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Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
Shadow Stalker X posted...
Speaking of upcoming events, @Relm_Arrowny_87, do you know how much Mythril is available from the Black Chocobo event?

13. 3 from the stages, 7 from the shop, 3 from multiplayer.

@EchoNull posted...
I forget, did JP get a refresh of these yet or no?

Yeah. It would be around October or November for us in theory, but this one's really late to begin with so who knows.

Okay, thanks. Since it was a different event type overall, I wanted to be sure the Mythril numbers were the same or not.

EchoNull posted...
Really feeling the heat, huh?

No idea what that video is (can't view YouTube where I'm at), but given that I've been sweating most of the day, yeah.
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