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User Info: jondias

4 weeks ago#1
When did you last do a Mote Dungeon? - Results (107 votes)
3.74% (4 votes)
Within the last week
7.48% (8 votes)
Within the last month
6.54% (7 votes)
More than a month ago, but after half stamina
7.48% (8 votes)
Not since they were half stamina (mid June-mid July 2018)
31.78% (34 votes)
Not since before they were half stamina
28.04% (30 votes)
Never ran them
4.67% (5 votes)
Mote Dungeons? You mean like the Ifrit thing?
10.28% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I did some runs during half stamina. Haven't visited since.
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User Info: KnightLordST

4 weeks ago#2
Not since they were half stamina. Shortly the power-up dungeons included at least 1 crystal per completion so stopped motes frrom there.
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User Info: BobbySura

4 weeks ago#4
I run vit sometimes. I dont understand how everyone always has motes

User Info: mazurka

4 weeks ago#5
Once when they first opened for each type, then never again. I just never have problems with motes. I can see how whales might though, since they have way more nearly complete characters to use them on.
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User Info: sarothias

4 weeks ago#6
Maybe a month ago or so I ran Vit on a day that was a day I didn't care about at the time. Was running low on Vit (still am) and figured eh, why not. Other than that though, not since the half stamina mote dungeon period last year.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

4 weeks ago#7
I ran them slightly hard for about a week during that half-stamina period, and haven't touched them since.

For what it's worth, I calculated my remaining required 4* motes just last night. Here's what I came up with...

Remaining required 4* motes:
5866 Vit
3444 Dex
1308 Brv
3158 Wis
1522 Spr

It'll obviously be different for everyone, and it's not like I farmed these evenly back when I did, but this might give you a rough idea of how many more we need.

(PS - Berserker nodes are annoying.)
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User Info: DrChia

4 weeks ago#8
I still have to run them every week or so unfortunately
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User Info: KeylimeAchernar

4 weeks ago#9
I do them quite often. If the need and the day match up, I'll usually end up doing four runs to finish a dive and burn enough stamina to not need to play until after work.

Its quicker than running raids or the 260.
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User Info: drg3

4 weeks ago#10
Occasionally on sundays when it wasnt bravery and magicite quota was done.
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