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User Info: Ktc

1 month ago#211
I was so afraid of this realm because I have options but not the best ones.

Decided to go with mage team... Ace BSB2/enfire LMR, Deuce USB1, Sice BSB/endark LMR, Seven USB, Rem USB1.
Farmed up 85-110 magia for the bunch, made a +dark dagger for Sice, picked Rem's USB1 from Lens Shop, killed my spirit/wisdom stash and the result was a 32s clear within 2 tries, the first one being 98%.

I believe this could sub30 with a little more good w-cast RNG and maybe using excess gauge towards Ace's OSB, which I own but not used. Also, Seven died at one point and was revived by Deuce so her not being hasted was a loss of DPS.

This was my last untouched torment and now only I and III remain uncleared.
If anyone needs details on the setup, I'm around.

User Info: Target_Master

4 weeks ago#212
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User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#213



(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Summoner_Sage

2 weeks ago#214
"How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist.."
Zenith || Winterfrost || FFRK - 3mNf

User Info: fepnascimento

2 weeks ago#215
Still can't beat it so far...

Deuce USB1, BSB1
Rem USB1, BSB1
Nine BSB
Sice BSB
Machina BSB

Anything on Lenses that would help? I was thinking Ace USB and King USB... or wait until new ones are added (when btw?)

Dunno how far next T-0 banner is also...
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/fnascimento99 PSN = fepnascimento2

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#216
sorry for the late vid but i had to upload then download in order for my program to accept the video then add song and upload :p vid date is 2 weeks ago

(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Smealiko

3 days ago#217
Rawrrr my last sub30 D??? 17/17

Damn it feels good :D

Slice nothing
Cater nothing
Deuce USB1,BSB

Pt setup https://imgur.com/a/OZWLbYm
(edited 3 days ago)

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

3 days ago#218
@Smealiko 2 sb’less characters. Wow, I had jack usb in mine and it was close.
FF fan since NES
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User Info: xypheral

2 days ago#219

LD Queen (BSB) - R3 Flash Disaster, R4 6* Lightning Celerity - DMG+
LD Cinque - Battery - Ace Striker
LD Deuce (USB3) - Hastega, R4 Curada - TGM
LD Machina (USB) - Grace, R5 Inferno Assault - DMG+
LD Rem (AASB, LMR) - Shellga, R4 Holyja - DMG+

i cursed the game when i obtained Rem's LMR a year or 2 ago...but lol...it found its use now...random follow up hit for 19999 was cute...

i've been taking the lazy way out of using AASB and plug and play for torment sub30....must salute those of you guys who sub30 using pre-AASB techs....hard work and dedication....i am just pure laziness......lol....
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