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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 weeks ago#1
Considering how close we are to the Anniversary celebration, I figured I'd take the opportunity to make the last topic I needed to make for the Anniversary, the Present Relic Draws.

As can be expected, we have 2 special Relic Draws attached to the Anniversary, both of which are free!

These two Relic Draws will become available at the Daily Dungeon reset time on the 25th, so 4 a.m. ET, or 8 a.m. UTC. You can use these as a basis to determine the time it drops, or you can just consider it to be about 79 hours from the time of this post.

40 Relic Draw

As the name suggests, we'll have a Draw where we can pull 40 Relics at once. Unlike the special one from just a month ago, you will only be allowed to draw on this one once. And as the same from the 40 draw last month, you are guaranteed at least two 6* Relics.

8 Relic Draw

This one is a little different from the one above. True, you're drawing less Relics overall, however seven of the 8 Relics are guaranteed to be 5*, and the last is guaranteed to be an Arcane Overstrike Relic.

This is the part that is a bit tricky. There are two ways this can play out.

1. The AOSB will be anything from the overall AOSB pool, in which case we can theoretically have a pool of up to 49 different possible AOSBs.

2. When JP's anniversary came around, they had a poll of the most desired AOSB, and the top 10 choices ended up making up the overall pool. We didn't get our own poll, so it's possible we'll just end up getting their's.

For those wondering, this is the pool of AOSBs JP got.

Onion Knight: - 3 ST Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Overstrike magic attacks

Bartz: - 3 ST Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Overstrike physical attacks

Terra: - 3 ST Fire Overstrike magic attacks

Cloud: - 20 ST Wind ranged physical attacks & ST Wind Overstrike ranged physical attack

Squall: - 3 ST Ice Overstrike physical attacks

Zidane: - 3 ST Wind Overstrike physical attacks

Tidus: - 20 ST Water ranged physical attacks & ST Water Overstrike ranged physical attack

Ashe: - 3 ST Lightning Overstrike magic attacks

Lightning: - 20 ST Lightning ranged physical attacks & ST Lightning Overstrike ranged physical attack

Noctis: - 3 ST Overstrike critical physical attacks

Naturally, either one of these is possible.

Good luck on your pulls!
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User Info: Uiru

4 weeks ago#2
Three dupes, one fart noise, and six top prizes. I can't wait to be crushed under a continent of disappointment.

User Info: Fourcd

4 weeks ago#3
Thanks for the info.

I kinda hope it's over all AOSB's as I'm 50% duped otherwise.

User Info: sarothias

4 weeks ago#4
If we get the popular vote version of the 8x pull, I am missing Zidane, Lightning and Noctis. See what happens lol.
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User Info: ffrkowaway

4 weeks ago#5
Only two AOSBs I have from those are Terra from the daily, and Lightning from a KH 40-pull. Would be nice to get most any of the others.

User Info: MajorMahalo1

4 weeks ago#6
If 8x stays the same, only freaking Noctis is a dupe. 9/10 chance to get a non dupe? With my luck lately, I'll get the 1/10 Noctis dupe, I just know it. As to the 40 pull, I wouldn't be surprised with a 2/40 double Celes USB or Y'shtola USB1 dupe, lol.

Also, just want to mirror people in other topics and give a huge thanks to @Shadow_Stalker_X for doing all these relic draw topics. It looks like a lot of work and I am very appreciative of it. It's nice to have a place to complain about my bad pulls. =)
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User Info: herocomplex00

4 weeks ago#7
Of those AOSBs, dupes would be Cloud, Ashe, and Lightning. Would be really happy with OK, Bartz, Terra, Squall, and Tidus, as they've already got relics and are on magicite/high-level teams. Zidane might be a cut below, as his USB1 didn't quite make my Hecatontheir team, but would still be nice. And also Noctis was there.

User Info: antifocus

4 weeks ago#8
My dupes: Bartz, Terra, Cloud and Noctis.
My top prize would be Squall and Ashe. I am picking Zidane for the 1000 gem full throttle so we'll see.

User Info: vivi69

4 weeks ago#9
I only have 1 aosb and thats terra. Pls no dupeeee

User Info: skyprisoner

4 weeks ago#10
Out of that list I only have Cloud's AOSB. I think I only have another AOSB and that's Yuffie's.

Good luck on your pulls everyone :D
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