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User Info: SaintTweeter

1 month ago#201
7 lmr dupe glove and an Ovelia lmr.
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User Info: trata31

1 month ago#202
Queen's LMR and Alma's LMR

Nice, an addition to Queen's USB.
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User Info: DireStraits

1 month ago#203
Type 0 was Machina's LMR. I had his USB and nothing else, so this is a good addition.

I really shouldn't have pulled on Tactics. It's by far my strongest realm and I have most of the stuff I want already so the chances of getting a dupe were really high. I ended up with Gaffgarion's USB, which is something new. I don't know that it will ever see use since I have other, stronger physical dark options, but it's nice to have something for him.
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User Info: 1337cheatcode

1 month ago#204
0 - lolMachina OSB
T - Galaxy Stop USB dupe

User Info: EchoNull

1 month ago#205
Finally did the math on these after running out of relics to master, and changed my mind. Looking only at discos and comparing to a fully-desirable 6-disco banner, Type-0 is well worth it at 1.23x value while FFT is 1.72x thanks mostly to Chain and non-dps utility.

Type-0: 1/3 disco: Rem's Argentic Daggers USB1
FFT: Agrias's Ragnarok OSB

Two new discos! ... That are clearly DPS SBs lol. Well, no complaints. I know Rem's daggers are covered gear and a solid SB, and Agrias's OSB will help once BSB imperils are up.
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User Info: raoxi

1 month ago#206
hopin for ramza csb, lmr1/2, usb2

1/3 ovelia bsb

at least not dupe
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#208
All right, time to start throwing away some mythril! RoP draws, commence.

Type-0: 1/3, Jack enfire LMR
FFT: 1/3, Marach USB

Jack's LMR is decent in theory but I have nothing else for him, Marach is permanently on the bench so double meh for that one. I guess not terrible though.
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

4 weeks ago#209
FFT0: 1/3 - Ace USB2!
Good start. Some very much needed FFT0 firepower.

FFT: 1/3 - Agrias USB2!
Awesome follow-up and synergizes with the rest of the holy tactics crew.
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