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User Info: dragoonic

1 month ago#71
Seeing these posts inspired me to give it a run, so much less awful than Ramuh! Not gonna do full writeup but my comp was:

Galuf: BSB2+CSB (qc3+wcast) > Mako
Bartz: AASB+USB1+BSB (lm1+2) > Dagger
Noctis: AOSB+AASB (lm1+sword) > Sword...though i guess earth would have been better
Tyro: AASB + USB1 (ic2+lm2) > Battleforged
Elarra: USB1+2 (lm1+2) > DMT
RW Mage
Magicite Titan
Dragoon buffs incoming

User Info: KnightLordST

1 month ago#72

Finally got around to doing this

I can't believe Fang can do more damage than Cloud

User Info: KnightLordST

1 month ago#73
Bio weak down using ramuh team template
43s clear

Tyro lmr1 usb1 usb4, wrath entrust, mm
Bartz lmr1 usb1 aasb aosb, tremor LS, dagger
Tifa qc lm bsb2 osb aasb, ironfist LS, earth
Galuf qc lm bsb2 csb, quake swing LS, ace striker
Elara usb1, salsa bioga, dmt
RW mage

Titan hp empower
Madeen FA heal
Madeen 2x deadeye
Phoenix gdm
Mateus gdm

Burst out to phase 3 before the confuseja out
Keeping savage lv0 with titan and mage so he doesnt get the atb increase

8/9 done, dark weak left, no csb waiting for vaynes....
Or is it possible to off element that one too with my ramuh team?
Where is heaven? Above the sky, and below your feet.

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#75
Nice, I've been thinking about trying my last 2 Odin's with my earth team, too.

User Info: Summoner_Sage

3 weeks ago#76
"How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist.."
Zenith || Winterfrost || FFRK - 3mNf

User Info: Kumagoro

3 weeks ago#77
9/9 complete. Used my Leviathan team.
37-38s something sorry skipped through and completely forgot to take down the time. Ironically almost my fastest Odin clear of them all lol.

Aranea: AASB / LM1+LM2 / R3 Hurricane Bolt,R4 Impulse Dive / Star Dreams / 2xLightningBoost
Reno: CSB,AOSB / LM1+LM2 / R1 Bio Grenade,R5 Plasma Shock / Gathering Storm / 2xLightningBoost
Elarra: USB1,USB2 / LM1+LMR1 / R5 Warrior's Hymn,R4 Passionate Salsa / Dr.MogT
Tyro: USB1,AASB / LM2+LMR1 / R5 Entrust,R5 Wrath / Mako Might
Lightning: Glint+,SASB,USB1 / LM1+LMR1 / R5 Ripping Plasma,R4 Running Start / Warrior's Honor / 2xLightningBoost
RW: Mage

MM: Ramuh (Lv15 Healing Boon+Lv8 HP Boon)
SM: Behemoth King (Lv15 Emp Lightning+Lv20 Atk Boon), Madeen (Lv10 Fast Act+Lv8 HP Boon), Madeen (Lv8 Spell Ward+Lv8 Blade Ward), Madeen (Lv10 Deadly Strikes+Lv10 Deadly Strikes)

User Info: Netherscythe

3 weeks ago#78
Am I missing something?

Every Odin I've beaten basically becomes god in phase 3 and I am scraping dps together. Every video clear I've seen on this version only had like MAD damage at the end, which is doubly weird as it's off element... is it like a reward for getting to him?

@KnightLordST your clear is a good example of this

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#79
@Netherscythe P3 Odin is 20% weak to all elements
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Netherscythe

3 weeks ago#80
@ffrkowaway but... every time I get to him I swear it's like my dps drops off significantly, what?!
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