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User Info: Gainerama

1 month ago#151
Finally beat this guy at 1:08, wasn’t graceful or quick but had to resort to defensive approach.
RW realm chain
Magicite- BK , madeen, seraph, Phoenix, madeen

Curilla - shellga, curaja (usb1) dmt rm
Shantotto LD - lunatic thunder r4, hell thunder r4 (bsb, usb) +40% lighting boost - 30% lighting dmg rm
Aphmau- hastega, curada (bsb) mako might rm
Prishe- protectga, curaja (ssb) - ace striker rm
Ayame LD - snowspell strike, hailstorm (bsb, osb) +40% ice boost - 30% swd dmg rm

Aphmau was slow and her bsb alone was not able to keep up. Was forced to sacrifice both Curilla and Prishe into healers to compensate. If I had Aphmau usb then I could be more aggressive but until then oh well.

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#152

User Info: ffrkowaway

4 weeks ago#153
Bump for impending Shantotto AASBs

User Info: ffrkowaway

2 weeks ago#154
I assume some Shantotto AASBs will show up eventually

User Info: Palaxius01

2 weeks ago#155
29.24 sec clear on D???

RW: Chain
Magicite: Madeen

Ayame BSB,SSB/LM2,LMR2/Scolar's boon
Frost-Touched Blade

Memento Mori+Lunatic Thunder

Prishe USB1/SSB/LM2/
Lifesiphon+Spark Rush


Curilla USB,BSB/4*dive/MM
Protectga+Healing Smite

AASB really helped on this one, since it's the only source of en-lightning for Shantotto, as well as the only source of doublecast for her since the triplecast lmr never proc'ed even once.

Shantotto casts memento mori on herself so she can trance asap. She casts AOSB before chain gets recasted again.

Countered the AOE haste removal by using Alphmau USB and Ayame SSB. Last stand and major regen provided by Prishe SSB.

Ayame, Prishe and Curilla on dps duty. Prishe USB later for ability double and dps, Ayame and Curilla BSB for extra damage.
Got this done at 53 seconds

Curilla - USB - Healing Smite, Shellga
Shantotto - BSB - Chain Thundaja, Voltech
Prishe - SSB - Gaia Rush, Protectga
Apmau - USB - Curada, Hastega
Ayame - BSB - Ice Touched Blade, Hail Storm

RW - Chain Realm
Magicite - Manticore (Madeen 3x with wards, attack and magic boon, plus 1 Phoenix with health boon)

- Shanttoto i only have BSB. So no witch magic for me, Chain Thundaja will do. No doublecast or anything but its pretty much 5x 9999 pretty turn after using his BSB (enlighting).

- Curilla. Radiant Shield duty, with shellga and healing smite

- Prishe - SSB duty :) Mako Might from the start, but i used Protectga first, then SSB for safety last stand and also heal. After that just use Monk ability and recast SSB when needed.

- Aphmau - Simple. Curada Curada and heal. and USB when needed. I also combined the insta cast for Prishe's SSB on standby, so when i want to use Prishe's ssb next, it would be instant

- Main DPS = AYAME. With just BSB and Legend dived (dual samurai), and the 6* ability samurai skill (Ice Touched Blade) she caps 9999 every time. Really nice. I also have her OSB, but i never used it. Ayame also equip a Ice Sword Artifact weapon for ice boost.

Update Torment D??? Mastered (2nd July 2019) :

FF3, FF4 (sub 30), FF5, FF7 (sub 30), FF8, FF9, FF11, FF13, FF14, FF15 (sub 30), FFT (sub 30), FFT:0 (12 out 17).

User Info: towelrack

2 weeks ago#157
Shantotto AASB ftw, and Lens Shop for Prishe SSB for sub-30

Prishe: Ironfist Ice R4, Protectga / SSB / LMR / Ace Striker / Ice Boost x2
Shantotto: Chain Thundaja R4, Lunatic Thunder R4 / AASB / LMR3, LMR1 / Gathering Storm / Lit Boost x2, +Mag Lit Art.
Lilisette: Flash Disaster R4, Ripper Bolt R4 / USB / 4* dive / MM / Lit Boost x2
Aphmau: Curada R4, Shellga / USB / LMR / DMT
Ayame: Hailstorm R3, Iai Hellfrost R3 / BSB / LM1, LM2 / Wings Unfurled / Ice Boost x2 +Phys Ice Art.

RW: Chain
MM: Famfrit Subs: Madeen, Madeen, Lakshmi, BK

I don't think Shantotto ever got a triplecast off, so really any other LM would work for her. Lilisette builds chain super fast, and her USB softens the boss up for Shantotto. Prishe provides the last stand and support heals, while Ayame does decent damage while also building chain.
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Sporadicles

2 weeks ago#158

Fest gave me Shantotto's AOSB, which led me to try this sub-30 next. I did dive Prishe too. If I made 6* abilities for Ayame and Shantotto the time would be better. And I must admit to being quite lucky with my realm gear, having a number of useful tools for the fight.

Curilla: R3 Shellga/R4 Healing Smite; SSB/USB; DMT; 2x holy boost, moderate dark resist
LD Shantotto: R4 Chain Thundaja/R4 Hell Thunder; LMR1/USB/AOSB; Witch's Cackle; 2x lightning boost, moderate dark/poison resist
LD Prishe: R4 Fires Within/R4 Ironfist Fire; SSB; Gathering Storm; 2x fire boost, moderate dark/lightning resist
Aphmau: R3 Protectga/R4 Lunar Dragon; USB; MM; moderate resist all elements
LD Ayame: R4 Warring Frost/R2 Freezing Moon; BSB/OSB; Truthseeker; 2x ice boost/major dark resist

Magicite: Belias (Empower Fire 15 x2), Famfrit (Blade Ward 8/Health Boon 8), Manticore (Empower Ice 15/Precise Strikes 10), Madeen (Magic Boon 20 x2), Madeen (Attack Boon 20 x2)

Shantotto, Prishe and Ayame had 100 magia in their main offensive stat. Curilla had 30. (Edit - Prishe only had 30.) The Magicite was not summoned.

Timing was important near the start. I was hoping that Shantotto's LMR would proc but it didn't. And now for a bumbling recollection of the order of events.

Curilla - Shellga, USB, Healing Smite into SSB, Healing Smite into SSB etc. Oh and instantly recast Chain after Aphmau's second USB.

Shantotto - Thundajas until enough bar. Cast USB immediately after trancing, which triggers from second Kick Back. Witch spells until empty, then AOSB, then one more Thundaja.

Prishe - Chain, 2x Ironfist, delay a bit so Fires Within heals just after Healing Smite (so Totto will trance). From there SSB when enough gauge, otherwise Ironfists.

Aphmau - USB, cast Protectga just after the first Kick Back. Then Lunar Dragon until enough bar for USB, but delay that USB until just after the haste removal. More Lunar Dragons, using USB one more time when summons depleted, which is a few seconds before the 30 second mark.

Ayame - Freezing Moon, then Warring Frosts into BSB, more Warring Frosts, instant casting OSB near the end.
(edited 2 weeks ago)
Poverty sub 30:

Prishe - SSB
Aphmau - BSB
Zeid - nothing! (Dark mage build)
Shantotto - USB
Ayame - SSB

Will post the details if anyone is interested.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

11 minutes ago#160
D??? Shadow Lord - 100%, mastery, 39.55s.

Zeid - R4 Demon's Cross, R3 Dread Weapon / Gathering Storm, endark LMR (2 Dark boosts)
Curilla (USB) - R4 Healing Smite, Shellga / Mako Might (2 Holy boosts)
Shantotto (USB) - R4 Lunatic Thunder, R3 Hell Thunder / Witch's Cackle, LM2 (2 Lightning boosts)
Aphmau (USB) - R4 Curada, Protectga / DMT
Prishe (SSB) - R4 Flash Disaster, R4 Ironfist Fire / Ace Striker (2 Fire boosts)
RW: Bonds of Historia
Magi: Phoenix, Madeen x2, Ark, Behemoth King
Dark resists on everyone, major resist on Shantotto. I put Shantotto in the front row and lowered her DEF so that she could get trance off the first attack.

Okay, it took a while to get this setup, but it's pretty simple. Shantotto takes 8000+ damage and trances turn 1, and is basically most the DPS here with her USB. With Zeid, Curilla, and Curilla's radiant pitching in where they can. Aphmau and Prishe keeping everyone alive, with Flash Disaster+Ace Striker on Prishe for fast SB gauge generation. (I have Prishe's USB1, but it doesn't do much damage, and bad things start happening to my party if I waste her SSBs.) Aphmau's instacasts help quite a bit, and I save one use for after the phase 2 Ultimate Damning Edict.

I also have Shantotto's triplecast LMR equipped, but it didn't trigger even once in this run. I think I might be able to sub30 if I can get 2 triplecasts in the same run, or if it procs once with perfect timing to let me skip Shadow Lord's physical immunity. I'm not positive though, and at 10% odds per proc, that's pure RNG hunting... (I also have her enlightning LMR, but she still hits pretty hard without it, so it's wasteful if I get even 1 triplecast.)

Note that Shantotto is the only one dived here. Because, well, all their dives kind of suck. But their half-dives might be enough to help. I also have Ayame's SSB, but I'm not sure if she's better than Zeid or Curilla.

I feel like there is a sub30 here though, I just need to fish it out somehow. My DPS predictably falls off hard at ~25s, since Shantotto's trance and Zeid's endark wear off, so maybe it wouldn't really take that much.
What a fuddy duddy.
(edited 8 minutes ago)
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