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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#1
Carbuncle: "I'll join you - if you're stronger than me. Come on, show me what you got!"

Mote reward type: Wisdom and Dexterity

If you need (or want) any help with these bosses, feel free to ask. People on these boards are usually quite willing to help.

-- Antlion (Normal/Hard) --
Medals: Finish with 2 or more heroes not KO'd
Elements: Water (weak), Earth (immune)
Status: Sleep, Berserk, Interrupt
Breaks/Mitigation: Normal: No break resistance; Hard: Resists breaks; Both: Physical mitigation

Physical moves: Attack (PHY), Critical (PHY), Gastric Juice (PHY, ranged, % Sap)
Other moves: Dischord (NAT, debuff ATK/MAG/DEF/RES)
Counters: % chance in response to all abilities: Attack (PHY, 2x random)

-- Carbuncle (Ultimate+/Apocalypse+) --
Medals: Finish with 2 or more heroes not KO'd
Reflect up: Earth (immune)
Reflect down: All elements (fully weak)
Status: None
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks; Magic mitigation
Other notes: Carbuncle starts with Reflect, which can't be removed. It will fade and be reapplied periodically. While Reflect is up, Carbuncle's DEF and RES increase.

- Reflect up
Magical moves: Fira/Blizzara/Thundara/Bio (BLK, reflected off self, elemental damage)
Other moves: Confuse/Stop/Death/Break (BLK, reflected off self, % status)

- Reflect down
Only move: Cura (WHT, heals self)

...Ah, yes. This fight. Runic utterly humiliates this boss, it absorbs literally every attack here. And even if you don't bring Runic, it's just standard single-target spells, so it's not like this is going to be particularly complicated either way.

Anyway: Runic. If you can't be bothered to bring Runic for whatever reason, then something like Wall+Shellga+Astra+KO resists instead. Carbuncle should mostly use attack magic, but can also use Confuse or Stop (first weak phase only), and Death or Break (very weak phase only). Though if you work quickly, you might not even see those.

And, a physical team, so you don't have to deal with his Reflect. Note that his Reflect status drops occasionally, and while Reflect is down, his defenses drop considerably. That shouldn't stop you from attacking at other times, though.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 month ago#2
Wow, another boss completely neutered by runic. Well ok then.
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User Info: Holy Stone

Holy Stone
1 month ago#3
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
Runic utterly humiliates this boss

This is ridiculous. Brought Celes USB and nobody took damage. This would be a really easy boss to farm for Greens if we ever needed them.
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User Info: Godric1696

1 month ago#4
I brought Larsa without reading up and well, Runic.
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User Info: ShinUltima

1 month ago#5
Runic? People still waste time with that nonsense?

Used Ye Old Wind Team (Cloud/Shelke/OK/Elarra/Zack) and while I didn't take zero damage, I got hit maybe twice, no statuses, and then it was over.

Did the D160 MP with some pugs. The host brought TGC w/ OSB and Backrow Cloud and had both spamming Full Charge. :|

(Still won easily of course; but still! TWO Full Charges!)
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#6
Runic'd. It's not like this boss is hard, but come on, when you leave an opening THAT easy, of course I'm going to do it.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: KnightLordST

1 month ago#7
This boss is not as easy to farm with Luneth AoSB

Though I like to master my new SBs from RoP, equip them with Noctis RM1 so they sleep and dont interrupt farming.

User Info: philsov

1 month ago#8
Holy Stone posted...
Brought Celes USB and nobody took damage.

I brought in Elarra and I forgot to equip her USB. I didn't even use her default soul break; his damage output is that laughable with godwall+magic break.
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