ums

6 days ago#89
Ugh, most wanted relic: Prompto CSB
What I got: Noctis OSB (dupe)

I only have like 3 discos in the whole realm, so to get a dupe suuuuuuuucks. Guess I'll continue getting nowhere with the torment...

User Info: DireStraits

6 days ago#90
1/3 Iris USB

Other than the quick-cast, this doesn't really look better than her BSB. Hmmmm.

Type 0: Sice LMR
FFT: Delita BSB (dupe)
XV: Iris USB
FFRK: HCmu, Shadow BSB
OperaOmnia: 622970509, 60/60 Squall, 15/35/EX MLB
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