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  3. Are you pulling for the last three Torment realms?

User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

4 weeks ago#1
Which realms are you pulling on? - Results (109 votes)
None of these
66.06% (72 votes)
Just XI
5.5% (6 votes)
Just I
4.59% (5 votes)
Just II
2.75% (3 votes)
XI and I
7.34% (8 votes)
XI and II
0% (0 votes)
I and II
1.83% (2 votes)
All three
11.93% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
These are arguably the rarest realms so most of us probably lack even the basic tools for a standard Torment team.

Are you planning any pulls when they drop or just keep hoarding for 4A?

User Info: raoxi

4 weeks ago#2
No rush to obtain more ruby so why the hurry. Unless you have a sub30 capable team already then is worth going in once and for all finish one up.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

4 weeks ago#3
I'm thinking none of them. It is tempting to shore up rare synergy, but I feel like they're all slightly middling banners, at least for me. Not particularly bad but not truly great either imo.

(And it's true that my teams in those realms could maybe use some work, but what else is new lol.)
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

4 weeks ago#4
Absolutely not. I don't like any of their characters that much to want their stuff.
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User Info: FedEx_Corp

4 weeks ago#5
I have finished 5x D450 Torments, and I have bought all the 6* skills with FF-0 new rubies.
They give out so many rubies that I will just need to finish probably another 5x more to get every future 6* skills.

User Info: KnightLordST

4 weeks ago#6
There are no future events for these 3 realms up to current foresight.

I think FF1 has the best quality banner out of the 3. Sarah BUSB is very good, but its not very good for entrust strategies cause u can't really entrust feed it when you need an extra turn to cast an ability. So its more for torment than overall.

What do u think overall of the banner and torment design TC?

User Info: Cryptogram

4 weeks ago#7
I'm saving for Y4A. I'll only pull if my outcome is good, or there is something I want. E.g. Bartz USB3
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User Info: DrChia

4 weeks ago#8
Yes on 1 and 11.

1 since, outside of WoL and Garland, there hasn’t been much in the way of FF1 stuff since I began so I need to shore up my coverage. Plus, it has the only actual healer usb. Gonna throw a few pulls hoping for Meia and Sarah stuff, possibly Echo as well, but the banner isn’t good enough to chase far.

11 for pretty much the same reason. I have next to nothing for the realm since it’s been so long for it to be featured. Only pulling on banner 1 since I have a full Shantotto. Hoping to grab enough stuff to have some semblance of a lit team (Lilisette and Prishe usb) plus Aphmau usb, which is the one of the only current healer usbs I’m missing. Again, crappy realm means it’s probably not worth chasing, but they still haven’t gotten another event in JP.

2 is a pass. They just had a half decent banner recently and I used that opportunity to score Firion usb/aosb, Hilda usb and Emperor usb2. Combined with Maria stuff, I feel confident that my team is good enough for t2.
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User Info: Ultimaphazon

4 weeks ago#9
I'm pretty good for XI and II, so 280 should be in the bag for those, probably even 50% on D???.

I might consider a draw on I, since I'm pretty poor there, and the banner actually looks pretty nice. On the other hand, I'm not dying for more rubies right now, and waiting for more powercreep is probably the smarter move.
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User Info: KnightLordST

4 weeks ago#10
Is a full Shantotto alone enough for XI sub30? Have her AoSB, USB, triplecast and everything else. And Aphmau USB, everything else is old
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