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User Info: xharvestx

1 month ago#11

Did you buy your chocobo greens stamina shards?

I was on the fence on running some extra till I saw that it would take half of my green stash.

Getting the RW reward update should provide plenty of income on top of daily dungeons. But I figured I might as well speed up the first 100 on a handful of characters at the same time while the bosses were easy.

User Info: EchoNull

1 month ago#12
ZeroQ8 posted...
One more strategy u can rw noel aasb and do urs if u own one will give u lv2 break
If you can RW whatever you want, you can stack any Awakenings to combine their damage cap increases, right? Doesn't have to be the same one.

And may as well be Cloud USB1, no?
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User Info: LPguy

1 month ago#13
Very easy farm, even without the listed tools of above posts. I was actually turned off of attempting this initially because I lack the mentioned pieces.

You really only need a few Ice users with dual cast LMRs, it's a really easy auto. I don't have any AASBs and I don't care which RW pops up. I am currently using OK, Cloud, Laguna, Celes, and Noel.

OK uses his pUSB, Cloud uses his USB, and Noel uses whatever RW it doesn't matter. The rest is ability spam.

User Info: jagusto

1 month ago#14
@xharvestx I bought them like a year ago, maybe longer.

I'm at about 1mil greens...may toss a few runs in here or there, but this grind is one I'm not sure I wanna do until I'm outta greens lol

User Info: kwonshin

1 month ago#15
8 runs with full IC3 party no SB just any Ice ability spam. No Green drops. I know I shouldn't bother with it in the first place.
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User Info: drg3

1 month ago#16
I got a pretty even 1/3 drop rate over the course of the day. Did over 100 runs as I was flying home, green count went up a bit more than 100k.

User Info: Faroth

1 month ago#17
Thanks TC!! I can kill him with cloud USB and any en-ice LMR starter with spellblades :) amazing!
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User Info: 3HP

1 month ago#18
Is it just me or does the drop rate seem worse than usual for greens on this one?

User Info: LPguy

4 weeks ago#19
Such a better 'grind' timing than Fabul Castle. My greens stash has really climbed quickly. Glad that I read this topic and finally tried. Dipped below 1M briefly but I'm back up to 1.2M as of this morning.

Just have to look over casually between tasks at work to refresh. Better than Fabul where the run is done immediately and the phone sits idly.

User Info: theseus19

4 weeks ago#20
In case anyone is interested:

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