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User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#111
Managed to get to 100% in 46.30s with just Sarah BSB a while back, thanks to inspiration from Sporadicles. The key was to skip to skip the P3T4 Incubus Round Edge, then be willing to lose the least important character or two while the best DPSers finished things. Having both Master's and WoL's AOSBs definitely helped.

Master also had his SSB and LMR, Meia had her LMR and OSB, and 4* Matoya chipped in a little with no relics, just Hastega and Voltech. I might have the DPS for sub-30 with no-relics LDs for Matoya and Thief, also incorporating dark mage Garland with his DC LMR and GSB and keeping Master, but I feel like Sarah might not be able to build gauge fast enough for her BSB to be enough healing.
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Decided to make an attempt on the d??? after getting Sarah's USB1 earlier with my party of her, Thief, Echo, Meia, and Matoya. Managed to get Garland down 62%. Not bad, but not as good as I was expecting.
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User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#113
So I went a little Artifact crazy here, since the finish line for Torments is in sight for me... and luckily, it all worked out, with just 2 more sub-30s to go now that I have Garland down in 29.79s. With Sarah BSB as my only medica.

Everyone had an Artifact in fact, with three of them being FFI Artifacts -- Matoya got the MAG staff, Thief got the dagger, and Master got the fist. Garland was using the FFIII MAG dagger, and Sarah was using the FFT-0 MND dagger. That helped make up for neither Matoya nor Thief having any relics.

PD Garland / GSB + DC LMR / R5 Necro Countdown + R3 Memento Mori / +40% darkness ability dmg RM / single dark boost / moderate earth resist with +15 MAG
LD Matoya / no relics used / R3 Chilling Blizzard + R3 Hastega / Gathering Storm / double ice boost / moderate earth + fire resist
PD Sarah / BSB / R3 Shellga + R3 Protectga / Mako Might / moderate earth + fire resist
LD Thief / no relics used / R5 Fire Assault + R3 Steal Power / +40% thief dmg RM / double fire boost / moderate earth + fire resist
LD Master / SSB + AOSB + LMR / R3 Ironfist Fire + R3 Meteor Crush / +30% weakness damage RM / double fire boost / major fire resist
Bonds of Historia as RW
Belias (+L20 ATK Boon, +L15 Empower Fire) as main magicite; Ark (+L15 MND Boon, +L15 Empower Dark) and Madeen x3 (+L8 HP Boon x2, +L8 Blade Ward x2, +L20 MAG Boon) as subs

The key here seemed to be recasting the chain early, got it on my very first try once I did that. Master was able to just about cap his AOSB that way, and it prevented some more awkward chain refreh timing. Either way, I had to be on point with my inputs. Toggling into abilities-only Auto probably helps.

Master got the major fire resist to keep him alive until Sarah could heal him with Cmd1, and he got Crystal Waters in DEF and RES to help with that, too. Other than Phase 1, I don't think I saw more than 2-3 moves per phase, so most of the moves don't hurt that much besides the P4T1 Incubus Soul of Chaos.

Approximate turn order:
Garland: MM -> NC -> GSB -> NC x2 -> GSB -> NC x2 -> GSB -> NC x2
Matoya: Hastega -> RW -> CB x3 -> RW -> Belias -> CB x3
Sarah: BSB -> Protectga -> Shellga -> Cmd1 spam, renewing BSB after P2T1 Ultimate Earthquake and once more when needed
Thief: Steal Power -> Fire Assaults, renewing Steal Power once (ideally to keep Garland's ATK debuffed, but in this run he cast Ultimate Round Edge to overwrite my second Steal Power, yet I managed to survive by the narrowest of margins on P4T1)
Master: Ironfist Fire x2 -> Meteor Crush -> SSB -> IF x4 -> AOSB

Everyone's synergy baseline stats:
Garland 9350 HP / 347 DEF / 337 RES / 574 MAG
Matoya 7255 HP / 293 DEF / 365 RES / 937 MAG
Sarah 6801 HP / 381 DEF / 477 RES / 705 MND
Thief 8867 HP / 310 DEF / 306 RES / 906 ATK
Master 8676 HP / 324 DEF / 316 RES / 979 ATK
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User Info: Cuticrusader09

3 weeks ago#114
Whew. Another D??? sub 30 today.

Got an artifact staff & dived Master

Master: usb, Lmr, full dive, ironfist fire, gathering storm
Meia: aosb& Bsb, full dive, chain waterja, dreamguide
Sarah: USB2, full dive, holyja, Acm, mako might
Matoya: Bsb, full dive, lunatic thunder, shellga, bolt from above
Echo: usb & bsb2, Lmr, almost full dive, chain thundaja, dr Mog

Quetzalcoatl as a main magicite

Lots of luck on Matoya dual casting at the right time.

Only 6 more to sub 30 (2,3,10,12,13 & 15)
zkUj - Cloud USB
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User Info: tryforce

3 weeks ago#115
I really need to start doing these.

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 week ago#116
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