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User Info: Fourcd

3 months ago#11
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
The FPS Exploit:
Apparently, if you use an external program that limits the game's FPS, it's possible to make the entire game play in slow-motion.

For those who really want to top the leaderboard. Who's gonna be the person to waste 5 hours to get up to 1000 jumps?

I got FFIX on my phone to play when out of data, jump rope was a b**** compared to back in the day using a controller. This is gonna be a headache.

User Info: ClearAsChalk

3 months ago#12
If Dena were really sadistic, they'd make timing changes completely random, or right after the 39th skip. Can you imagine if they programmed Kefka to come out and laugh at you whenever someone messes up at 39?

User Info: serjrps

3 months ago#13
40 jumps is pretty easy to accomplish for anyone that is worth his salt in this game.

I mean, for people that stead hours on end memorizing boss scripts (or printing them in separate), while coordinating a team of 5 exact ability timings it's a breeze.

It takes less time than a sub30 run and I'm sure you lot have done sub30 runs (or higher) countless times.

Personally, I'll be going for 60 jumps, I don't really care about the rewards above that tier.
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User Info: ElNino_FR

3 months ago#14
Found back my tweet about the FPS exploit for those who have a Samsung phone.


that's allow you to see the massive difference between both.

Also, something to note is that AndApp was also pretty slow with it too (basically it was inbetween the 2 speed shown in my small compare)
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User Info: ShinUltima

3 months ago#15
I'm almost positive I never got past, say, 20 jumps in FFIX. Not looking forward to this. I might have to fluke it out to get Vivi USB2 like I did 100 jumps in Super Mario Odyssey (did it on my second try, was never able to do it afterwards).


Actually, if there's a FPS tuner for Android, I'm using that.
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User Info: Ultimaphazon

3 months ago#16
I hope I can get to 100.
The Gil doesn't matter, but the 4* motes would be welcome. If it's too much of a pain, the 40 for the relic will do.
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User Info: Jack-ums

3 months ago#17
Fantastic. Garnet would be much more useful casting DG at start of IX NT than BSB2 (yeah, throwback!) and all Vivi has is enfire LMR+OSB. So he's gonna spam abilities and occasionally throw out an OSB but have little use for bar otherwise, might as well have a mixed buff. No quina USB for me, sadly.

User Info: drg3

3 months ago#18
Ugh. jump rope is the only thing I’ve ever given up on in the 12 main FF games I’ve played - and I’ve done lightning dodging twice. Never made 100, but I did get to 40 at least.

User Info: BigG777

3 months ago#19
I don’t have anything good for Vivi and all my Quina has is that frog drop that raises atk so this boostga USB is welcomed.

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User Info: NinjaSlash206

3 months ago#20
Probably better than dodging 200 lightning bolts...

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