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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#1
Kefka: "Bleh! You people make me sick! You sound like lines from a self-help book!
If that's how it's going to be, I'll snuff them all out!
Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!"

This fest event is expected Sunday, March 24. It's 19 stages long, with the standard increasing difficulty. The first 17 stages are bosses from each of the 17 realms, and the final 2 stages are FF6's final boss sequence.

Every character gets bravery synergy here. You're limited to 3 RW options: Wall, Raider, or a CT0 100% heal. Each RW is 2 uses.

All stages cost 1 stamina.

- Notable rewards:
11x Mythril
3x MC1s/MC2s/MC3s
80x of each 3* mote
50x of each 4* mote (except for 100x of Dexterity)
30x of each 5* mote (except for 60x of Dexterity)
20x of each job mote
20x Rosetta Stones
And various Crystals, Major Orbs, et cetera.

Elite Boss Tips:

-- FF11 Minotaur (Ultimate) --
- No weaknesses or resistances
- Uses Earth and NE attacks, phys and magic, some piercing
- Can inflict AoE Poison, AoE RES debuff, ST 30s Doom
- Uses Shell
- Can counter PHY attacks with normal physicals

-- FF12 Hashmal (Ultimate+) --
- No weaknesses or resistances
- Uses Earth and NE attacks, phys and magic, some piercing
- Can inflict AoE Slow
- Can counter PHY with Protect, BLK with Haste, or in general with piercing physicals
- Uses a 3-wide 1-HP attack in the very weak phase
- Becomes temporarily invincible late in the fight

-- FF13 Cid Raines (Ultimate++) --
- No weaknesses or resistances
- Uses NE, Holy, and Bio attacks, phys and magic, none are piercing
- Can inflict AoE Poison, AoE Sleep, AoE 60s Doom
- Uses Protect and Shell
- Uses Seraphic Ray (AoE Holy magic + AoE Dispel) in the weak phases

-- FF14 Aiatar (Apocalypse) --
Medals: Finish with 2 or more heroes not KO'd
Elements: Bio (absorbs)
Status: None
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks; Mixed mitigation

Physical moves: Attack (PHY), Salivous Snap (NAT, % Poison), Dragon Breath (NAT, AoE, ranged, % Poison), Granite Rain (PHY, AoE), Ultimate Granite Rain (NAT, AoE, ignores DEF)
Magical moves: Toxic Vomit (NAT, AoE, Bio, % Poison, creates poison swamp)
Counters: % chance in response to all abilities: Salivous Snap (NAT, % Poison)

Aiatar can and most likely will inflict Poison. That's not really a threat, but it can interfere with your Regen tech. It can also create a poison swamp around itself with Toxic Vomit, which gives it a temporary unremovable self-regen. It'll use Ultimate Granite Rain in its very weak phase.

Wall and kill. You can also bring Protectga/Shellga/debuffs or Bio resists if needed.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#2
-- FFT0 Shinryu-Celestia (Apocalypse+) --
Medals: Finish with 2 or more heroes not KO'd
Elements: None
Status: None
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks [except, the Breaksight is immune to breaks]; Mixed mitigation

Physical moves: Attack (PHY), Cannibalize (NAT), Ultimate Cannibalize (NAT, ignores blinks)
Magical moves: Fire Breath (NAT, AoE, Fire), Thunder Breath (NAT, 7x random, Lightning), Ultimate Fire Breath (NAT, AoE, Fire, ignores RES), Apocalypse Thunder Breath (NAT, 7x random, Lightning, ignores blinks)

This one's pretty much like usual. Shinryu-Celestia normally has very high defenses, but her Breaksight appears when she uses Cannibalize. You'll to want to destroy the Breaksight to reduce her defenses and temporarily stun her. The easiest way to get her to use Cannibalize is to try and force the weak phase anyway, since if left to her own devices she likes to take her time actually using it.

Once the Breaksight finally appears, hit it as hard and fast as possible. Instacast/quickcast attacks can help. Take note that the Breaksight here is a SEPARATE target, unlike with the Gilgamesh fights, and must be manually selected. Alternately, simply overpowering her defenses and destroying her outright is probably an option for most.

Meanwhile, Wall+Protectga+Shellga, Fire/Lightning resists, MAG debuffs. Her Breath attacks are typically rather strong. (...But at least she doesn't have that random instant KO anymore.)

-- FF15 Leviathan (Apocalypse++) --
Medals: Finish with 2 or more heroes not KO'd
Elements: All elements (resists)
Status: None
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks; Mixed mitigation, but all attacks are piercing

Physical moves: Ultimate Bite (NAT, ignores DEF), Ultimate Reaper (NAT, AoE, ignores DEF, % Interrupt), Ultimate Whirlwind (NAT, 2-wide AoE, ranged, ignores DEF), Ultimate Whirlwind (NAT, AoE, ranged, ignores DEF), Ultimate Water Dragon (NAT, 3x random, Water, ranged, ignores DEF, Imperil Water), Ultimate Water Dragon (NAT, 5x random, Water, ranged, ignores DEF, Imperil Water)
Magical moves: Apocalypse Tsunami (NAT, AoE, Water, ignores RES and blinks)

Leave your Wall and Proshellga behind, everything's piercing so those do NOT work here. Instead, you'd want Water resists, ATK/MAG debuffs, and decent healers. Don't underestimate her Tsunami; it may be her only magic attack, but it's also her strongest attack.

Omni-resistance here, so bring a focused elemental team with a chain and imperils if possible. (Water is slightly preferred, because Water enelements give characters resistance to Water attacks.) Non-elemental tech can work too.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#3
-- FF6 Statue of the Gods (D300 "True") --
Medals: Finish with 1 or more hero not KO'd
Stats: All parts: 1700 ATK / 1600 MAG / 30000 DEF / 47000 RES / 150 MND / 525~650 SPD
Status: None
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks (50%); Mixed mitigation

This is the FF6 final boss sequence, minus Kefka for now. 3 stages, and 9 total targets.

This is a really complicated fight (...lucky me, lol), but imo it doesn't seem particularly difficult. The various parts carry some nasty status attacks and/or deal some pretty sizable damage, but individually they have rather low HP.

Wall+Protectga+Shellga throughout. Astra is also recommended for dealing with the various random status effects, though Esuna/Ultra Cure can do okay here too. The elements and statuses are pretty spread out, but you might consider bringing Petrify, Sleep, Stop, Blind, Silence, or Instant KO resists, or Gigas Armlets or other elemental resists, depending on your setup or just whatever attacks sound worst to you.

And bring at least one good non-elemental attack to defeat Lady in the third phase. Very important.

---- Phase 1 ----
Visage: 120,000 HP; Fire (20% weak), Earth (immune)
Short Arm: 50,000 HP; Water (20% weak)
Long Arm: 50,000 HP; Wind (20% weak)

- Visage
Magical moves: Quake (BLK, AoE, Earth), Magnitude 8 (NAT, AoE, Earth), True Magnitude 8 (NAT, AoE, Earth, ignores RES)
Other moves: Haste (WHT, Haste, targets ally with highest HP%), Protect (WHT, Protect, targets ally with highest HP%), Dread Gaze (NAT, 48% Petrify), Sapping Strike (NAT, 33% Sap), Ultimate Sapping Strike (NAT, back-row AoE, 48% Sap)

- Short Arm
Physical moves: Razor Gale (PHY), Ultimate Razor Gale (NAT, ignores blinks)
Counters: 30% chance in response to all abilities: Attack (PHY)

- Long Arm
Physical moves: Shockwave (PHY, ranged), Ultimate Shockwave (NAT, back-row ST, ranged, ignores blinks)

Visage uses Haste > Protect at the start. You can pretty much ignore those, they're single-target and this phase won't last long anyway. Otherwise, the trio will mostly just attack. While the Arms can deal some respectable damage, the main threat here is Visage with its Earth AoEs, back-row Sap, and occasional single-target Petrify. Some AoEs could take the Arms out pretty quickly, or you can just kill the targets one by one. The order's slightly debatable, but I'd probably go Long Arm > Visage > Short Arm.

If Visage or Long Arm is the last one defeated, they'll use Quake or two Shockwaves as a parting gift, respectively. These are pretty standard attacks, and not a particularly significant threat.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#4
---- Phase 2 ----
Magic: 140,000 HP; Earth (20% weak)
Tiger: 70,000 HP; Ice (20% weak), Earth (absorbs)
Machine: 70,000 HP; Lightning (20% weak)
Power: 70,000 HP; Bio (20% weak)

- Magic (left)
Magical moves: Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga (BLK, Fire or Ice or Lightning), Drain (BLK, Dark, 17% HP drain), Holy (WHT, Holy), Flare (BLK)
Gravity moves: Graviga (NAT, AoE, 40% Gravity damage, ignores KO resists)
Other moves: Hastega (WHT, AoE, Haste), Sleep (BLK, 33% Sleep), Confuse (BLK, 33% Confuse)

- Tiger (bottom-right)
Magical moves: Flare Star (NAT, AoE, Fire), Ultimate Flare Star (NAT, AoE, Fire), Southern Cross (NAT, AoE, Fire), True Southern Cross (NAT, AoE, Fire, ignores blinks)
Other moves: Northern Cross (NAT, AoE, 48% Stop)

- Machine (center)
Magical moves: Magitek Laser (NAT, Lightning), Atomic Ray (NAT, AoE, Fire), Diffractive Laser (NAT, AoE, Lighnting), Absolute Zero (NAT, AoE, Ice), Apocalypse Absolute Zero (NAT, AoE, Ice)
Gravity moves: Gravity Bomb (NAT, 60% Gravity damage, ignores KO resists), Missile (NAT, 50% Gravity damage, ignores KO resists, 33% Sap)
Other moves: Delta Attack (NAT, 48% Petrify)

- Power (top-right)
Physical move: Attack (PHY)
On-death move: 10-Hit Combo (NAT phys, 10x random)

Magic uses Hastega at the start, but you can ignore that since most of the enemies here have high SPD stats. It only particularly affects Power, but Power is the weakest one here so it still doesn't matter much. Magic will then follow with Graviga > Sleep > Confuse, and then uses its various attack spells for a while.

Tiger spams Fire AoEs, with the occasional random AoE Stop. Machine uses Gravity Bomb on turn 2 but otherwise attacks randomly and also mostly with AoEs, the worst attack probably being Delta Attack (ST Petrify) with 10% odds. Power just uses a wimpy physical attack each turn... until you kill it, that is. At that point it hits you with 10 "wimpy physical attacks" all in a row, which can add up a fair bit.

AoEs take this group down hard, though you'd need a couple extra hits for Magic. If going single-target instead, then I'd recommend killing them in the order Tiger -> Machine -> Magic -> Power. This eliminates the AoE elemental attacks quickly, as well as that AoE Stop and then the ST Petrify. Runic technically has a place here as it mostly shuts down Magic, but it's not terribly useful in this fight otherwise so don't bother bringing it.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#5
---- Phase 3 ----
Lady: 9,999 HP; All elements (absorbs)
Rest: 500,000 HP; Neutral to all elements

- Lady
Other moves: Repose (NAT, 102% Sleep), Ultimate Repose (NAT, 2-wide AoE, 102% Sleep), White Wind (NAT, AoE, heal), Arise (Revives Rest with 100% HP)

- Rest
Magical moves: Tornado (BLK, Wind), Meteor (BLK, AoE), Meltdown (NAT, AoE, Fire/Wind), True Meltdown (NAT, AoE, Fire/Wind, ignores blinks)
Other moves: Trine (NAT, AoE, 33% Blind/Silence), Condemn (NAT, 30s Doom), Ultimate Repose (NAT, 303% Instant KO),
On-death move: Repose (NAT, slots 1 and 5, 303% Instant KO)

Lady will open with Ultimate Repose (2-wide Sleep), and Rest will open with Trine (AoE 33% Blind/Silence). Afterwards Lady will mostly spam White Wind with the occasional sleep spells. Rest will use Condemn on turns 2 and 5, True Meltdown on turns 4+7n, Trine again every 7th turn, and will otherwise mostly spam the other magic spells or more Condemns. And of course the biggest one: Ultimate Repose (ST Instant KO) on turn 10, or just rarely at random.

Optimally you'll want to kill Lady before she gets her first turn. You need to kill her first anyway, since she'll revive Rest if he falls. Lady absorbs all elements, so this needs to be done with non-elemental attacks. Make sure you bring something that can do the job, her HP isn't high but NE attacks tend to be pretty weak. Once that's done, destroy Rest asap, you don't want to leave him around long enough for him to decide to start using Ultimate Repose.

Note that when Rest dies, he'll murder the characters in slots 1 and 5 with Repose. You can block this with Instant KO resists, or you can just eat the KOs since it's the very end of the fight. Of course, you will lose one medal for taking the deaths, and could lose altogether if your party's in really bad shape.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#6
-- Kefka (D350 "God") --
Medals: Finish with 1 or more hero not KO'd
Stats: 1,300,000 HP / 2400~2800 ATK / 2200~2600 MAG / 36000~44000 DEF / 54000~60000 RES / 150 MND / 650 SPD
Elements: None
Status: None
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks (70% resistance); Mixed mitigation

Physical moves:
Havoc Wing (NAT, smart-targeting ST, 656% damage)
God Havoc Wing (NAT, AoE, 696% damage, can break damage limit)
Magical moves:
Meteor (BLK, AoE, 250% damage, ignores RES)
Firaga (BLK, smart-targeting ST, 650% Fire damage)
Blizzaga (BLK, smart-targeting ST, 650% Ice damage)
Thundaga (BLK, smart-targeting ST, 650% Lightning damage)
Ultimate Firaga (NAT, smart-targeting 3 slots, 490% Fire damage, ignores blinks)
Ultimate Blizzaga (NAT, smart-targeting 3 slots, 490% Ice damage, ignores blinks)
Ultimate Thundaga (NAT, smart-targeting 3 slots, 490% Lightning damage, ignores blinks)
Forsaken (NAT, AoE, 630% damage, ignores blinks)
God Forsaken (NAT, AoE, 1206% damage, ignores blinks, can break damage limit)
Gravity moves:
Apocalypse Meteor (NAT, AoE, 55% Gravity damage, ignores KO resists)
Other moves:
Heartless Angel (NAT, AoE, sets HP to 1, can break damage limit)
Vengeance (NAT, AoE, Dispel)
Trine (NAT, AoE, 30% Blind/Silence)
Apocalypse Trine (NAT, front-row AoE, Auto-hit Blind/Silence [blockable by Astra])
"The end draws near..." (No action, telegraphs Forsaken/God Forsaken on the following turn)
70% chance in response to all abilities [Weak phase only]: Hyperdrive (NAT magic, 250% damage, ignores RES, 33% Sap, targets highest HP%)
33% chance in response to all abilities [Very Weak phase only]: Ultima (NAT magic, AoE, 200% damage, ignores RES)

AI Notes:

Phase 1 (>81% HP)
T1: Wait
T2: Wait
T3: Heartless Angel
T4: Trine
T5: Meteor
T6: Havoc Wing [slot 1]
T7: Thundaga [slot 5]
T8: Firaga [slot 5]
T9: Meteor
T10: Blizzaga [slot 3]
T11: Thundaga [slot 5]
T12: Meteor
T13: Havoc Wing [slot 2]
T14: Firaga [slot 4]
T15: Blizzaga [slot 3]
T16: Thundaga [slot 5]
T17: Heartless Angel
T18: Firaga [slot 4]
T19: Blizzaga [slot 3]
T20: Thundaga [slot 5]
T21: Vengeance
T22+: Meteor

Phase 2 (<81% HP)
T1: "The end draws near..."
T2: Forsaken
T3: Vengeance
T4: Apocalypse Meteor
T5: Ultimate Blizzaga [slots 1/2/3]
T6: Ultimate Thundaga [slots 1/3/5]
T7: Havoc Wing
T8: "The end draws near..."
T9: Forsaken
T10: Ultimate Firaga [slots 2/3/4]
T11: Trine
T12: Ultimate Thundaga [slots 1/3/5]
T13: Havoc Wing
T14: "The end draws near..."
T15: God Forsaken
T16: Ultimate Blizzaga [slots 1/2/3]
T17: Apocalypse Meteor
T18: Vengeance
T19: "The end draws near..."
T20+: God Forsaken
70% chance in response to all abilities: Hyperdrive

Phase 3 (<41% HP)
T1: "The end draws near..."
T2: God Forsaken
T3: Apocalypse Trine [front row]
T4: God Havoc Wing
T5: Vengeance
T6: Apocalypse Meteor
T7: God Havoc Wing
T8: "The end draws near..."
T9: Forsaken
T10: Apocalypse Meteor
T11: Apocalypse Trine [front row]
T12: "The end draws near..."
T13: Forsaken
T14: Meteor
T15: God Havoc Wing
T16: Apocalypse Meteor
T17: Apocalypse Trine [front row]
T18: Heartless Angel
T19: "The end draws near..."
T20+: God Forsaken
33% chance in response to all abilities: Ultima
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#7
- General strategy:
This fight is mostly just damage, with a few notable exceptions:
- Heartless Angel, his opening move. Be sure to have a medica ready right at the start.
- Trine, a 30% Blind/Silence AoE, used as his second move, and again late in phase 2. Many characters have Blind and Silence in their legend dives, so this might not be a concern to you. Otherwise, you can bring Blind/Silence resists on the appropriate characters, or use Astra at the start. You can also just play the RNG here a bit, since you'll probably only see this at the start of the fight and everything else is pretty scripted.
- Apocalypse Trine, an auto-hit front-row Blind/Silence AoE, used early in phase 3. You can block this with Astra, but a fully back-row party can ignore it altogether. Or, you can bring something like Enkidu.
- Vengeance, his AoE Dispel, used on P1/T20, P2/T3, and P3/T5. (Depending on how fast you can go, you might not see all of those.) You know the drill, get Hastega and Proshellga back up immediately. Hastega takes priority, since the next turn after a Vengeance will always be something that ignores your Proshellga anyway.
- God Forsaken. This hurts like heck, and could be a party wipe against weaker teams. Last Stand could take the hit, just be careful of Sap procs from earlier Hyperdrive counters. Stoneskin's probably also good enough as long as Wall+Shellga are up. It's plenty survivable for stronger teams however, especially those with Health Boons or Spell Wards.

Wall+Protectga+Shellga. Good medicas, a spare Hastega for the Dispel, and some way of dealing with Apoc Trine. ATK/MAG debuffs wouldn't hurt here, but Kefka has 70% break resistance so it's better to focus on out-healing and out-powering him. And watch out for the counters, they're pretty frequent. Don't attack unnecessarily in the later phases.

As for elemental resistances, I'd recommend the following, as needed [followed by what the actual elemental damage is]:
Slot 1: Frostbolt Shard [Ice/Lightning]
Slot 2: Arctic Armlet or Gigas Armlet [More Ice, but a little Fire]
Slot 3: Gigas Armlet [Fire/Ice/Lightning mix]
Slot 4: Blaze Armlet [Fire]
Slot 5: Bolt Armlet or Necrophobe Ward [Mostly Lightning, but a little Fire]
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#8
For what it's worth, these last two fights will likely seem pretty easy for those that have been beating 5* magicites. For everyone else, I'm guessing it'll probably be about the same as other fest bosses. That's my impression, at least.

Anyway, that's it, so have fun. :)
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: ShinUltima

2 months ago#9
As usual, thanks for all your hard work, Relm.
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
PSN: ShinUltima

User Info: shadestreet

2 months ago#10
My favorite boss fight in all of the franchise. Awesome design and the best boss fight music ever. Hope they get the timing down on changing the song when you change forms (unless the stages are separate and not continuous?)

Will be nice for there to actually be some sort of challenge here for once.
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