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User Info: raoxi

1 month ago#201
Did 101, sorted. dont need the 201+ gils.

User Info: PlatinumArrow

1 month ago#202
Finally sat down and got 281 jumps when all I wanted was the 200. Doesn't seem that hard once you get some practice in. If you get the handle of 41-60 and then dealing with the transition from fast (60th) to molasses-slow (61-) you can pretty much do anything.

My observations are kind of different from the rest of the comments listed about rope speed, but if anyone is still aiming for the leaderboards (I can't really imagine anyone is trying at this point other than leaderboard people), here's what I noticed.

- 1-81 are the only fixed speeds. As mentioned at the start, it builds up until 40 and then gets really fast, then slows down after 61.
- Past 40, the rope speed changes every 20 jumps. Always. Maybe there's some variation in between, but it's either minimal or likely to be an occasional hiccup in framerate. I don't think it's any surprising that most people will have a 1 as the ones digit of their high score, because that is exactly when the speed will catch them off guard.
- There's a few speeds 81-101 can take. I've seen it go as fast as 41-61 at times, and other times as fast as 21-41, and even sometimes it went as slow as 1-21. The lattermost is easily the most distracting.
- Basically 81 onwards is uncharted territory and relies on how well you handle speed transitions. Once I got into a rhythm I personally found it easiest when the speed was as fast as post-40, because it just lets you rack up score the fastest.

If you want the cliffnotes, it's this: 1-81 are fixed, speed changes every 20, other than that find your method for dealing with every speed. As I said, if you can handle 40-80, you can handle all the way to 1000.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#203
@PlatinumArrow Congrats on 281! Seems like there aren't too many people that can reach that high. :)

We know what the speeds are from the datamined AI. There's a little variation in 61-81, though it always slows down at 61.

1-21: slow
21-41: medium
41-61: fast
61+: random speeds selected from the above three, never the same one twice, changing every 20.

Any other apparent speed changes are hiccups in framerate. It's supposed to be steady though.
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 month ago#204
f*** this thing. Sorry Vivi. Ok try again tomorrow....
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User Info: ShinUltima

1 month ago#205
I forgot this existed. Don't think I want the 4* motes that badly to torture myself with this.
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User Info: sohmwan87

4 weeks ago#206
h8 this! sadly, to lose a "free" relic let alone a 6*. smdh...
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