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User Info: KnightLordST

2 months ago#1
Curious to know what your wishlists are for the 4th Anniversary Prizes. I know its still early but plans often change due to foresight or change of heart.

List your top 10 relics to acquire for 4A:



1) Tidus AASB
2) Bartz AASB
3) Sephiroth AASB
4) Faris Chain
5) Celes Chain
6) Zidane AASB
7) Celes USB2
8) Celes Lmr2
9) Terra AASB
10) Kain AASB

User Info: DrChia

2 months ago#2
All the aasb
Other stuff


Kidding aside, other than the aasb, which are obviously priorities, I’d also like Raines and Golbez new usb
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

2 months ago#3
Terra AASB
Bartz AASB
Anything else
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User Info: zibba1331

2 months ago#4
Bartz x10
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User Info: Target_Master

2 months ago#5
My answer.... AASB's

.....everyone elses answer.... AASB's.

....lol, I honestly feel like most people will be happy to get one, but Bartz's/Terra's are top since they hit the most elements between physical/magic
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User Info: LowFatSardine

2 months ago#6
Tidus/Bartz AASB

I’m not too worried about Terra’s since I’m almost sure I’ll get it in the Dissidia event chasing after Lightning stuff.

User Info: sarothias

2 months ago#7
Included Dissidia in mine:

1. Terra AASB
2. Cid Raines AASB
3. Bartz AASB
4. Zidane AASB
5. Celes USB2
6. Tidus AASB
7. Cid Raines USB2
8. Golbez CSB
9. Golbez LMR2
10. Golbez USB2
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User Info: tomasmk2003

2 months ago#8
Aasb stuff Faris chain. See no reason for cels chain. You want her doing dps full time not be a chain owner. Laguna chain serves better. Celes get a lot of toys no reason to waste bar using chain.
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User Info: Axel7174

2 months ago#9
DrChia posted...
All the aasb


Plenty of other things too, varying in degrees of "want-ness"

Definitely want: Laguna USB2, Raines AOSB, Raines USB2, Alphinaud CSB, Rosa USB2, Vincent CSB

Interested in: Celes USB2, Shadow USB2, Vaan USB3, Edward CSB

Kinda want but not crazy: Celes CSB, Cloud AOSB2, Cloud USB3, Shantotto AOSB
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User Info: m0rningstar

2 months ago#10
Tidus Terra Bartz AASBs

Lightning and ice chains
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