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User Info: KnightLordST

3 days ago#1
Favorite Banner of April 2019?

What was your favorite banner recently?
We'll exclude those regular event banners and the Dream Draws.

Mine was Phase 5 due to character favoritism, and I had my first 7/11 pull, got Tidus AASB as an epic conclusion.

But realistically my best result was Phase 4 not just for the god banner quality, but I got two AASBs in the 1st pull. Then got Rosa USB2 & Faris CSB in the extra 3 pulls. Bartz AASB lets my teams achieve new Heights, it is a game changer both the the Main and Alt respectively.

Last month my favorite was FF1 due to getting four prisms in just 2 pulls. Wol USB2, Meia AoSB, Meia USB and Echo USB. But the best underrated prize was Wol USB2.
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User Info: Uiru

3 days ago#2
Hard to decide between Banner 4 and LotR.

On the one hand, Bartz and Terra AASBs, and Faris chain.

On the other hand, Quistis glint.

It's a tossup.

Also I was most looking forward to IX banner 1 and got completely ruined. >:(

User Info: raoxi

3 days ago#3
B4 fest for trolling me with 4x cloud armors...

User Info: yidoger

3 days ago#4
Got Terra AA from B4.... but I haven't really been able to put it to use yet. Find Maria+Rinoa more effective for BK, and haven't tried other 5* yet.

I actually always really enjoy the free draws. Nothing particularly interesting this year for me apart from Tidus AOSB from the 8x, but there's nothing like the thrill from those massive pulls so my vote goes to the 40x
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User Info: Fourcd

3 days ago#5
B3. Reason: 3 chains including Vincent's (was missing fire) on first and only pull.

B4 would have got my vote if Bartz's AASB hadnt been the only disco I didn't get in 6 pulls.

User Info: MajorMahalo1

3 days ago#6
Other: Daily Draw

Seifer USB2 + Jecht USB1 within a week of each other and both are better than all my fest draws... combined.
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User Info: AndyTarot

3 days ago#7
Daily Draw for me as well. Got Prompto USB.

Everything else was bullc**p not just this month, but the whole year. I can still beat most of the content although I'm missing almost all gen2 chains and awakenings, but I'm screwed for Odin and 6* magicite. Unless I get some combo of Knightlord/DrChia/sarothias insane luck in the coming months.

User Info: zibba1331

3 days ago#8
Hah oops def voted for B3 when i meant B4. Well, whatever...bartz and terra!
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

3 days ago#9
Tie between Banners 1, 4, and 5. Getting an ASB on all those banners for 1 pull each was more than I could've hoped for.
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User Info: darkeric7x7

3 days ago#10
B4 sucked, 40 relic draw was the only good part.
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