3 months ago #157
    Okies @ffrkowaway or @Neo_Zekele since you guys did this relatively recently, maybe one of you could help me understand something? Curious wtf I am not getting here.

    Started playing this one a little bit more as it is my next goal. Best time so far is 35.xx seconds. My biggest trouble is start up time being so slow as I hold off on OK using his pUSB until Luneth lands from Sky High (avoiding stone gaze). I always launch the jump between 0.98 and 1.01 seconds on the clock.
    He always lands 3.5 seconds later, thus at 4.48 - 4.51 seconds. Then I launch pUSB from OK and go on.


    I happened to watch this video earlier today of someones sub 30:

    His Luneth jumps at 0.94 and lands at 2.80

    I am not understanding the time discrepancy? Were your guys Luneth startup fast like that? I didn't even watch the whole video. Just the beginning. My only real difference would be using CoD w/ USB over Ingus but otherwise his startup is pretty much what I have been doing except several seconds quicker.

    Done with this today anyway and will get back to it tomorrow or Tuesday

    It's probably something completely stupid that isn't clicking with me.
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