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User Info: drg3

4 weeks ago#101
Microcastle posted...
NinjaSlash206 posted...
Microcastle posted...
Did the LMR pull on a whim.

Sabin BSB (dupe)
Palom en-Lightning LMR
Warrior of Light USB

LMR choice: Bartz Spellblade Damage+30% w/ Swords.

I was torn between EIko dualcast LMR or Relm's USB on the other draw. I did some research and the latter should appear on the Full Throttle 1000 gem select. So, if needed, I can buy Eiko LMR with lenses.

Its only 25%
Huh. Always thought "significantly more" was 30% versus "much more" being 40%. TIL.

Nah, it’s a range. I think most of the other sword dmg lmrs are actually 20%. the RMs are 30.

User Info: Palaxius01

4 weeks ago#102
AOSB : 2/11
Kirile BSB1 (dupe)
Eiko LMR1

USB : 2/11
Ramza LMR1 (dupe)
Seifer BSB2

Non dupes where good, specially Seifer's radiant bsb to combo with his chain. Will decide what to pick later.

User Info: ZeroQ8

4 weeks ago#103
Nothing great

Pulled on all


Elarra usb2
X that lmr
Quistis osb
Noel bsb
Rydia glint

Postponing aosb select to see if auron drops tonight

User Info: sarothias

4 weeks ago#104
sarothias posted...
3/11 - Relm LMR1 (dupe), Irvine BSB, Rydia GSB

Chose Rydia EnWater LMR

Stoked for Rydia GSB. Even if I don't use it, it's an extra 10 Mag for a fav character :D
Now up to 14 relics total for her. Have to double check but think i am just missing her EnEarth LMR which will be next select most likely..

Welp after getting RIkku CSB and GSB last night I decided to pull the USB select and chose Rikku's USB2.

The pull itself was:
2/11 - Nine LMR (dupe), Snow USB1

Nice to get something new but was so hoping it was Snows USB2 which I was wanting lol.
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User Info: MrFirestar

3 weeks ago#105
Finally did these. Only did AOSB/USB/GSB

AOSB draw: 2/11: Snow BSB2 (dupe), Enna Kros USB
USB draw: 3/11: Cait Sith BSB (dupe), Leila BSB (dupe), Gaffgarion USB2
GSB draw: 3/11: Tidus BSB2 (dupe), King LMR, Edward CSB

Now I have a gen2 chain for all the main elements.

Picked Lulu AOSB and USB2, and Vincent GSB.
FFRK: WgfM (Vincent CSB)
DFFOO: 130944788 (Kefka)

User Info: Cuticrusader09

3 weeks ago#106
Since my elemental draws didn’t get me anything on my list from these, I did my picks.

Bartz Aosb
Zidane USB2

But I’m torn between Rydia en earth vs en water Lmr...
zkUj - Cloud USB

User Info: Keith Kaizer

Keith Kaizer
3 weeks ago#107
Just did the LMR draw after giving strong considerstion to Edward's LMR to pair with his CSB.

1/11: Zidane OSB (dupe)

I always hope for the best. Experience, unfortunately, has taught me to expect the worst. ~ Elim Garak

User Info: sarothias

3 weeks ago#108
@Cuticrusader09 posted...
But I’m torn between Rydia en earth vs en water Lmr...

haha that was my EXACT dilemma as well. Ended up going with water though and figure will pick her earth one at the next fest dream draws.
FFRK - Rem's AASB Code: 9DXU
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: AdmiralAeris

3 weeks ago#109
After several failed attempts at Odin, I decided to finally get that Aerith USB2 at the last minute.

Ultra Dream: 2/11, one disco

Montblanc LMR1 dupe, Rikku CSB2 (realm) new

One of the better realm chains, especially since it can cover water (which I am notoriously missing).
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