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User Info: Icedragonadam

3 weeks ago#71
1. Yang AOSB. I have his USB so he's definitely one of my strongest physical Earth characters right now.
2. Aerith USB2. She would #1 if I didn't already have Elarra's USB1.
3. Zidane LMR2. I have his USB2 so this further increases his DPS.
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User Info: Garetjax333

3 weeks ago#72
Rydia USB (En water) 9/10- Really need Water help so this is a blessing! I have her BSB2 and OSB.
Ace USB 10/10- Seems like a top tier Fire USB to me. I have his OSB. Hopefully I’m right.
Eiko BUSB 8/10- not keen on BUSBs, but this seems quite good. Crib rate up is a friend indeed.
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User Info: BustermanZero

3 weeks ago#73
1. Krile's CSB. Only one I really cared about.

User Info: Zenithian Legend

Zenithian Legend
3 weeks ago#74
Ignis BSB - Parade
Shantotto USB - LD3
Rinoa CSB - Free 40x
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User Info: OmniNakago

3 weeks ago#75
Terra AOSB
Iris USB
Yuna USB2 (dupe)?
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User Info: xypheral

3 weeks ago#76
Octagon Rod - Jump Rope

that is quite literally the best that i have...the other contenders don't even come close....but i can list them down....
8 pull - kain aosb (nice!...with nothing else for him and 0 honed dragoon abilities)
free 40 - wol usb1 (nice!....but a couple of years late)
free 40 - uh i can't even remember the other usb already....either stashed or rainbow-ed...

notable mentions - noctis gsb, osb (he continues to haunt me, but hey at least i have 7 or 8 of his relics now), tifa gsb (just for completeness), raijin bsb (just for completeness), lightning usb1 dupe (another lightning sword i guess), ok osb (just for completeness), terra usb1 (just for completeness)

definitely bad in terms of trying to get a power boost, but overall it is just to satisfy the OCD of having more relics for characters that i already have i guess....

User Info: Biobinary

3 weeks ago#77
I want to say these are the 3 best:

Deuce USB1
Ramza USB2

I'm not sure how good these are:
Master AOSB (had nothing for this guy)
Ignis USB (maybe should be swapped with Deuce USB1)
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User Info: Shugo702

3 weeks ago#78

Both will be great for their respective magicite battles and possibly torment as well. +ice phys Sword and +fire mag throwing to boot!

Elarra LMR
Delita USB2
Lulu USB2
Onion Knight GSB
Master USB

Probably Elarra.

User Info: abyss

3 weeks ago#79
Vincent Chain
Either Ayane AOSB or Garland Chain
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