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User Info: frozentuna

2 days ago#1
Accidental meaning somehow you have gotten good stuff for those characters without really wanting those stuff, either as 'consolation' prizes or from lucky/realm/rop draws.

Mine is cloud...

His osb was the first relic i got for him (year 1 player here...).
Followed by his usb1 when i was trying to get squall bsb2 from the same banner.
Got his doublecast dark lmr from the 1st kh banner, which was the only relic i got from that banner.
Then i got his wind aosb/wind glint/doublecast wind lmr when i was going after zack chain (which i whiffed) from last year.
Got his bsb2 from somewhere, probably from a rop.
On the recent 4th anni most popular banner, got his dark usb and dark glint... i was going after rosa usb2.

Even though cloud isn't one of my favourite characters, he ended up being a staple on my weekly event team for a long long time.
I have a few other accidental characters, but none of them come close to the number of cloud relics i've gotten.

User Info: LuBu1975

2 days ago#2
I have quite a few of these. I get a bunch of relics for them when I'm chasing other characters. A few that I can remember are:

Seifer and Quistis - got pretty much everything for both of these when I was after Squall/Laguna stuff in a past VIII Event. Only took a few pulls too.

Rikku - i have everything for her except Chain and almost every piece has been from random sources like Dailies and RoP.

Terra - another one i get stuff for without ever chasing. BSB, OSB, USB, both SSBs, both LMRs, Glint, i just need her ASB and she'd be useful.

Aranea - probably the worst XV character but she's complete while i miss stuff for everyone else.

There are others like Cloud, Sephiroth and Bartz who are stacked without chasing but since they are top characters i wouldn't class them as accidental.

User Info: JustDave1315

2 days ago#3
My main accidental toon is Warrior of Light. Have, I think, close to a full kit for him, never aimed for his stuff.
FFRK RW - OK pUSB 488 mnd - ID - msbu
Strago - for his water chain and his awesome ability to heal all when taking damage.
Ingus - His chain. Which is also 11 hits + last stand... very useful.
Larsa - My queen of mitigating debuffs
Marche - his USB causes a physical team to become crazy fast.
PSN: Drago_IV

User Info: KnightLordST

2 days ago#5
Cloud - I never really aim for him, yet I have +170 mastery bonus

Bartz - I like him a lot more since his AASalB

Wol - I never realized his USB2 was amazing. Initially I was aiming for Meia AoSB
(edited 2 days ago)

User Info: jondias

2 days ago#6
PresidentChoice posted...
Larsa - My queen of mitigating debuffs

.... Larsa is a dude.
Tough.... Don't blame us. Blame yourself or God.

User Info: Neo Zekele

Neo Zekele
2 days ago#7

I somehow got both his USBs and his dualcast LMR without trying for any of it

Glad I did though, dude is a Syldra slayer
FC: 1907 - 9209 - 1140
Pokemon USUM: Newbie

User Info: KnightLordST

2 days ago#8
@jondias posted...
PresidentChoice posted...
Larsa - My queen of mitigating debuffs

.... Larsa is a dude.

User Info: FedEx_Corp

2 days ago#9

Like 2 relics for him, then boom, CSB/USB1/USB2/LMR/AOSB.

User Info: Target_Master

2 days ago#10

In the last.... ~6 months I have obtained his: OSB, USB1, USB2, CSB, AOSB, and AASB (from 100 gem).
3 (of the 6) items came from 3 different multi-item "Free pulls."
PSN ID: From_A_Distance / FFXI: Zeosilot / FFXIV: Z'Ocelot / FFRK: VoHN
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