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User Info: Neo Zekele

Neo Zekele
1 week ago#1
With the upcoming change of Uniques only costing 1 SB bar, I decided to compile a list of potentially useful ones. Most of these aren't worth 2 bars, but at just 1, they might actually find use, even if it's niche.

There's a few gems in there that I honestly forgot about, and I bolded those I think would be especially useful.

Note- if a SB does damage, it's usually only 2-3 hits (and therefore worthless and not listed) unless otherwise noted.
Note 2- All buffs/heals are party wide, unless otherwise noted

Garland- Imperil Dark 20%
Sarah- Heal (50)/Major Regen

Leon- Atk/Def +30%
Gordon- Atk/Mag -40%
Leila- Shellga/Hastega

Ingus- Protectga/Hastega
Desch- Enlightning

Pecil- Def +200%
Kain- Def/Res -50%
Rydia- Self PBlink x2
Rosa- Protectga/Shellga
Edward- Protectga/Major Regen
Edward- Hastega/Mag +30%
Yang- Party PBlink

Lenna- Hastega/Atk +30%
Lenna- Heal (50)/Major Regen
Galuf- Invincible
Bartz- Enwind
Faris- Atk/Mag -40%
Faris- Def/Res -40%
Exdeath- Endark
Exdeath- Grand Cross

Celes- Runic

Mog- Major Regen/Atk +30%
Mog- Atk/Mag -50%
Setzer- Atk/Mag -50%
Relm- Hastega/Crit fix 50%
Kefka- Hastega/Mag +20%

Cloud- 7 hits/Enwind
Barret- Imperil Lightning 20%
Aerith- MBlink/Crit fix 50%

Aerith- PBlink
Aerith- Atk +50%
Red XIII- Protectga/Hastega
Yuffie- Instant 40% Max HP Heal

Cait Sith- Atk/Mag -50%
Vincent- Atk/Mag +30%
Sephiroth- Enfire
Cid- Imperil Wind 20%

Squall- 5 hits/Enice
Rinoa- Enearth

Irvine- Def/Res -50%
Edea- Hastega/Mag +20%
Fujin- 25% Status Resist/PBlink

Freya- Def/Res -50%
Quina- Protectga/Shellga
Quina- Atk/Def +30%
Eiko- Heal (50)/Hastega
Amarant- Shellga/Major Regen
Kuja- Endark

Tidus- Hastega/Restore 1 Ability Use
Tidus- Self IC2
Yuna- Heal (50)/Major Regen
Yuna- Enholy

Wakka- Def/Res -50%
Lulu- Focus (Mag/Res +30%, stacks with EVERYTHING)
Kimahri- MBlink
Rikku- Atk +30%/Res +50% (stacks with almost everything)

Balthier- Self PBlink x2
Fran- Def/Res -50%
Fran- Atk/Mag -40%
Basch- Atk/Def +30%
Penelo- Heal (50)/Atk +30%
Gabranth- Endark

Claire- Enlightning
Claire- Self IC2
Vanille- Heal (50)/Protectga
Sazh- Shellga/Hastega

Fang- Def/Res -50%
Serah- Self QC4

Y'shtola- Def/Res +200%
Y'shtola- Heal (50)/Esunga
Yda- Crit fix 50%/Mind +30%
Papalymo- Self QC4

Ramza- Protecgta/40% Max HP Heal

Agrias- Atk/Mag -50%
Delita- PBlink/Crit Fix 50%
Delita- Def/Res -50%
Ovelia- Hastega/Major Regen

Tyro- Heal (104)
Tyro- Def/Res +200%

Whew, that should be it. Go nuts.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: SaintTweeter

1 week ago#2
Also to note, Mind doesn't factor into the length of haste (and maybe protect/shell? I don't remember) anymore in JP so some of these are actually very good clutch poverty options.
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User Info: antifocus

1 week ago#3
The "upcoming change" won't happen for the next 6 months, nobody will remember this post by then.
Unless this is for the JP players?

User Info: R4monxu

1 week ago#4
Some are very good, I can see myself using Clouds Unique over BSB2 for en-wind (my only source). He always has SB gauge problem for all of his SB.

Btw I just realize reeding this that there's a soulbreak with the affliction break effect. Something new.

User Info: SaintTweeter

1 week ago#5
I think Fuujin Unique was one of the last Uniques, too?
boku wa SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS atashi wa
thanks for taking 100 years to localize EOV, atlus usa, you jerks

User Info: Fourcd

1 week ago#6
Bye bye L1 Lenses

Great list, thanks! There's a few beauties in there that at 1 SB bar are going to be a huge help.

User Info: SacredX

1 week ago#7
Rikku- Atk +30%/Res +50% (stacks with almost everything)

Note about this one, it'd be more correct to say this stacks with almost nothing.

When this Soul Break first came out, users thought it would be great for its stacking potential. But it wasn't before long that users realized this is perhaps one of the only cases where it gives two individual buffs.

More plainly, it grants +30% ATK as one buff and +50% RES as another buff. So for example, Shoult would replace the ATK buff but not the RES buff. This is because the ATK and RES buffs are two different buffs with two basic IDs, they're not merged into one.
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User Info: Biobinary

1 week ago#8
Thanks for the heads up. It is REALLY nice to know about things like this 6 months in advance. REALLY nice instead of not knowing and maybe using up a bunch of lenses you otherwise might have wanted to save for these.
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User Info: zeigman

1 week ago#9
Now I regret getting Galuf SSB for the invincibility effect...

User Info: zibba1331

1 week ago#10
Solid list, thanks! Definitely some winners in there.
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