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User Info: AdmiralAeris

1 month ago#31
Forgot to post that I managed to sub-30 this torment with the help of Raines AASB:

Raines, AASB, LM1+2, Magic Breakdown/Necro Countdown, 2x dark boosts, +dark (Major Holy)
Nabaat, USB2, LM1+2, Touched by Darkness/Dire Heal, 2x dark boosts, +BLK w/whip (Holy+Lightning)
Hope, USB2 (also USB1 and OSB -- don't remember if I used them), LM2/LMR, Lunar Dragon/Kirin*, 2x holy boosts, w-summon (Gigas Armlet)
Vanille, USB2/Glint1, LM1+2, Curada/Hastega, geared for Mind, MM (Odin)
Serah, CSB/USB1 (latter may not be necessary), LM1+2, Chain Blizzaja/Shellga*, 2x ice boosts, DMT (Holy+Ice)

*In hindsight, it would probably be better to give Hope Shellga and Serah Memento of Prayer, allowing Serah to use her chain (here used strictly as a faithga) on her first turn and getting Hope a little more gauge early.

Main Magicite: Ark (2x Empower Dark)
Sub Magicite: Deathgaze (Dampen Holy/Health Boon)
Phoenix (Healing Boon/Mind Boon)
Madeen (2x Magic Boon)
Madeen (Health Boon/Fast Act)

RW: Chain

Kirin (or Memento of Prayer) is for overwriting Sap -- with Ark's holy blink it's possible to remain Sap-free for most of the battle.
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User Info: ZeroQ8

4 weeks ago#32
Okay, trying this one a bit. Dahaka's a pain, but I think I see a win with my current relics. Trying to figure out if I need to dive a few characters that I didn't really want to dive, though.

Fang's USB1 is surprisingly not bad here btw, instacast jump. I've heard that Hurricane Bolt is coded as a jump ability too, which if so pairs perfectly with that. So if I wait patiently for that to come, in about a month, then I should win easily. But you know what? Waiting patiently sucks. :P
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(edited 2 weeks ago)
39.41s. That's close to 20s faster than my old time, so yay for that much. Lightning bUSB/LMR1, Fang USB1, Raines BSB/OSB, Noel BSB3/USB1, Vanille USB3.

Only Lightning and Raines are dived. ...Hmm. May be possible with more dives/Hurricane Bolt/better RNG. And I did lose a second or two on the dispel.
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

2 weeks ago#35
Poverty sub30 thanks to Artifacts, 6* abilities, Odin accessories and powercreep in general:

Sazh - USB, Wrath+Entrust, MM
Raines - BSB, Necro Countdown, Gathering Storm
Lightning - USB1+Glint, Ripping Plasma, DMT
Vanille - BSB1+BSB2, Wrath+Holyja, Ace Striker
Hope - USB, Lunar Dragon+Shellga, Summoner dualcast LM

Main Magicite: Behemoth King (triple empower)
Sub: Phoenix (HP+Dampen Ice), Ark (triple empower), Madeen x2 (HP+FA and ATK+MAG)

Everyone is fully dived. Lightning and Raines have capped Crystal Waters, the others have 10-20 HP and RES.
Lightning has 100 ATK Magia, Raines has 40 MAG, everyone else has 10 or less HP.

Aside from Lightning's Gint, everything is available from the Lens shop. Even so, her Glint is nice but her DC LMR (which I don't have) is infinitely better.

Vanille needs to time her BSB2 to block both the Slowga and Dispel moves, which is easier said than done. Also RNG on dualcasts will inevitably mess things up, with phase changes happening too soon or late. This is definitely one of the hardest poverty sub30's.
(edited 2 weeks ago)
Sub 30 (26 seconds) clear with Lighting AASB. Before this, my clear was 1 minutes 06 seconds (lol) about few months ago.


Lightning - AASB USB1 Glint - Ripping Bolt, Life Syphon
Snow - BSB - Healing Smite, Magic Break down
Vanille - USB2, BSB1 - Curada, Shellga
Cid Raines - BSB, Arcane - Necro Countdown, Dire Heal
Sazh - LMR, no soul break - Wrath Entrust Bot

RW - Chain Realm

Also have Lighting's Arcane, but didnt get to use it.
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(edited 1 week ago)
Nabbing Lightning's ASB earlier proved to be the piece I needed to clear this battle, with a pretty good time, too (33.32).

Lightning (USB1, ASB) Flash Disaster/Ripping Plasma (damage boost)
Noel (BSB3) Shellga/Lifesiphon (Gathering Storm)
Raines (USB2) Dire Heal/Necro Countdown (damage boost)
Serah (USB1, SSB2) Voltech (Dr. Mog)
Vanille (BSB1) Hastega/Curada (MM)

A few spots I can see where improvements can be done, such as using Chain Blizzaja on Serah, and honing Ripping Plasma to R5 (R3 right now), but this is good for now.
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Yaaas. One more down. D??? Dahaka: 28.38s.

Lightning (bUSB) - Ripping Plasma, Flash Disaster / Gathering Storm, LM2, dualcast LMR (2 Lightning boosts)
Fang (USB1) - Sky High, Cyclone Bolt / Jump+, LM1, LM2 (2 Wind boosts)
Raines (BSB, OSB) - Necro Countdown, Momento Mori / Dark+, LM1, LM2 (2 Dark boosts)
Noel (BSB3, USB1) - Icicle Bullet, Shellga / Dagger+, LM1, LM2 (2 Ice boosts)
Vanille (USB3, Glint1) - Curada, Hastega / Mako Might, LM2, heal boost LMR
RW: Bonds of Historia
Magi: Behemoth King (+Lightning 15, ATK 15), Typhon (+Wind 15, Precise 8), Phoenix (+MND 20, Heal 15), Madeen (+MAG 20x2, HP 8, Fast 10)
Resists: Gigas, Lightning/Holy, Omni, Ice/Holy, Omni

Ultimately, this was pretty simple. Lightning's just good DPS, Fang's surprisingly solid with her instacast jump USB and Sky High (even if I was too impatient to wait for Hurricane Bolt), and Raines is, even in this era, still Raines. Noel is there primarily as a slot filler, with Shellga and his BSB cmd2 replacing Magic Breakdown, but he did okay damage. And Vanille's USB3 is great, plus the Glint actually *did* help keep me alive at one point. Oh... and Behemoth King being in-realm is a handy buff to his damage too.

The tricky part was just timing the Hastegas around the Slows and Dispels. Once I got that down (and dived everyone), it was pretty straightforward. (I dived even Noel for this. Noel! Eww. :P )

14 down! 3 to go.
What a fuddy duddy.
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: hang00

1 day ago#39
9th torment down, so close to sub30 at 30:06. Much easier than I was last night as this only took two tries.

Sazh- entrust bot - SSB - MM
Lightning - Ripping Plasma/Flash Disaster - Glint+/AASB/LMRdualcast - Sword+
Vanille - Curada/Hastega - BSB1 - Dr Mog
Cid Raines - Wrath/MM - BSB1 - Dark+
Fang - Sky High/Lifesiphon - USB2/LMRspear - Weak+
Magicite - BK
Everyone has a full dive and DPS has 2x boosts.

Fang was pretty good DPS with her chases, Raines is old reliable when I have nothing better, and Lightning is awesome. I will come back for sub30 some day.

User Info: towelrack

20 hours ago#40
The final torment completed. Sadly, not a sub30 (got 43.50), and I think I'll either wait for an AASB or Vanille's USB3 to try for a faster time. I remember being so excited when getting not just her USB1, but USB2 as well...and then the disappointment when I realized how not great they are.

Raines: MM, Voltech / BSB / Orphaned Cub / Ice Boost x2
Noel: Icicle Bullet, Icicle Shot / SSB / LMR(+sword), LM2 / Truthseeker / Ice Boost x2
Snow: Ironfist Ice / CSB / LMR (en-ice), LMR (Atk+) / MM / Ice Boost x2
Serah: Chain Blizzaja, Shellga / USB2 / LMR(dc), LM2 / DMT / Ice Boost x2
Vanille: Curada, Hastega / BSB1, BSB2 / LM1, LM2 / Gathering Storm

RW: Healer
Magicites: Manticore, Madeen, Madeen, Madeen, Famfrit

Team damage really isn't too bad, but I'm not sure, even if I aced the magic blinks and stuff, if I could squeeze in enough damage to sub-30. I thought about using lenses to get Noel's USB1, because he's pretty ok, but I still don't think it would be enough. And his SSB is pretty decent with self-IC2. Vanille is just such a disappointing healer I think.
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