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User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#121
I can only say one good thing about this team: It got me to 17/17 sub-30 D??? Torments!

With just BSBs as DPS SBs (aside from Maria OSB), and a lack of native dualcasters in the realm, this has much more dualcast RNG than I'd prefer, even after pouring a bunch of resources into the team. Well, at least it only took one Artifact (for Leon), though there's an argument I would have been better off making another Artifact and saving on the Crystal Waters and Magia grinding. But what's done is done, this one in 28.66s!

PD Hilda / BSB / R4 Enfeebling Jitterbug + R3 Allegro con Moto / Gathering Storm / Gigas Armlet
PD Leon / DC LMR / R5 Necro Countdown + R1 Memento Mori / +40% darkness dmg RM / double dark boost / moderate ice + earth resist
PD Minwu / BSB2 + DC LMR + USB1 / R5 Holyja + R3 Hastega / +30% dmg RM / double holy boost / Gigas Armlet
LD Maria / BSB + OSB / R4 Chain Stoneja + R3 Shellga / 15% dualcast RM / double earth boost / Dragon Seal (moderate fire + ice + water resist)
PD Emperor / BSB1 + Trance LMR / R5 Chain Tornado + R3 Memento Mori / 15% dualcast RM / single wind boost / moderate ice + lightning resist
Bonds of Historia as RW
Syldra (+L15 Empower Wind x2) as main magicite; Madeen x2 (+L8 HP Boon x2, +L8 Spell Ward x2), Ark (+L15 Empower Dark, +L20 MND Boon), and Midgardsormr (+L15 Empower Earth) as subs

The first checkpoint was getting everyone to survive the P1T6 Starfall XXXII, and be quick enough that Hilda's BSBs lands before the next turn, at least if P1T7 is the next move. Sometimes I do see P2T1 instead, but if I push too fast and don't see P1T6, Hilda doesn't have the gauge to cast her BSB. This was the first resource sink, to get everyone's survivability up, but is usually pretty smooth once that's assured, though Maria is the one that's most on the edge of survival.

Next checkpoint is getting out of Phase 3 before the P3T3 paralyze move hits, since I'm not using Lakshmi. That's usually not a problem, but sometimes it would hit even when I was sure I had pushed to P4 by the time I saw the P3T2 Stop that Minwu shrugs off.

I thought the last checkpoint would be skipping Ultimate Level Down, but it turns out I was able to fight through it, encountering it relatively early on this run, maybe around 23s? I even had Maria lined up with Chain Stoneja at the end, but Minwu finished things first, perhaps because he saw she had destroyed a planet with her OSB on the previous turn.

Approximate turn order:
Hilda: AcM -> Realm Chain -> Enfeebling Jitterbug -> AcM -> BSB -> EF -> AcM -> EF -> Syldra -> AcM -> Cmd1 to Leon for more Surging Power damage
Leon: Memento Mori -> Necro Countdown x9
Minwu: Hastega -> Holyja x2 -> BSB2 -> Holyja until Incubus Starfall is about to drop -> USB1 (it's possible his SSB is good enough) -> Holyja spam
Maria: Shellga -> Chain Stoneja x2 -> BSB -> Cmd1 at high chain count, Chain Stoneja at low chain count, OSB after Ultimate Level Down, since it caps through that
Emperor: Memento Mori -> Chain Tornado x2 -> BSB1 -> Realm Chain (by casting now, it will end just about exactly at 30s, letting everyone run up the chain count to somewhat offset Ultimate Level Down... the QC from his Trance LMR is great) -> Chain Tornado spam

The baseline synergy stats:
Hilda: 7124 HP / 404 RES / 654 MND
Leon: 9872 HP ./ 350 RES / 839 MAG
Minwu: 7631 HP / 394 RES / 793 MND
Maria: 8464 HP / 416 RES / 784 MAG
Emperor: 7156 HP / 475 RES / 742 MAG

The 4 DPSers had 90-100 points for their proper Magia elemental ATK. Not sure how much of that was necessary, but I didn't feel like falling just short again, when I could have prevented it.
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User Info: Palaxius01

4 weeks ago#122
37.00 sec clear on D???

RW: Chain
Magicite: Lakshmi+

Memento Mori+Necro Countdown

Chain Stoneja+Meltdown


Firion USB1/LM2/Scholar's Boon
Banishing Strike+Holy Smite

Hilda 4* Dive/Lupine Swiftness
Enfeebling Jitterbug+ACM

Leon uses BSB, Memento mori then spams Necro Countdown. He has artifact mag dagger and dark boost armor so he was doing a lot of damage once chain is up.

Maria just spammed earth spells, eventually using USB then switching to BSB after.

Minwu casts hastega, spams holyja then USB1 after aoe poison. After that it was all about timing to recast USB before getting hit with Starfall.

Firion casts RW, then spams Holy Smite. Then USB1 once bar once available. He dispelled ultimate level down, then cast AOSB before Chain expired.

Hilda uses dance to overwrite buff, then ACM to speed up the casters. She's also there to cast Magicite and refresh RW.

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#123

User Info: towelrack

3 weeks ago#124
I always appreciate previous posts and reading about how others do this stuff. I never would've used Hilda otherwise, and probably never would've finished this fight. As it was, I got a 54.33 second clear, which I'm happy with for now. Here's my setup, in case it helps someone else too.

Hilda: Enfeebling Jitterbug R3, ACM R2 / no sb / 4* dive / Gathering Storm
Emperor: Shellga R2, Chain Stonega R5 / USB1, USB2 / trance LMR, 4* dive / Ace Striker / Earth Boost x2
Minwu: Hastega R2, Holyja R5 / USB1 / LMR1, LMR2 / Moral Compass / Holy Boost x2
Maria: Meltdown R5, Chain Stoneja R4 / USB / LM1, LM2 / Witch's Sight / Earth Boost x2
Leon: Necro Countdown R4, Banishing Strike R4 / no sb / en-dark LMR, 4* dive / Darkest Iron / Dark Boost x2

RW: Chain
MM: Adamantoise (+15Earth, +15Earth) Subs: Madeen (+8HP, +8HP), Madeen (+20Mag, +20Mag), Famfrit (+8SW, +10FireRes), Syldra (+15Mnd, +10EarthRes)

I died about 5 times at 99% before I moved Leon to the bottom slot, and had him eat the stuns since his timer from NC was almost up anyway, and that's what got me the win. Well, also I had to max hone some abilities because I kept running out at the very end. Though I wonder if having a doublecast chance RM or damage-boosting RM might have been better for Emperor, and that may have negated the need for honing up the abilities? I dunno, but at least it's a clear.
Got this torment cleared at a slow-ass 1 minutes and 11 seconds lol...Not sure f i would revisit this anytime soon, sp i'm just glad i got this cleared out and mastered lol. (Well...Maybe if i have Maria USB).


LD Firion - Brave USB, BSB - Banish Strike, FireTouch Blade (Fire damage boost)
Hilda - (shared SB magic boostga lol) - Enfeebling Jitterbug, Ultra Cure (TGC mode)
LD Emperor - USB ,BSB Earth - Chain Stoneja, Dispel (Mako Might)
Minwu - USB *Heal - Holyja, Hastega, LMR (Dr Mog Teaching)
LD Maria - BSB, Glint, Arcane - Meltdown, Shellga (Black Damage boost)

Both Emperor & Maria with 2x Earth Boost, Firion with 2x Fire Boost.

RW: Chain Realm
Magicite: Laksmi (used it once before the start at phase 3)
Sub: Madeen 2x (with Magic Boon and Wards), Adamantoise, Phoenix (HP boon and heal boon)

Hilda is 'enfeebling jitterbug' duty basically, everytime the boss use "power up". Also, i equiped her with some Shared Soul Break (witch hat from Halloween Event Long time ago, lol, that gives party magic boost a "small ammount" xD)...i figured out that since Hilda's SB gauge is going to waste anyway because having no relic at all, i might as well use that soul break to increase both Emperor's and Maria Magic lol. Other than that, just Ultra cure when needed , especially in phase 3 when either slot 1 / 5 gets paralyzed (just standby ultra cure for it).

Firion...banish strike to dispel the boss haste, protectga whatever. Other than that, Fire Touch Blade spam and use his Brave USB. His brave USB did quite well here, Lv3 Brave attack usually deals 99.999 damage. Also used his BSB a few times when i'm in a pinch (low HP) since it basically gives magic blink lol.

Emperor...USB straight of the bat (for imperil earth) then chain stoneja to build up SB gauge. After that, either use USB again, or his BSB (Earth EnElement one) for DPS.

Minwu...i use Holyja, but his damage really sucks lol, about 2000 hits x 5, but i guess it still helps to build up the chain count. And im also too lazy to make another artifact (holy mind boost artifact) just for this, so yeah. His USB heal really awesome though. Helped me survive Incubus Starfall a few times (because of his bubble effect).

Maria Maria Maria...all of this could've been easy if i had her USB...but nope...only her BSB and thankfully her Arcane and Glint (which i've got during the RoP realm banner). Used shellga in the beginning just for phase 1, then meltdown spams. I used her Glint first because casting her BSB, then command 2 and command 1 spam for 6x9999 hit (works out better than Meltdown).

At the last phase, i used all my chain realm and the boss still survived...thankfully Maria' SB by this time (After spamming meltdown) is pretty much full, so i used her Glint 2 more times, then Arcane. Without Chain, this still caps at 3 x 99.999 haha. Also to finish of the boss, Firion Brave USb at lvl 3 also does around 60k damage without chain, so that helped me trough the last phase, without any chain realm at all.

Update on my Torment D??? Mastered (5th July 2019) :
FF2, FF3, FF4 (sub 30), FF5, FF7 (sub 30), FF8, FF9, FF11, FF13, FF14, FF15 (sub 30), FFT, FFT:0 (13/17).
F2p FFRK player since Day 1 !!
(edited 2 weeks ago)
I got to 67% here, with Maria BSB, Minwu USB2, Emperor BSB/LMR, Josef USB, Hilda USB. Shell Dragon as main magciite.

I think I can get the 100% clear, but my main problem is the Poison/Sap towards the end. It seems like such a clean fight, and then suddenly everyone's dead. I'll come back after leveling my 5* Earth magicite, I hadn't had a reason to do so before now. Maybe I'll figure something out in the meantime. Edit: Maybe Minwu's USB1 can help me out?

I definitely need a lot more DPS here if I want the sub30 though. I'm thinking this is around a sub50 team. Maybe it could do better with legend dives and earth artifacts, but these characters have iffy dives and earth artifacts are low priority for me.
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: PlatinumArrow

6 days ago#127
28.xx on D??? with the following:

Hilda USB || Crushing Tango / Allegro con Moto || DMT
Maria USB || Meltdown / Chain Stoneja || +earth RM
Minwu USB2 || Holyja / Holy || +holy RM
Firion bUSB || Frost-Touched Blade || Gathering Storm
Leila Unique + SSB || Flash Disaster / Storm Assault || MM

It's worth pointing out that Leila both has an IC3 LM2 and lets you add in Shell + Haste when you're otherwise starved for slots and need to trade defense for offense. I had her Unique lying around from a really old Keeper's Choice draw, and the SSB probably isn't necessary.

Anyway, the Record Lab is here now -- so if you want to give Leila a shot, she could probably save you a few seconds, seeing as she's probably the fastest way to get Haste started in this Torment.
FFRK FC: QJLH | Currently: Starstorm (Alphinaud AASB)
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User Info: ChillGamer

6 hours ago#128
I mastered at 38 seconds. I really think I have a sub30 team on my hands but unless Hilda's LM2 proccs perfectly I have to trade Minwu's USB2 for USB1 severely limiting my damage.

I have a bunch of relics but I've marked bolded the ones that I got to use.

Maria (USB, OSB, BSB) - Chain Stoneja, Chain Stonega - DMT
Emperor (USB2, USB1, BSB2, BSB1, LMR1) - Meltdown, Shellga - Much more earth
Hilda (naked) - Enfeebling Jitterbug, AcM - Gathering Storm
Guy (USB1, LMR1) - Ironfist Earth, Banishing Strike - Ace Striker
Minwu (USB2, USB1, BSB1, SSB) - Holyja, Hastega - Battleforged

RW: Chain
Main Magicite: Shell Dragon
Sub Magicites: Adamantoise, Phoenix, Madeen, Madeen

All fully dived. Team caps easily (aside from Minwu) thanks to Guy and Emperor causing earth imperil with their LMs.
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