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User Info: Smealiko

4 weeks ago#171
Bump another sub30 D???
Cloud of Darkness BSB1 Memento Mori, Necro Countdown Cursed power Tetra Elemental
Desch nothing Spellbend Etude, Chain Thundaja Scholar's Boon Gigas Armlet
Arc USB1,USB2 Curada, Holyja DMT Inferno Bangle
Aria BSB Ultra cure, Allegro con Motto Gathering Storm Inferno Bangle
OK mUSB,AOSB Chain Firaga MM Gigas Armlet

Quezacolt, Phoenix, Deathgaze, Madeen, Madeen.
(message deleted)

User Info: bennex

4 weeks ago#173
And done. 5 left. 40.56s
Everyone between 10 and 80 Magia points to main stat. Every Fire Attack is a free turn thanks to Aria's USB. The biggest difficulty was keeping Onion alive in Phase 3.

Arc, LMR, SSB (LD): Curada R5 + Hastega; Ace Striker (Major Wind Resist, Minor Earth Resist)
Desch, BSB (LD): Chain Thundaja R5; Damage against Weakness+ (2 Lightning Boosts, Fire/Wind Resist)
Onion, USB3 (LD): Chain Firaja R5 + Meltdown (only used the very first turn); Fire Damage+ (2 Fire Boosts, Dark/Wind resist)
CoD, USB, RS-BSB (LD): Necro Countdown R5 + Shellga; MM (2 Dark Boosts, Ice/Earth resist)
Aria, USB, LMR (4*): Allegro R3 + Ultra Cure R5; TGM (Major Earth Resist, Minor Wind Resist)

Magicite: Hecatoncheir (Dampen Lightning, Spell Ward), Madeen (Spell+Blade Ward), Madeen (Fast Act, Health Boon), Mateus (Spell Ward, Health Boon), Syldra (Dampen Earth, Mind Boon)

User Info: Sporadicles

4 weeks ago#174
47.94, with only Arc's healing BSB, no chain, and the healing RW. Very happy.

A while ago I was wondering whether it would be possible to complete a Torment chainless. Flicking through this thread I saw ffrkowaway had already done it here, which encouraged me to try.

This battle is fun, and feels different due to the low amount of piercing attacks. Stacking resilience really helps, and luckily I have a couple of SBs that do this. Damage became more manageable, and multiple heal sources helped keep the party going. CoD and Arc were dead by the end.

LD OK: R4 Meltdown/R4 Chain Firaja; LMR1/SSB2/mUSB/pUSB; DMT; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/earth resist
LD Luneth: R2 Cyclone Bolt/R4 Sky High; GSB/USB1/AOSB; Spear of Gran Pulse; 2x wind boost, moderate fire/earth resist
CoD: R4 Dire Heal/R4 Dark Zone; BSB2/USB; Scholar's Boon; 2x dark boost, moderate fire/earth resist
Arc: R3 Shellga/R4 Curada; Healing BSB; Gathering Storm; moderate ice/earth resist
LD Refia: R4 Fires Within/R4 Ironfist Fire; LMR1/USB; No Chicken Wuss; 2x fire boost, moderate ice/earth resist

Magicite: Phoenix (Spell Ward 8/Health Boon 8), Famfrit (Dampen Fire 10/Spell Ward 8), Syldra (Dampen Earth 10/Magic Boon 20), Madeen (Health Boon 8/Fast Act 10), Madeen (Attack Boon 20 x2)

Magia: OK 100 attack/magic, Luneth 100 attack, Refia 80 attack

OK also was wearing the magic artifact dagger for this realm.

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#175
Nice to see another chainless 100%! Reminds me that maybe I should give that a try for Meltigemini to get around no Eiko USB.

Also makes me wonder how many Torments can be sub-30 with no chain, if anyone's looking for a new challenge.

User Info: Gainerama

2 weeks ago#176
LOL, finally beat this guy at 58 secs with this zoo crew
RW: realm chain
Magicites- Typhon, madeen, phoenix, syldra, famfrit

Luneth - cyclone bolt r3, sky high r4 (bsb, osb) 2 x wind boost, LMR - spear dmg rm
CoD - curaja, Necro Countdown r3 (usb1, bsb1) 2 x dark boost, dmt rm
OK LD- voltech r4, chainja r4 (bsb, aosb) 2 x water boost, lm2+lmr, mm rm
Desch - spellbend etude r2, chainja r4 (bsb) 2 x lightning boost, lightning dmg rm
Arc - curada r4, ultra cure r4 (bUsb), ace striker rm

Too cheap to dive anyone outside of OK as I hate everyone on this realm. Everybody on the team is so slow that it was just painful.

User Info: chooky33

2 weeks ago#177
Epic win in 52 seconds. I thought that Refia (bsb, lmr) would for sure make the team, but ultimately I badly needed Ingus' last stand and en-earth.

Desch - usb - 30% rm - major earth res
Luneth - usb/glint/osb - ace striker - moderate fire/earth
Ingus - csb, en earth bsb, en earth lmr - thunder god rm - moderate lightning/dark
Onion - musb, rod boost rm - mako - ice/earth resist
Arc - blink ssb, heal ssb - mako - fire/ice/lit resist

Magicites: chupon, defensive madeen, phoenix, famfrit, syldra

Luneth basically solo dps'd phase 5 chainless osb. Healing smite on Ingus and Arc doubles were huge.

User Info: Palaxius01

1 week ago#178
36.50 sec clear on D???


Arc Unique,SSB,BSB/LM2/TGM

Luneth Unique,BSB/LM2,LMR/Scholar's boon
Sky High+Raging Quadstrike

Voltech+Chain Waterga

Aria 4* Dive/Doublecast white RM

Shellga+Necro Countdown

(Picked OK USB3 from dream select)
For OK I mainly used USB3 for the damage. Since Aria was on bard and healing duty all OK has to do was spam spells. Cast mUSB later on after Aria gets killed by Ultimate Death.

Arc uses RW at start. Then move on to holyja spam duty. Additional mitigation came from his unique sb that gives a res boost to the party. Had to switch to the instaheal ssb once the boss starts spamming spells one after the other.

Luneth jumps, then just dps. Cast Advance then refresh enwind with BSB.

Aria alternates between ACM and Curada. She also refreshes the RW Chain and Magicite.

CoD starts with USB then shellga, then dps. Also cast BSB1 later on to get more damage from radiant.
(edited 1 week ago)
Sub 30. Only two 6* relics needed.

Arc - BSB1+SSB2, Holyja+Ultra Cure, Ace Striker
Desch - USB, Chain Thundaja R4, Battleforged
OK - mUSB+LMR2+Blowback SSB, Chain Waterja R4, Mako Might
Ingus - BSB2, Healing Smite+Shellga, DMT
CoD - BSB2+EnDark LMR, Necro Countdown R4+Dire Heal, Gathering Storm

All fully dived. OK has about 50 MAG Magia points.

Main Magicite: Garuda (Empower Lightning)
Sub: Hecatoncheir (HP+Dampen Lightning), Madeen (HP+Spell Ward), Mateus (blocker), Syldra (HP+Dampen Earth)

(Tip: use Garuda as your main Magicite if you have Desch, it's a FFIII monster so it's compatible with the realm chain!)

OK has the synergy dark+lightning resist accessory, top two characters have fire+earth resist, bottom two have ice+earth resist.

I wanted to test the power of my new Water artifact rod and it was astonishingly powerful. 9999's from OK very early into the fight, despite having no damage+ RM, no water boost armor and no water boost whatsover from magicite and buffs. The 9999's started before using CoD's BSB2 by the way.

Sadly he needs to spam his SSB later i the fight because Arc's BSB and SSB2 aren't quite enough to keep the team alive, lowering his DPS potential.

I reckon anyone with a healing USB will have an extremely easy time with this Torment if they happen to have the rest of this setup.
(edited 3 days ago)
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