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    Yay wife and took my daughter to visit the inlaws. Told me I was welcome to stay and have a little alone time :D

    What do I do? Hope back in here lol. Worth it though as got it. Took a few more tries, swapping out RMs and figuring the turn order. Twice got a kill at 31-32 seconds with the only reason they weren't subs was because Death killed off OK in the middle of using his AOSB lol. On this attempt it was the next move and about to go off.

    Refia: R4 Ironfist Fire/5 Fires Within - USB - LMR1/LM2 - Ace Striker - 40% Fire
    Luneth: R4 Cyclone Bolt/R4 Sky High - USB1/AOSB - LMR/LM2 - Battleforged - 40% Wind
    CoD: R5 DZ/R3 Shellga - BSB2/USB1 - LMR - Mako Might - 20% Dark
    OK: R5 Chain Firaja/R4 Entrust (unused) - USB1/USB2/AOSB - 40% Fire
    Arc: R4 Curada/R5 Holy - USB2 - LMR1/LM2 - Gathering Storm

    Moderate Fire/Earth on everyone except CoD with Major Earth. Cod also had an armor with Minor Dark resist.

    Main Magicite:
    Belias (+15 Empower FIre, +15 ATK Boon)

    Sub Magicites:
    Siren (+5 Spell Ward), Typhon (+20 ATK Boon, +15 Empower Wind), Madeen (2x + 20 MAG), Famfrit (+10 Dampen Fire, +8 Spell Ward)

    Arc with Gathering handled both chains and summoning Belias. Mostly Curada's into his firs bar to use BUSB around 17ish seconds, then one holy, CMD1, then Curada or Holy depending to another bar. At that point I had him just sit a couple of seconds to reuse his BUSB if needed during P4.

    OK does pUSB when Luneth lands around 4.48, Chain Firajas into mUSB then Chain Firaja's into AOSB. It did about 97k x 3 under his and CoDs buffs.

    Refia IF into USB then IF until around 26-27 seconds and reused her USB once more at the end. Each hit capped.

    Luneth SK, CB, SH once or twice into USB, then CB/SK combo until about 24 seconds then used AOSB (did about 7k per hit with crits capping). After that used his USB1 once again. Each hit capped IIRC

    Cod started with USB, then Shellga then DZ into BSB2. DZ until end or death.

    9 sub 30ed now and I have the tools for a couple more. Take a break for couple days then try another. Maaaaybe Type-0 next.
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