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User Info: raoxi

1 month ago#101
@Cless012 i see what u mean. this is my last odin and ive gotten him down to 0.1% before hmm. i blame my pos wol csb...grr

User Info: LuBu1975

4 weeks ago#102
Another one down. Only Dark weak left which Sephiroth will make light of if i still haven't done it by 5A.

Agrias ASB/AOSB/OSB - Assault Saber/Healing Smite - Sword damage
Rem ASB/USB1 - De'Dia/Holyja - White magic damage
Elarra USB1/USB2 - Warrior's Hymn/Passionate Salsa - MM/DMT
Tyro USB3/USB4/AOSB - Wrath/Entrust - MM/DMT
WoL CSB/BSB - Lifesiphon/Assault Saber - Ace Striker

Magicites - Titan, Lakshmi, Famfrit, Madeen, Madeen

This guy was pretty easy, only took a few tries to beat him. I thought Holy and Dark were the hardest two? And i didn't need Ramza Chain after all. If anyone's interested Tyro did 14k per hit with his AOSB on a Chain of around 80 lol.
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: hang00

3 weeks ago#103
8/8 down! I have been putting this off for awhile but it only took a couple of tries.

Rydia - Lunar Dragon - AASB/AOSB - Weak+
Edward - entrust - BSBimperil/CSB/LMRquick - Ace Striker
Ovelia - Holyja/Holy - USB2 - Holy+
Elarra - Passionate Salsa/DeDia - Glint+/USB1 - MM
Firion - Lifesiphon/Healing Smite - USB3/AASB - Sword+
Lakshmi and Mage, maxed artifact weapons on all DPS

Once I switched in Ovelia it was an easy win as the hardest part was the early healing.

Rydia launches AASB when able, then DPS away. Capped AOSB in P3 when it ran out.

Edward wrathed up two bars and imperil and then chain. Entrust to Elarra once, then re-chain and imperil more.

Ovelia uses RW when able, then USB2 and DPS.

Elarra Glints, dances, USB, and DeDia and more USB as needed.

Firion builds up two bars, USB3, and then AASB. He self heals and heals others instantly which is fun. Wasn’t totally capping, but the speed made up for it.

Only Bio to go...

User Info: Icedragonadam

3 weeks ago#104
3rd one down, man it was a close one.

Ramza(CSB, LMR1, LM2) R5 Wrath R3 Entrust Mako Might RM
Agrias(AASB, AOSB, LMR1, LM2) R5 Healing Smite Sword+ RM
Alphinaud(AASB, LM1, LM2) R5 Lunar Dragon Scholar's Boon RM
Roxas(AASB, LM1, LM2) R5 Assault Strike R5 lifesiphon Holy+ RM
Ellara(AASB, USB1, LM1, LM2) R4 Curada R5 Ode To Victory Dr. Mog RM

Magicite: Lakshmi

RW: Mage

I ran out of steam at the end. I managed to defeat him before one turn left.
FFRK RW FC: g69h - Godwall ~RPGA~
Lloyd Irving, Ryu Hayabusa, Sol Badguy, and Darksider's Death for Smash.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: herocomplex00

3 weeks ago#105
Finally got him down, after way too many attempts, considering I wasn't short on holy stuff. The timing of the fight was just a big pain---figuring out optimal time for the CSBs, AASBs, and medicas based on the script, plus the rage mode triggering off of HP loss.

Pecil USB(damage reduction)/AASB/GSB/OSB, Lifesiphon/Assault, TGM, LMRs (+holy, DEF+)
Ramza CSB/Chant, Wrath/Entrust, MM, LMR1/LM2
Orlandeau OSB/AASB, Smite/Lifesiphon, Truthseeker RM, LMR1/LM2 (holy sword artifact)
Rosa USB2/GSB, Wrath/Protectga, DMT, LM2
WoL AASB/GSB/AOSB, Assault/Shellga, Scholar RM, LM2/LMR (QC3) (holy axe artifact)

Ramza immediately entrusts to Rosa, then Wraths until he has enough for CSB under Rosa's QC, and he adds Chant after he refreshes the CSB later, for Orlandeau's 100% crit. Rosa starts with GSB for Hastega, then Protectga, then Wrath until Elemental Drive for USB2, and refreshers of GSB occasionally after the mblink is eaten. Orlandeau starts with 2 Lifesiphon, then an IC Smite to move to phase 3 right at 5 seconds, then a couple more Lifesiphon until the CSB, when he fires an OSB under QC. Pecil sticks with Lifesiphon to build up gauge for a bit, then switches to Assault Sabre around or ahead of the CSB, and throws in OSB when needed to break savage---the damage reductions from his USB and AASB are clutch to minimize a few of the AoEs, including even the Phase 3 entrance move, to save Rosa's gauge. WoL is Shellga, then Assault Sabre, with an occasional GSB when he runs out of Rosa's QC. Everyone fired AASBs right after the second chain started, and Orlandeau was just about capping by the time the chain ran out, at witch point I turned to OSB spam.

The fight where I finally got it was actually pretty smooth, with extra gauge left over for Rosa and without getting around to WoL's AOSB, so it was lower stress than expected once things slotted into place. 5 Odins down, no rush on the Earth-weak, Lightning-weak, and Dark-weak anytime soon.
5th Odin down!
All Accessories, woo!


1. Rydia- AASB- LD+Madeen (Gathering Storm)
2. Orlandeau- AASB/LMR- HS+LS (Knight ability dmg+)
3. Edward- Chain/BSB- Entrust-bot (DMT)
4. Rem- AASB/Glint/LMR2- Holyja+Hastega (Scholar's Boon)
5. Elarra- AASB/USB1/LMR- Curada+ACM (MM)

- All abilities Rank 4.
- 100 Magia on all.

- Squishy mages!
- Took me a few runs to get past the non-piercing 9999 move, which would trigger Last stand on Rem and Elarra (Despite 3 HP Boons), and then Darkja would wipe me out, but just had to delay Elarra's turn until after the move so her AASB chase could heal sufficiently
- Joy to behold once the 3 DPS got going, all under HQC from their SBs/RMs.
- He was buried before I could use Rem AOSB, Rydia OSB or my last Fabula Mage.

Earth-weak next!

User Info: jagusto

1 day ago#107
Never posted my clear here, went off-element on account I had no CSB for a long time, and just recently got WoL CSB, which isn't super helpful since my Holy offensive gear is my weakest element by far (Rem USB, Yuna full set, Phys: Marche + TG CID USB).

My Lightning team has come together nicely, just need Lightning AASB/AOSB to make her unstoppable.

Holy weak Odin Full Mastery: 38sec

Noctis (SSB/AASB/AOSB) - 6* Dragoon, +Lightning RM
Tyro (USB4/USB1/LMR-IC2) - entrustbot, DMT
Lightning (USB1/SASB/LMR-DC), Swrd dmg RM
Prompto (CSB/AASB/BSB/LMR-DC), Gathering Storm RM,
Elarra (G+, USB1/2) - Holyja/Passionate Salsa, MM
RW: Wall
Main Mag: Titan (Healing/HP)
Subs: 2x Madeen (SW/BW: 2x Deadly Strike), Lakshmi (Dampen/HP), BK (2x Empower Lightning)

Bio is my only element left, it's a little harder because of the vast number of de-ether that get used.
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