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User Info: MrFirestar

3 weeks ago#1
Credit to Shadow Stalker X for these topics I'm about to link.


Eight banners, each of the major elements except for poison. First pull on each is only 15 mythril/900 gems.

Note: these linked topics were assuming the banners dropped before the last maintenance. Since the banners just got datamined and thus I'm expecting them to drop right after this coming maintenance, there should be more relics added for each banner. So just expect anything elemental-related up to Kimahri's event.
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User Info: Tptranger

3 weeks ago#2
If they are up to Kimahris event, l think I can justify at least a pull on water banner. That'd have 3 new AA (Kimahri, Rydia, and Tidus) and a ton of discos compared to 5*, with very few dupes.

My only 6* water is Strago CSB, Tidus OSB, and Bartz USB1/AA. Although I plan to grab Tidus on the FT draw. Probably worth the 15 mythril for a chance.
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User Info: BeckyBoo

3 weeks ago#3
Ice n Holy for me.

User Info: demonhunter1986

3 weeks ago#4
*tagging this topic for future reference.*
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User Info: bennex

3 weeks ago#5
Doing Fire and Lightning first to make my FT decission easier. Then Water, Holy and Dark for Odin.
Not sure about the other's yet, probably all.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

3 weeks ago#6
I'll really have to look at these one by one to decide. (Again. That's pretty annoying given how large the pools are.) Before I had planned on skipping Lightning, and maybe Dark/Holy/Fire, but definitely doing Water and probably Earth/Ice/Wind. But USBs are looking a lot worse lately, plus I've beaten several more Torments now, so I suspect some things have changed.

I have 3 big concerns about these banners now. One, the 6* rate is probably nerfed like the other recent discount draws were more-or-less confirmed to be. (The RK Squared website will probably list their datamined rates for them sooner or later.)

Two, awakenings and chains are still far and few between in these large pools. If you're drawing, you need to expect random USBs/AOSBs/LMRs/etc, or BSBs/dupes at worst. So random realm tech, basically. Awakenings are there too, but they're unlikely. And on top of that, I don't personally need any chains.

Three... What am I even pulling for? In my case, I'm done with 5* magicites and 6 of the 17 Torments. The remaining content is low-priority until 6* magicites show up, because the rewards are no longer game-changing. (Rubies when I plenty? Omniresist accessories when I have enough healing to literally kill things? Yeah.) Plus those remaining bosses are easily resolved just by waiting for more ASBs to show up, and 6*s inevitably going to want synchros.

At the same time, these are relatively cheap pulls, so... Still tempting. Anyway, I'll need to go over them once the pools are confirmed, so I probably won't pull right away.
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(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: SaintTweeter

3 weeks ago#7
For 15 mythril, I'll probably pull on them all eventually, but not immediately...
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User Info: BigG777

3 weeks ago#8
I still have no holy chain *sobs*

User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

3 weeks ago#9
I'll probably just do all of them.
The odds are not good though.

I like shiny things.

User Info: BeckyBoo

3 weeks ago#10
@Relm_Arrowny_87 I don't have a single ice relic beyond Squall BSSB 2, nothing magical at all...
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