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User Info: ShinUltima

1 month ago#21

AASB: 1/2 (Bartz)
AOSB: 3/22 (Bartz, Krile, Terra)
OSB: 2/13 (Terra, Sephiroth)
USB: 9/55 (Refia, Bartz 2, Terra 1, Locke 1, Squall 4, Zell, Vivi 1, Cid Garlond, Delita 1)
CSB: 1/4 (Gilgamesh)
GSB: 1/13 (Terra)
BSB: 16/46 (Refia, D.Cecil, Faris 2, Galuf 1, Krile 1, Locke 1, Vincent 2, Squall 3, Irvine 2, Steiner 2, Lulu, Jecht 2, Thancred 1, Papalymo, Delita, Ace 1)
LMR: 7/26 (Scott, Terra 1, Terra 2, Locke, Yda, Papalymo, Lann)

TOTAL SIZE: 40/181 (22.1%)

Wow, that's a lot lower dupe % than I was expecting. It's mainly because there's so many fire relics, and while I don't have many, at least a lot of what I have is good. Definitely going to wait until there are more AASBs in the pool before I consider pulling here, and 6* ice magicites won't be here until, what, next February? Yeah, this can wait.


AOSB: 2/8 (Squall, Rinoa)
OSB: 1/3 (Ayame)
USB: 5/36 (Squall 1, Squall 4, Laguna 1, Lulu 2, Delita 1)
CSB: 2/5 (Laguna, Snow)
GSB: 1/6 (Squall)
BSB: 11/28 (Xezat, Celes 2, Umaro, Squall 2, Rinoa 2, Steiner 2, Lulu 2, Ayame, Serah 1, Haurchefant, Delita 1
LMR: 3/21 (Squall 1, Noel 2, Reynn)

TOTAL SIZE: 25/107 (23.5% dupes)

Much like with my fire situation, this is a quality over quantity situation. Don't have that many ice relics but what I have is enough to sub-30 Typhon/Slydra as well as the VIII D??? with a mainly ice team. This draw can wait for refresh too.
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

1 month ago#22
Might as well check my current dupe count even if we won't be getting these draws yet.

Fire: 55/181 dupes
Ice: 29/106 dupes
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