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User Info: sohmwan87

2 months ago#11
now. i am really regretting that focus banner pull

User Info: Goldice

2 months ago#12
Depends on the banner cutoff.

Gonna be a lot more tempting if there's a bunch of aasbs in them
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User Info: Majjib

2 months ago#13
I'm gonna pull on them all.

That's what she said.

She's very popular.

User Info: Gigandas

2 months ago#14
Happy to hear these are coming after all! I'm at least going to pull on Lightning and Holy as those are the only elements left I still lack a chain for (Deathgaze was a huge pain because of this, but I finally beat him using Tyro USB4). And the rest I'm sure I'll be tempted to pull on at some point, but I'll have to see the cutoff point myself before deciding what to prioritize there.
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User Info: darkeric7x7

2 months ago#15
If there's AASBs on them (read: Bartz) I will draw.
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User Info: MrFirestar

2 months ago#16
darkeric7x7 posted...
If there's AASBs on them (read: Bartz) I will draw.

Bartz AASB will be on the banners. Four of them to be exact: fire, earth, wind, water.

For any of the newer relics released between last maintenance and this upcoming maintenance, off of the top of my head:

Noctis AASB/AOSB2 will be in the lightning, earth, and fire banners.
Rydia AASB will be on the earth, water, and holy banners.

I think those are the only new multi-element relics.
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User Info: xharvestx

2 months ago#17
The chain and awaken rate likely will not justify spending on these banners for my account.

I did two unexpected for fun pulls on the ff7 banner and got the best five star, the best glint and the best awaken, quantity was low but quality was great since it avoided angeal. I was fishing for Vincent to help move my magicite wheel along and missed that goal. It created a dup awaken for the future ff7 banners but it is better to have the strong sb if it didn't come attached to a crazy cost.

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

2 months ago#18
I need imperils and maybe radiant shields. But I’ll wait to see aasb in the pool
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User Info: Uiru

2 months ago#19
I want to pull on them all, but ten realm draws got me literally one new item and it was trash. And luck has been in the gutter for some time now. I would like to determine if DeNA still hates my account before committing. :p

Though I just realized I probably shouldn't draw on water. I have Bartz/Rydia AASBs and Rikku/Strago chains. Would really like Tidus though :p Oh I also forgot about Meia. Love her. Buuuut...
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: ChillGamer

2 months ago#20
SaintTweeter posted...
For 15 mythril, I'll probably pull on them all eventually, but not immediately...
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