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    Magia is expected to be added Wednesday March 20, or really whenever the next maintenance is. It's the next stage in basic leveling powercreep.

    --- The Basics ---
    - Any Lv99 characters that participate in battle will each gain 1 Magia EXP per battle, regardless of the battle's difficulty.
    - Magia EXP is not split, so 5 Lv99 characters will gain 5 total Magia EXP for one fight, or in other words 1 EXP each.
    - Magia EXP accumulate into Magia Levels, and each Level counts as 1 point.
    - Magia points can be used to boost that character's attributes.
    - You may reset a character's Magia distribution at any time with no cost, using a Reset button in the top-right. However, there is a cooldown period of 14 days before you are allowed to do so again.

    --- The Magia Crystals ---
    - Each character has 12 Magia Crystals with 2 attributes each.
    - These 24 attributes can be boosted by up to 100 points each.
    (The 100 point cap may be raised in the future, but JP has not done so to date.)

    Fire: Fire Boost / Fire Resistance
    Ice: Ice Boost / Ice Resistance
    Lightning: Lightning Boost / Lightning Resistance
    Earth: Earth Boost / Earth Resistance
    Wind: Wind Boost / Wind Resistance
    Water: Water Boost / Water Resistance
    Holy: Holy Boost / Holy Resistance
    Dark: Dark Boost / Dark Resistance
    Bio: Bio Boost / Bio Resistance
    Power: ATK Boost / DEF Boost
    Black: MAG Boost / RES Boost
    White: MND Boost / HP Boost
    What a fuddy duddy.