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User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

1 week ago#1
Not debating which is the best, but which have you personally used the most frequently?

Im sure for most people it will be a support relic, but over 4 months id say my most used is-

Terra USB1

Got it rather early on and found it incredibly useful.

Now i have Sora, Terra is benched unfortunately (for now)

User Info: NinoNii

1 week ago#2
Orlandeau USB. It was one of my first USBs when I started playing the game.

User Info: sarothias

1 week ago#3
Elarra USB. Pretty much in almost every team since it's debut.
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User Info: LuBu1975

1 week ago#4
It has to be a Support one like Wall or Shout/OK pUSB for me.

User Info: Antonok

1 week ago#5
Ramza's Shout.

Got switched out for his BSB/USB but still probably my most used SB. It had a long, long reign.

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#6

User Info: Kizzomeau

1 week ago#7
Elarra USB1, after that probably a tie with OK mUSB and Tyro USB4

User Info: danderson 75

danderson 75
1 week ago#8
Overall, Shout. Used this for like a year in basically every physical teams.

But I am pretty sure that Elarra's USB will catch up.
Orlandu usb and king usb probably, my main dps on the ic3 haste team, used on all regular event

Orlandu usb
King usb
Shelke entrust bot mm
Morrow entrust bot dmt
Noctis ssb LS ace striker

Shelke/morrow entrust orlandu/king>wrath>entrust noctis
Orlandu rw cloud usb>usb>abiliy
King rw cloud usb>usb>ability
Noctis LS x3 then ssb

Noctis can be replaced with rem/aerith with haste rm if healing is needed
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User Info: ShinUltima

1 week ago#10
sarothias posted...
Elarra USB. Pretty much in almost every team since it's debut.
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