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Cleared this with 2 healer (Arc SSB and Aria USB) as i cant clear it with just one healer somehow...52 seconds clear, but a clear is still a clear...mastered :)

Arc - SSB1 SSB2 - Curada Shellga
Desch - USB - Chain Thudaja, Chain Thundaga
OK - BSB (lol, i have no mUSB :/) - Voltech Entrust
Aria - USB BSB - Ultra Cure Reraise
Cloud of Darkness - USB - Necro Countdown, Dire Heal

RW : chain realm
Magicite : Quetz (sub phoenix 2x, madeen 2x)

Some notes while i still remember lol.

Aria - Immediately ultra cure desch, then healing duy.
Arc - Curada, shellga, and ssb to heal when needed
OK BSB then Voltech and entrust to healer (either arc or aria)
Desch - Chain Thundaga/Thundaja into USB then repeat all the way
CoD - Dire Heal about 4x, USB, then Necro Count down after USB.

Recast ok BSB/shellga etc after 30 seconds (cuz i cant sub 30 it so i have to play it slowly haha). I've also used "Reraise" to Aria to *auto revive* her during phase 4 death move, but it didnt really help as she didnt have haste so she move very slow :( She managed to get 1 turn or two before finally dead again.

Last phase is the hardest for me because i have to fight with just 4 party after Aria is down, i have to retry many times because i run out of juice....finally got lucky when all the stars aligned, and both OK and Desch double casted their magic for two turns in a row leaving it just 1% HP...OK then died, so CoD then finished it off with dark attack. Phew. lol

I think i can clear this faster with some relics (like artifacts and also OK mUSB, which i'm gonna get from the lens shop as i have 1000 lv3 lenses) but for now, this will have to do.
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User Info: Sporadicles

1 month ago#182
27.49. This one was hard. The team had enough damage but healing was a struggle. I bought my first Anima Lens relic with Arc's SSB, as his BSB could not keep up with the damage. Even then there were tons of attempts before the sub-30. As always RNG with procs made each attempt feel different. But I thought I had a chance and eventually managed it.

LD OK: R4 Chain Firaja/R4 Entrust; LMR1/mUSB; DMT; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/earth resist
LD Luneth: R2 Cyclone Bolt/R4 Sky High; USB1/AOSB; Spear of Gran Pulse; 2x wind boost, moderate fire/earth resist
CoD: R4 Dire Heal/R4 Necro Countdown; BSB1/USB; MM; 2x dark boost, moderate ice/earth resist
LD Desch; R4 Chain Thundaja; USB; Scholar's Boon; 2x lightning boost, moderate fire/earth resist
Arc: R3 Shellga/R4 Curada; SSB; Gathering Storm; moderate ice/earth resist

Magicite: Phoenix (Spell Ward 8, Health Boon 8), Siren (Healing Boon 10, Spell Ward 8), Typhon (Empower Wind 15, Attack Boon 20), Madeen (Health Boon 8, Fast Act 10), Madeen (Magic Boon 20 x2)

All dps had 100 magia in main offensive stat. OK was using a fully augmented magic realm dagger.

I got Desch's USB from the 15 mythril Realm Draw and thought it would work well with OK's pUSB, allowing the team to fast cast continually. In order to do this OK casts his USB after the mages start casting their first spell. This means Desch can fast cast his USB when he has enough bar. After his first USB cast OK focuses on damage and entrusting Arc.

User Info: towelrack

1 month ago#183
Here's a sub-30 team. Just gotta say, thanks @Sporadicles for listing your resist accessory setup, that really streamlined setting up my own team.

Arc: Holyja R5 / USB1 / LM1, LM2 / MM / Holy Boost x2
Luneth: Cyclone Bolt R2, Sky High R4 / USB1, AOSB / LMR(en-wind), LM2 / World Traveler / Wind Boost x2
Desch: Voltech R5, Chain Thundaja R4 / USB / 3.33* dived / Bolt from Above / Lit Boost x2
Aria: Curada R4, Shellga / USB / LMR1, LMR2 / Gathering Storm
OK: Chain Tornado R4 / mUSB, USB3 / LMR, LM(sorc) / DMT / Wind Boost x2

RW: Chain
MM: Typhon (+15Wind, +15Wind) Subs: Madeen (+8HP, +8HP), Madeen (+20Atk, +20Mag), Famfrit (+8SW, +10DF), Syldra (+15Mnd, +10DE)

It took a while to figure out the precise order of inputs, but the real kicker was putting in Syldra for the dampen earth (previously I had Lakshmi for dampening dark), and that seemed to make all the difference for my team to make it through that last 20%. Those Incubus Quakes are no joke, which is also partially why I had Typhon in the main slot, to help reduce the incoming earth damage a little more yet. I was able to succeed on the first try with Syldra, thankfully. Also I ran out of 4* Vit motes for Desch, fully diving him probably would've streamlined everything too, but I also don't really see using him outside of this torment, and now pretty much never again.

User Info: Sporadicles

1 month ago#184

I'm glad I helped. And grats :)

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 month ago#185
No resist all accessory except 1

Lets see what they can do soon today

User Info: Cuticrusader09

1 month ago#186
Got my sub 30 finally.

Ingus aasb -earthbringer & lifesiphon, full dive
Luneth usb1& aosb - sky high & cyclone bolt, full dive
Arc - Ssb curada & shellga, full dive
Refia -usb & Lmr ironfist fire, full dive
Onion knight - realm chain & usb3. & Lmr, chain tornado & hastega, mage dive

Played around most of the day until I got this. Onion has dr Mog, but holds off casting the chain until the turn before everyone has their usb or aasb ready. Then he casts chain & then his usb3. Hope for double casts from him and Refia.

Main magicite was Slydra.
RW is the heal. Used all casts of it plus an Ssb from Arc.
zkUj - Cloud USB

User Info: drg3

1 month ago#187
Was finally able to beat this with Ingus AASB, although without rosa/aerith/elarra for support, waiting for him to take turns is like watching paint to dry. Had to go too defensive on magicite and entrusting arc to sub-30, but was 34:98, so not too bad.
Also did better with slow start of popping okpusb and shellga after luneth lands on turn2, which costs a couple seconds.

Refia usb, lmr, glint
Luneth bsb, osb, lmr (ssb)
Ingus aasb, lmr (bsb1, bsb2, usb) [odin accessory]
OK Pusb, lmr (musb, osb, ssb, bsb, lmr2)
Arc ssb, lmr (bsb1, ssb2, usb)

Refia’s AOSB would really help (or at least luneths)

Just FFI to beat now. Will probably try an off-realm on it sometime soon and see how it goes.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#188
Got to 83% with CoD USB, Luneth USB1/Glint/AOSB, OK mUSB/USB3, Ingus USB, Aria USB. (For this strat, I also have OK AOSB and Ingus CSB, but didn't use them.)

This one doesn't seem too bad? This team has some nice potential, and lots of chases to build the realm chain. They struggled mainly with Dragoon/Knight hones, and a little bit with the hardest-hitting attacks. Though with powercreep in play, Ahriman is more tolerable than I remember.

I feel like I could sub30 this with the upcoming Gaia Strike and Hurricane Bolt abilities, and preferably Dark Odin's accessories to help soak up Tornado, Quake, and Drain. It might be close though. I'll wait a bit for this one.
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: zibba1331

4 weeks ago#190
Said to myself FFIII was up next, and i figured no time like the present. 26.49 mastery on the first shot. Less impressive due to my bday present ingus AASB but oh well 😬

Ingus: USB, AASB; gaia cross, earthbringer; TGM
Luneth: USB2, AOSB; cyclone bolt, sky high; ace striker
Arc: bUSB; shellga, curada; DMT
Refia: USB, AOSB; ironfist fire; scholars boon
OK: pUSB; entrust, flash disaster; mako

RW: chain
Magicite: L99 typhon, L99 belias, L99 adamantoise, L99 madeen x2
+element gear x2 on all but arc; matched up the resist accessories to the slots

Never summoned magicite in this one. Luneth jumps to skip the petrify; i had OK wait until he landed to drop the pUSB but i forgot to hold shellga and so luneth didnt have it (forgot to cast it again later) and so he died right near the end (incubus quake ate his last stand but no one elses). OK got back up to about a bar and then entrusted to ingus; ingus built up then went USB/AASB. Luneth and refia got up USBs...OK used the chain around the time that all of the SBs were dropping. Ahriman didnt last long once things got rolling.

Luneth and refia AOSBs basically finished him off.
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