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User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#11
SnowxNeverLeft posted...
With Torment v. 2.1. coming soon in JP all realms with a realm chain are worth pulling on. They might well be the most important relics for them. Ramza's chain is basically as good as a realm chain for T so that one is worth chasing as well.

That was actually what I was leaning towards. I'm gonna pull on 3/4 regardless for a shot at Dark magic CSB 2.0 and realms with a realm chain.

Last LOTR I got Steiners actually lol.
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User Info: Phagey

1 month ago#12
I'm all in on all RoP. It's fun and this time we should actually get anima lenses from dupes, yes?

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#13
I'm assuming equal odds per relic, until it looks to be otherwise. Makes the math easier, I guess...

FF0: 19 dupes, 16/58 okay = 27.59%
FFT: 20 dupes, 20/74 okay = 27.02%

I have most of the current torments done, but knowing that torment 4 is on the horizon throws a wrench into things. I'm trying to be stingier than normal with what I'm calling "okay," since a lot of those are just things that might help one day (decent LMRs, random USBs, etc). Of course, I'd love some ASBs or useful CSBs, but the odds are somewhat against that in individual draws.

But, these draws are still stupid cheap. They might fill in some gaps, and they're good for a few anima lenses too. I forget all the math I did, but I set a cutoff of 17% on these draws a while back... Even with the potential nerf and me trying to save mythril, these are still well over that and still seem worth doing.
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

1 month ago#14
I hope my FFT pull isn't complete poop. I need an upgrade in my holy tools to beat Deathgaze.
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User Info: CryingGod

1 month ago#15
Didn’t get anything good from the last festival of realms, so I am bound to get something here, right? Going to pull on all of them.
Half tempted to skip tictacs since that is my only realm fully cleared, aside from the 31 second torment3 time.

User Info: AndyTarot

1 month ago#16
This time I won't do the math because I will be pulling on all of them regardless. I'll just list the Top3 wants.

1. Rem ASB
2. Any Deuce USB
3. Rem AOSB
Honorable mentions: Queen ASB, Ace CSB/AOSB, Deuce LMR2

1. Ramza CSB
Honorable mentions: Orran USB, Agrias ASB, Ovelia LMR1

User Info: LuBu1975

1 month ago#17
Likewise I'll post my top 3 wants and simultaneously bump this topic. I've sub30ed both Torments already but i'm still pulling on all of these.


1. Queen ASB
2. Rem AOSB
3. King USB


1. Orlandeau ASB
2. Ramza Chain
3. Agrias ASB

User Info: Warmenx

1 month ago#18
My top 3 hopes

1 Rem AASB
2 Rem USB (either one)
3 Rem LMR (any of them)

1 Ramza CSB (this would really improve my holy team)
2 Agrias AASB
3 Orlandeau AASB
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User Info: IamWallaman

1 month ago#19
Looking forward to these just to break the monotony ...

T-0: Rem AASB, Rem AOSB, Deuce USB2
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User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#20
Wants from T0:
Queen AASB

Lol talk about a long shot but I’ll take it /shrug

FFT - skip. Literally nothing needed or wanted. Well unless I pull for lenses but meh.
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