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User Info: WilliamDS

1 month ago#371
so after getting 5 magic pot in a row from powerup dungeon, decided to pull for ice banner

4/11 discos! Never saw that much discos before

Firion Brave USB
Firion AOSB
Laguna USB1
Matoya USB

All new, (almost used lenses for Laguna) very happy with the results

left fire...
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User Info: LuBu1975

1 month ago#372
Element 7/8 Lightning:

Shantotto ASB
Montblanc USB

That's 2 magic ASBs in a row after 5 bad pulls. Grateful and all but I'd much prefer physical relics. Just Dark left to go, was hoping for Sephiroth/Orlandeau ASBs but that's probably too much to ask for now.

User Info: xanketsu

1 month ago#373
Might as well post here.

1/11 Water: Kimahri Enwater LMR
2/11 Ice: Rinoa BSB dupe, Noel USB1 dupe
1/11 Holy: Arc USB
3/11 Earth: Maria BSB dupe, Maria OSB, Maria USB

.... kind of meh.

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User Info: Phagey

1 month ago#374
With a windfall of 30 Mythril coming I decided to, uh, throw caution to the Wind.

1/11 Zack LMR.

**** me. 6 pulls with only one disco between all of them.

User Info: ClearAsChalk

1 month ago#375
Overall not a great haul, but could have been worse. Was putting a lot of anticipation into holy, which didn't turn out well.

Holy - Celes OSB (dupe)
Ice - Rinoa USB1, Serah LMR
Earth - Master AOSB, Bartz AOSB, Tifa USB1
Fire - Sabin BSB (dupe)
Lightning - Cid IV LMR
Wind - Freya LMR, Onion Knight AOSB
Water - Tidus glint
Dark - Gabranth bUSB (dupe), Zeid LMR, Kuja LMR

User Info: Phagey

1 month ago#376
So. I decided I don't really want to draw too much in the next fest. All in on everything.

Lightning: Steiner USB (dupe), Lightning LMR (dupe), Ashe LMR (dupe), Shelke BSB (dupe number, uh, 5?), Reno BSB
Water: Meia Glint, Lulu (en-water) LMR
Wind: Zack LMR
Earth: Machina LMR
Fire: Scott BSB (dupe), Ace BSB (dupe)
Ice: Laguna BSB (dupe)
Dark: Shadow USB2, TGC USB (dupe), Rufus LMR
Holy: Minwu BSB (dupe dupe DUPE), Agrias LMR (en-holy)

So yeah. Utter fail and disaster. Got nothing that helps with content I haven't already beaten.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: LuBu1975

1 month ago#377

1/11 Seifer Glint

Pretty poor end to these. Full results:

Water - Strago BSB
Wind - Zidane OSB dupe, Luneth LMR
Fire - Gilgamesh BSB2, Terra LMR dupe
Earth - Galuf Chain dupe, Cinque BSB, Gladiolus LMR
Ice - Rinoa AOSB, Vivi BSB dupe
Holy - Rem ASB, Firion USB1, WoL Glint
Lightning - Shantotto ASB, Montblanc USB
Dark - Seifer Glint

User Info: r0ge00

1 month ago#378
I did my Ice and Lightning draws. Not amazing, but I'm satisfied.

Ice: 2/11

Reynn USB - I have her double cast LMR as well. It looks like a really nice stacking imperil and it's an ice boost throwing weapon, so that's a plus.
Celes - En-Ice LMR - Just pulled her AOSB from the realm banner and I have a few BSBs for her, so it could see some use.

Lightning: 1/11
Prishe USB2 - Looks like it could be useful eventually when we get the 6* Monk Lightning ability. Lightning boost light armor at the very worst.

User Info: ffrkowaway

4 weeks ago#379
Had a bit of an itch to pull, gave earth a shot since I don't have much that would be good for Ramuh, and could maybe use a little push to keep with Odin:

4/11, all rainbows:
Gladio en-earth LMR (dupe)
Ingus en-earth LMR (dupe)

Paine BSB1 (guess it could be useful someday to have Dispel on a SB entry)

Machina BSB (you know, if I end up with his CSB, it might actually be quite nice to have him be able to put up a party Stoneskin)

ffrkowaway posted...
Went for two more with better results, not sure how many more of these I'll do.

Wind: 2/11, both discos
Fang OSB
OK USB3 (really wanted this for a while, wonder if it will ever be good for 6*)

Holy: 1/11 rainbow
But it's Rem GSB!

ffrkowaway posted...
With dark being the only element I'm missing a Gen2 CSB for, I made that the first one of my elemental draws. The overall numbers even seemed pretty good when I counted. But not off to a good start.

Queen OSB/11
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: kwonshin

1 week ago#380
The thread by that McMahon dude made me want to finish my remaining Holy/Dark banners here.

2/11 - Cecil USB1, Basch USB2
1/11 - Cloud Glint dupe

Officially no CSB from these Elemental banners.
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