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User Info: SacredX

8 months ago#21
Interesting summary in regard to lenses obtained via Record Dungeons. Looks like any SSB needs should be taken care of immediately. Have any lenses been rewarded in Story Dungeons? I was hoping to be able to obtain a few additional LMRs off the bat.
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User Info: sarothias

8 months ago#22
As always much appreciated!! Thank you @Relm_Arrowny_87 :D
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User Info: steakfaced

8 months ago#23
Does this mean I can finally get Edge SSB!?

User Info: bover_87

8 months ago#24
A few notes:
-Uniques and SSBs are fairly plentiful. You won't be able to get every one of them or even most of them, but compared to other tiers we get a lot of Lv1 Lenses, especially from RD. So if you're missing Edge SSB2 or whatever else, don't be afraid to get it.
-Lv2 Lenses tend to be in shortest supply. It's not infrequent that you'll want an LMR for someone, and they cost a whopping 3k Lv2 Lenses to acquire, in addition to the fact that Lv2 Lenses aren't all that more common than Lv3. Some BSBs and OSBs can have uses as well, further straining your budget.
-You won't have enough Lv3 Lenses to acquire a USB until around 1-2 months after launch. Once things really get underway though, as long as you're careful with your spending, you should be able to get what you need.
-If something is available from AA and you still have the pick to take it from there, it's best to use AA rather than Lenses, because AA has more restricted lists compared to Lenses.
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

8 months ago#25
"Pseudo-Glints" (instant cast EnElement) are also very useful for 6* Magicite. Most notably Fujin's SSB.

User Info: ChillGamer

8 months ago#26
SnowxNeverLeft posted...
"Pseudo-Glints" (instant cast EnElement) are also very useful for 6* Magicite. Most notably Fujin's SSB.

Zell's USB is pretty great too in that regard.

User Info: FinnH

8 months ago#27
Awesome works, thanks for this, sticky requested
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Just one minor thing to mention. Reno's Chain in the 2nd batch costs a tad bit more than USBs. IIRC, it costs about 1250 Lv 3 Lenses. Minor, but worth noting.
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User Info: ClearAsChalk

8 months ago#29
Thanks for the info!

Aside from element boosting equipment, en-element SBs, and relics for favorite characters, what are the notable level 1 relics? I'm aware of 3:
Edge SSB - instant cast, haste, last stand, physical blink
Raijin SSB - last stand, regen, instant cast1
Gordon SSB - boostga, faithga, physical blink, moderate fire resist
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User Info: ShinUltima

8 months ago#30
As usual @Relm_Arrowny_87, thanks for all your hard work.

I believe there is a typo in the second batch: Is it Faris USb3 that gets added there? You have it listed as USB1, when she gets USB1+USB2 in the first batch.

re: plans

The only definite plan I have is to snag Cloud's missing relics ASAP (Unique 2, SSB, OSB) to make him my most complete character, not to mention another +20 ATK. Will probably pick up Raijin SSB and Rem SSB as well, as they're the only "broken" SSBs I still don't have. Beyond that, no plans for L1/L2 lenses.

I had long wanted to make Bartz USB1 my first L3 selection. Still sticking to that plan, though Relm USB1 (even though I sub-30'd VI D???) and Eiko USB1 are also strong considerations, but I'll likely pick those up later, especially Relm's. Eiko's I'll only get if the IX D??? proves to be an even bigger pain in the ass than I'm anticipating.
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