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User Info: necklessone77

3 months ago#51
Finally got him with a physical fire team.


Locke Glint/AASB/AOSB
Balthier BSB2/AOSB
Tyro USB1&4
Elarra USB1&2/AASB

I tried to make it work with Edge over Tyro (and no Elarra AASB), but it wasn’t beating the Confuse with only a 50% crit chance from the bard song. I guess it’s doable with enough patience for the RNG.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

3 months ago#52
@necklessone77 Congrats! Very impressive. :)

Finally someone posts a clear on this thing. I was wondering when it would actually happen.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 months ago#53

i recorded alot but it lags when i do so once i stopped recording everything went well so here is the last phase


i had no idea wtf i was doin at the end and forgot elarra last stand didnt trigger

it could have been awesome to launch tyro aosb at the end..... damn little tick

oh and i accidently did zidane osb instead of aosb at the start of vid :(

i'll try to record a full one later
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: DrChia

3 months ago#54
Would have been awesome if that random Steiner attack killed him.

Just out of curiosity, why did you choose Steiner? Did the realm chain help you more with Zidane damage than if you had a wind chain for both thieves?
FC: 5472-6255-9417

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 months ago#55
bcuz i was doin poison dmg till the end

this is the only party where i combined tyro and elarra.... didnt try off element till the end

User Info: DrChia

3 months ago#56
Ah gotcha. That makes sense.
FC: 5472-6255-9417

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 months ago#57
they added difficulty


how much if bio odin lol

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 months ago#58




(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: shaoqiang

3 months ago#59
Got Penelo and Cloud AASB in the realm draws, so decided to go for him again. Used lenses for Zidane USB1 and he went down! Really stacked team though.

Cloud: AASB, Glint, USB1, AOSB, wcast wind lmr, enwind lmr
Zidane: AASB, USB1, AOSB wcast lmr
Faris: CSB
Ignis: BSB, Lmr
Penelo: Glint+, USB1, USB2, AASB

(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: Kaxon

3 months ago#60
Has anyone done this with actual Bio damage yet? Off element clears are impressive but a real bio clear would be more satisfying. Probably have to use a IX realm chain. The clear would get a little easier when Quina's imperil-bio glint drops.
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