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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 years ago#1
Magia is expected to be added Wednesday March 20, or really whenever the next maintenance is. It's the next stage in basic leveling powercreep.

--- The Basics ---
- Any Lv99 characters that participate in battle will each gain 1 Magia EXP per battle, regardless of the battle's difficulty.
- Magia EXP is not split, so 5 Lv99 characters will gain 5 total Magia EXP for one fight, or in other words 1 EXP each.
- Magia EXP accumulate into Magia Levels, and each Level counts as 1 point.
- Magia points can be used to boost that character's attributes.
- You may reset a character's Magia distribution at any time with no cost, using a Reset button in the top-right. However, there is a cooldown period of 14 days before you are allowed to do so again.

--- The Magia Crystals ---
- Each character has 12 Magia Crystals with 2 attributes each.
- These 24 attributes can be boosted by up to 100 points each.
(The 100 point cap may be raised in the future, but JP has not done so to date.)

Fire: Fire Boost / Fire Resistance
Ice: Ice Boost / Ice Resistance
Lightning: Lightning Boost / Lightning Resistance
Earth: Earth Boost / Earth Resistance
Wind: Wind Boost / Wind Resistance
Water: Water Boost / Water Resistance
Holy: Holy Boost / Holy Resistance
Dark: Dark Boost / Dark Resistance
Bio: Bio Boost / Bio Resistance
Power: ATK Boost / DEF Boost
Black: MAG Boost / RES Boost
White: MND Boost / HP Boost
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 years ago#2
--- Magia Boost Mechanics ---

A visual guide if you prefer, credits to Enlir and ElNino_FR:

-- Elemental boosts --
+0.1% per point, +10% at 100 points. This value uses the decimal place.

- This stacks additively inside the usual factor: (Field + Attach + Equip + Elem boost + Elem Break + Magia Elem Atk).
- Because of that math, the boost will generally be considerably less than the supposed expected percent. The more boosting sources you have, the less effective it will be.

[Personal opinion: The elemental boost is relatively minor, and becomes even less noticeable as you add other boosting sources. Functional at least, but a low priority.]

-- Elemental resistance --
+0.1% per point, +10% at 100 points. This value is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

- This does not stack with other sources of elemental resistance, such as accessories. Rather, the highest value wins.
- 1 point is enough to cancel out an inherent equipment weakness. For example, 1 point in Water Resistance will cancel out the Gigas Armlets' weakness to Water.

[Personal opinion: Almost completely useless, since resist accessories are much stronger (moderate resist is 30%) and will overwrite the Magia resistance. In particular, the Dark Odin accessories down the line will completely obsolete this category. Nonetheless, you can and should take advantage of the cheap weakness cancelling as needed. Functionally, you'll probably only ever need it for covering the Gigas Armlet's Water weakness, since you're rather less likely to use (or have to worry about) the other weakness equipment to begin with.]

-- Stats --
ATK/MAG/MND/DEF/RES: +1 per point, +100 at 100 points.
HP: +5 per point, +500 at 100 points.

[Personal opinion: These are fairly respectable numbers, so probably focus on ATK/MAG/MND/HP before anything else, and possibly HP first. DEF/RES are lower priority simply because they're less useful stats, due to how Wall/Proshellga and piercing attacks work.]

ElNino_FR posted this a while back, and I consider it to be fairly good advice:
If you want something that can universally work in order of priority for me :

- 100 into ATK or MATK (if main stat)
- 100 in HP
- 100 in MND (if healer)
- 100 in Elemental ATK (the one related)
- 1 into all Elemental DEF
- 100 in DEF or MDEF (lowest one)
- 100 in DEF or MDEF (highest one)
- everything else

So to take 2 examples :
Maria : 100 MATK -> 100 HP -> 100 Earth ATK -> 1 All Elem DEF -> 100 DEF -> 100 MDEF -> whatever
Rosa : 100 HP -> 100 MND -> 1 all Elem DEF -> 100 DEF -> 100 MDEF -> whatever

The only part I don't really agree with is worrying about 1 in all Elem DEF, since you ultimately won't need most of them and should just place them as needed instead. But that's quite minor at only 1 point each so whatever. The rest seems really sound.

Edit: Alternately, as noted by SolitaireD below, HP will become more important as enemies deal more and more damage, and being able to survive 9999-damage attacks after the Ward nerf can be particularly helpful. So possibly focus on HP first regardless, even over ATK/MAG, with the primary goal being bringing everybody over 10,000 HP. HP is subtle, but is and will always be important.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 years ago#3
--- Magia Levels ---
Magia EXP per level:
Lv 1~9: 1
Lv 10~19: 2
Lv 20~34: 3
Lv 35~54: 4
Lv 55~79: 5
Lv 80~104: 6
Lv 105~129: 7
Lv 130~164: 8
Lv 165~300: 9
Lv 301~325: 10
Lv 326~349: 11
Lv 350~500: 12
Lv 501~600: 13
Lv 601~999: 14
Lv 1000~2400: 15-17 [exact spread unknown]

Lv2400 is the effective maximum, though the Magia Levels do keep climbing past that.

Example battle requirements:
Lv100: 399 battles
Lv200: 1199 battles
Lv300: 2099 battles
Lv400: 3233 battles
Lv500: 4433 battles
Lv600: 5732 battles
Lv700: 7131 battles
Lv800: 8531 battles
Lv900: 9931 battles
Lv1000: 11331 battles
Lv2400: ~32000-35000 battles

That first list comes from Altema, and the second from my own calculations based on those. Frankly some of the number ranges look a little odd, but I can't really verify the accuracy. As such there may be multiple minor errors, but these values should be close at least.

--- Magia Farming ---
Here's the glaring problem: Those numbers are huge. You'd have to farm Magia a LOT to get anywhere meaningful.

There are basically two options for hard grinding this:
1) Fabul Castle, classic realm dungeon: 1 stamina for a 1-stage fight. The preferred option if only interested in Magia EXP.
2) Newcomer Dungeons, any realm 1st stage: 2 stamina for a 3-stage fight. Slower and poorer EXP per stamina. However, it also drops 1* equipment fodder for Sacred Weapons, so you can multitask here.

But, to farm even 200-300 Magia levels manually would probably represent a severe lapse in sanity, or perhaps cause one... Each EXP would take, what about a minute? 200 levels would be like 20 hours of farming, give or take. For 5 characters, sure, but still.

Frankly there are only two reasonable options here: Ignore Magia pretty much altogether (at least for higher values, anyway), or macro it. So yeah, you may want to set up macros for farming Fabul. Ultimately I know nothing about macros, so somebody else would have to figure that out.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 years ago#4
Lastly, note that in order to access the Magia menu in the first place, it appears you have to earn at least 1 Magia point for at least 1 character first. That's how it was when I tried using it in JP.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: KnightLordST

2 years ago#5
Maybe multitask D220 Raid as well for efficient Gysahl farming while getting Magia. Boring but greens are very cost-efficient way of getting crystals.

What elemental boost to prioritize for i.e. Bartz first?

User Info: kwonshin

2 years ago#6
Almost half a year and there isn't any adjustment on Magia mechanic. I take it DeNA happy enough with how they implement this slow grind fest. I know I ain't gonna manually clicking 1 Stamina battle over and over.
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User Info: DrChia

2 years ago#7
No. God no. The nightmare of FFBE is returning.
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User Info: Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean 3
2 years ago#8
DrChia posted...
No. God no. The nightmare of FFBE is returning.

There's no nightmare here. It's just bonus stats for free.

There needs to be a PSA here telling people that grinding endlessly for Magia points isn't necessary.

User Info: Silfurbor_Negla

2 years ago#9
Sounds awful, kinda like ffbe tmr farming lol
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User Info: SolitaireD

2 years ago#10
Focus on HP first.

Try to let everyone have 10000 HP at least.
So that you can survive the non-Overstrike attacks boss uses.
With the Wards nerf, you'll see more bosses damaging you for 9999.

ATK/MAG stat just helps for the first few seconds of the fight where buff/SBs are still being prepard. ATK softcap is already low especially when you factor in Magicite Passives.
Elemental boost's value will reduce over time as more powercreep, fight mechanics, new elemental stuff diminishes the boost.

So yeah, HP as main priority for the long run.
My healers still need 3 HP Boons after max Water & Magia.
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