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User Info: AdmiralAeris

2 months ago#141
Only today I managed my second Dark Odin clear, 53.69:

Relm LD, USB1, Curada/Hastega, LM1/2, some gauge RM, Mind gear
Serah LD, CSB/USB2/BSB2, Chain Blizzaja/Dispel, LM2/LMR1, Ace Striker, 2x ice boosts
Meia LD, SSB/AASB, LM1/2 (?), Voltech/Chain Blizzaga, +ice damage, 2x ice boosts
Alphinaud LD, SSB/USB1/AASB, LM1/2, Valigarmanda/Chain Blizzaga, TGM (would probably have been better with w-summon as he didn't cast AASB until TGM had worn off), 2x ice boosts
Elarra LD, USB1/BSB, LM1/LMR1, ACM/Mage's Hymn, some gauge RM, Mind gear

RW: Fabula Mage
Main Magicite: Mateus (Dampen Wind 10/Spell Ward 8)
Subs: Manticore (2x Empower Ice 15)
Phoenix (Healing Boon 15/Mind Boon 20)
Madeen (2x Magic Boon 20)
Madeen (2x Health Boon 8) -- i think, everyone survived a 9999 w/o triggering Last Stand

Main thing to remember is wait to cast Serah USB2 until after Meia casts her AASB (as Meia AASB has a water radiant shield and you don't want it overwriting Serah's ice radiant).

As long as you have a goal, you can fight?

User Info: jondias

2 months ago#142
Hooray, there goes Odin #5. That was a close call.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Vault, as if dozens of accessories suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."
Tough.... Don't blame us. Blame yourself or God.

User Info: herocomplex00

2 months ago#143
After trying this one out a bunch over the past few weeks, finally got my first Odin clear. I have a feeling I should have had it locked down a little while back, and I'd gotten him to just a sliver of his health a few times before using Tyro USB3/USB4/AASB rather than a second healer, but obviously it's a brutal fight. To be fair, though, I was dragging my feet on optimizing my magicite decks, having only during the Golden Week event finally put time into second copies of Manticore and Mateus, and having not yet made some of the multi-purpose magicites that I have seen recommended. Two ice+ gear for all attackers, and all but Sarah are LDed...and in retrospect that explains why she seemed more fragile than Rosa.

Celes CSB/USB2/AOSB, SSS/Banishing, DMT
Sarah bUSB, Ode/Curada, Ace Striker
Squall AASB/bUSB, Snowspell/Lifesiphone, LMR (en-ice), TGM
Rosa USB2/GSB, Wrath/Wrath, MM
Fran AASB/USB2, Icicle Bullet/Icy Offering, Battleforged
RW Fabula Mage, plus Manticore (2 +ice) as main. Subs were Mateus (2 wards + health, Krysta (2x -wind), Isgebind, Madeen (2x ATK).

Squall hits with Lifesiphon once before switching to Snowspell, then Fran starts ball rolling with Offering. Celes hits with one Snowspell before a brief pause and then Banishing for Haste. Rosa insta-hastes with GSB, and refreshes it when magic blink gets used---it lets the team dodge that one bit of ice magic, which helps the full no-mitigation run. After a couple attacks, Rosa USB2 lays groundwork for Celes CSB, Fran USB2 imperils, and Squall USB4 to rack up a count. Squall cuts down on rage as much as he can, including reuse of the Brave at level 1 or 2 in a pinch. I think I may have used BSB once to refresh ice after I'd used the Brave, to buy time until AASB. Thanks to Squall, I had enough anti-Rage attacks that I could wait to launch Magicite until after Gleipner, as it's follow-up attacks were a big help whenever he went up to Rage 3. Celes launched USB2 right after CSB to add an extra layer of QC for the attackers on top of what Rosa/Fran/Sarah were providing, so they pretty much always had something. The AASBs were fired right after Celes renewed her CSB, and Celes AOSB was basically her last ice damage thanks to Skill Slash, so she then launched the Mage RWs. Sarah's amount of healing with lower than I would have liked, but I mostly just wanted someone with both Last Stand and bard access for Ode crit% boosts, so she got the job done.

One Gigas Armlet rainbowed, and hopefully more soon from another element or two. Will have to learn a whole new script, sigh.

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#144

User Info: lechaflan

1 month ago#145
8th down and the actual first one I delayed using an AASB (until turn 25 I think) due to relying on OSB spam early on with no proper ice AASB.

Bartz glint/USB1/AASB/LMR2 - Snowspell/FreezingQuad - +spellblade
Laguna SSB/chain - IcyOffering/Lifesiphon - Ace Striker
Aerith USB2 - Curada/Hastega - Lionheart
Elarra USB1/2 - CritBard/Dispel - MM
Squall glint/BSB2/OSB - FreezingQuad/Lifesiphon - +spellblade

I didn't summon Mateus until Gleipnir went off. Used both Fabula Mages in phase 3. Everything is pretty self explanatory but I wanna specify that Squall lifesiphoned for the most part to switch between glint/OSB spam and cast BSB2 after the last HP specific enrage which was also around the time I used the last Bartz glint>USB1>AASB and chain refresh. I was able to pull off another Mateus summon during phase 3 which definitely helped.

Pretty satisfied and will prob attempt bio weak at some point but this was a fun few days clearing 7 Odins right after New Year's day.
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#146

User Info: Icedragonadam

1 month ago#147
My 2nd Odin defeat.

Rinoa(AASB, AOSB, EnIce LMR, LM1) R5 Chain Blizzaja Black+RM
Lulu(AASB, EnIce LMR, LM2) R5 Chilling Blizzard, R4 Chain Blizzaga Ice+ RM
Serah(CSB, BSB2, LMR1, LM2) R5 Voltech Ace Striker RM
Onion Knight(m-USB, LMR, LM2) R5 Chain Blizzaga R3 Entrust Mako Might RM
Elarra(AASB, USB1, LM1, LM2) R5 Dispel, R5 Allegro Dr. Mog RM

RW: Mage

Magicite: Mateus
FFRK RW FC: g69h - Godwall ~RPGA~
Lloyd Irving, Ryu Hayabusa, Sol Badguy, and Darksider's Death for Smash.

User Info: xanketsu

4 weeks ago#148
3rd Odin down. 41s-ish.

Tyro USB4 AASB R4 Icy Offering R3 Entrust LM2 LMR DMT
Snow CSB GSB+ USB1 R4 Ice Ironfist R3 Banishing Strike LM1 LM2 Ace Striker
Squall AASB+BSB2 bUSB R5 Lifesiphon R4 SSS LM1 LM2 TGC
Elarra GSB+ BSB USB1 R5 Warrior's Hymn R4 Passion Salsa LM1 LMR MM

RW: Fabula Mage
Magicite: Leviathan & Co.

Celes used up the SSS hones first (USB1), then AASB, then AOSB.
Squall was the opposite; AASB+BSB2 combo first then bUSB. But Odin have died first before he casted the first brave command.

Useful lenses purchase: Snow USB1 (Radiant Shield)
Useless lenses purchase: Celes OSB, Squall OSB

Now I'm stuck. Tried Wind-weak, failed miserably.
Maybe later. As in six months later :p

The former Overture Guy & Axis Blade Guy.
-> 675 + 1200 mithrils went kaput. Also, I'm learning English.

User Info: Miyamoto84

2 weeks ago#149
currently at 2/8 Odins, having some issues with Ice Weak Odin.
somehow i always having problem using 1 healer + 1 entruster for healing purposes.. so i have been using 2 healers team.
was able to clear lightning weak and water weak variations with the team but not this time. taking too much time, at least
into the 40-50secs to reach P3. both AASBs wear off at this time and only have USBs to fall back on. but it proves to be
ineffective as I always died to Savage3 Zantetsuken during P3 due to my low DPS.

Party Setup:
Aerith (USB2, GSB+) Curada R5, Lionheart RM
Squall (USB2, AASB, AOSB) Lifesiphon R5, SSS R4, Much More Weakness RM
Laguna (CSB, Imperil SSB) 6* imperil R5, Tempest Snipe R4, DMT RM
Rosa (USB2) Wrath R5, Dispel R5, MM RM
Celes (USB2, AASB, AOSB) SSS R4, Freezing QS R3, Much More Ice RM

Magicite: Manticore, Mateaus, Madeen x3 (Attack x2, MW/BW, Health x2)
RW: Wall

other ice characters I have are as follows:
Serah (CSB, USB1, LMR)
Snow (CSB, USB1, USB2, LMR)
Terra (AASB, USB1, LMR1)
Ashe (AASB, BSB1, LMR1)
Bartz (AASB1, AASB2, USB1, USB2, LMR)
FFRK RW: evRR (Lightning SASB)
DFFOO Friend ID: 444557945 (MLB Serah Ex+ 3/3)

User Info: ShinUltima

2 weeks ago#150

Hmmm. Do you have Ignis BSSB by any chance? Ice-weak is actually one of the few Odins i went with single healer on (Rosa). My team was Squall (BSSB2/AASB/AOSB), Bartz (USB2/AASB), Laguna (CSB/USB), Ignis BSSB, ROsa USB2.

Regardless, I'd consider swapping Celes with Bartz. Let him Life Siphon up 4 gauges, drop USB2 -> AOSB and go to town. Less hone intensive than Celes, should do more damage overall, especially if you get multi-casts. Plus, you can refresh USb2 in Phase 3 for the finisher. If you slot in a strong entruster, you could even get USB2->USB1->AASB to really maximize his DPS, though don't think that would be necessary with Squall.

Also, stagger the AASbs if you can. You might want to let Squall do AASB first to get you close to phase 3, then switch to USb2. Use his AOSB at the last possible moment. You might also want to consider getting his OSB with Lenses to spam in Phase 3. You could also get his BSSb2 to combine with AASB for massive (but RNG-based) damage.
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