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User Info: Phagey

3 months ago#261
LuBu1975 posted...
Phagey posted...
I am so conflicted about my FFT draw. Never thought I'd catch one of the game's dragons and be ambivalent about it.

Saintly Excalibur.

On one hand... it's the best OSB the game has, and ensures I'll never be blinded by a OSB LD ever again.

On the other... has anyone actually use his OSB once they had his USB?

I was hoping for a USB for Marche or Agrias so that I can make some headway on D??? Looks like I'm not getting help here.

It still sees use thanks to the Gathering Storm. An example is my sub30 on Siren where I use the OSB on my third instacast then USB > fast spam > BSB in the last counter heal phase. It works perfectly cos without OSB those BSB casts would be too slow and this way they do same damage as a dualcast Assault Saber without the counter heals. Also hones are low at this point too.

I guess? I got sub-30 on Hades by equipping TGM as the starting materia so that we can skip to the USB. The only reason TGC isn't rocking TGM materia on Siren team was because it was already Cloud's.

The OSB is probably useful with a dedicated entruster, allowing TGC to equip Truthseeker as starting materia. Maybe this is how I can punch a hole in the D??? Torment. That, and an actual good second DPS for FFT.

User Info: Terradrius

3 months ago#262
Type-0: Rem BSB
T: Marche BSB

Not too bad of a start. No dupes, at least.
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User Info: OutsiderX

3 months ago#263
Type 0: Machina BSB/3 (dupe)
Tactics: Rapha LMR/3 (nothing else for her)

Not a great start.
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