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User Info: Alligamer76

3 months ago#1
What have you pulled over this period anything good? Any memes white whales etc? How many discos?

Overall mine has been pretty bad, only 1 great relic a few decent ones and 1 meme but it could have been worse. Only pulled 2 discos overall, 1 about every 50 days which is below average.

Relic list:
Garland unique (imperil dark, good actually)
Vincent lmr
Thancred ssb
Shared crappy soul break
Tyro OSB
Minwu unique
Rinoa glint (dupe)
5* ice sword (no sb)
Vayne USB (best pull by far and amazing)
Aerith bsb2
Marach lmr
Ashe ssb (dupe)
Guy lmr (dupe)
Leon lmr (dupe)
OK BSB (dupe)

That's all I can remember for now might be a few more will update later.

Edit* that's everything now. Lots of dupes.
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User Info: sarothias

3 months ago#2
Here’s my list. Couple of nice ones here.

1: Squall OSB (dupe)
2: Gau Unique
3: Echo SSB
4: Deuce BSB (dupe)
5: Relm USB
6: Poison Rod V (shared SB)
7: Kimahri USB
8: Seven LMR
9: Lenna Unique (dupe)
10: Ysayle SSB
11: Penelo SSB (dupe)
12: Papa OSB (dupe)
13: Steiner USB (dupe)
14: Kimahri USB (dupe)
15: Vaan USB2 (dupe)
16: Balthier BSB (dupe)
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User Info: KnightLordST

3 months ago#3
Dupe city. Doopes! Doooooooooops!!!

Quina USB
Beatrix USB
Aranea OSB
Kimahri USB

All doopes there above

Leon Bsb
Sarah ssb
Aphmau ssb
Vaan Unique
Kuja ssb2
Arc Lmr
Balthier ssb1
Galuf Lmr2
Kain ssb
Cid IV bsb
Stoneblade (shared)
Flame Sword (shared)

User Info: Houjix1138

3 months ago#4
17/100 overall 10-1*, 20-2*, 31-3*, 22-4*,12-5* 5-6*

Snow SSB (dupe)
Refia BSB (dupe
Estinien LMR
Emerald Bracer (X) Shared Shell
Vivi LMR
Noctis LMR
Qunia BSB
Fran LMR
Rikku SB (dupe)
Fran BSB
Genji Helm (VI)
Cait Sith SSB

Aria USB
Sarah USB
Kain OSB
OK mUSB (dupe)
Lann OSB

Best pulls were probably Aria and Sarah which I got in the first two weeks of the revamp. Currently running an 0/12 streak in which I've pulled 4-1*, 4-2*, 3-3*, and 1-4*.
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
3 months ago#5
A compacted list of everything I got.

AOSB: 1 (Tidus)
USB: 3 (Ingus, Cid Garlond, Laguna)
LMR: 4 (Jecht 2, Laguna, Thief, Locke)
BSB: 4 (Iris*, Barret*, Locke 1, Aranea*)
SSB: 2 (Sephiroth 2, Tyro*)
Unique: 2 (Tellah, Leila)
Shared/Generics: 3
* = dupes

19 overall.

Best prizes would have to be Laguna's gear, since those, coupled with his chain, make him a beast.
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User Info: IamWallaman

3 months ago#6
My "best" draw was a dupe unfortunately. (Ignis BSB) Everything else was meh to yuck ...

13/100 (0 Disco, 13 Rainbow, 4 dupes [indicated by *])

BSB: 5 (Fusoya, Tifa2, Arc1*, Noel3, Ignis*)
SSB: 2 (Auron*, Locke)
LMR: 1 (Ayame*)
Unique: 3 (Golbez1, Basch1, Aerith1)
Shared/Generic: 2
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User Info: Fenix7

3 months ago#7
Some notable ones were
Barbarina usb
Elara usb
Galfgarian usb
Squall lmr
That is all I can think of.
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User Info: CTsChoco

3 months ago#8
11/100, so I haven't gotten much. Only one real jackpot as well.

AOSB: 1 (Squall)
USB: 1 (Amarant)
Glint: 2 (Pecil, Noctis)
LMR: 1 (Vanille 1)
BSB: 0
SSB: 2 (Locke 1, Vincent 2)
Unique: 2 (Setzer 1, Tidus 1)
Shared: 2 (X, XII)
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User Info: EchoNull

3 months ago#9
Solid haul.

1*: 5 (5% vs. expected 10.2%)
2*: 14 (14% vs. expected 20.2%)
3*: 39 (39% vs. expected 30.2%)
4*: 27 (27% vs. expected 25.2%)
5*: 12 (12% vs. expected 11.2%)
6*: 3 (3% vs. expected 3%)

ASB: Tifa
Chain: Locke, Garland
BSB: Balthier (dupe), Cloud of Darkness (Doomga)
LMR: Shelke
SSB: Minfilia (dupe), Shantotto, Raijin
Unique: Zack, Auron, Desch
Shared: Keepsake Knife (Protectga)
No SB: Armguard (12)

5* Holy Shield [14] (dupe #3)
5* Tactician Magician's Coat [11] (SSB)
5* Slash Lance [7] (LMR)
5* Keepsake Knife [13] (shared Protectga)
5* Zack's Gloves [7] (unique)
5* Betelgeuse [12] (dupe)
5* Auron's Grasp [10] (unique)
6* Rune Axe [1] (Garland Chain!)
5* Desch's Sword [3] (unique... but enLightning!)
5* Armguard [12] (no SB; minor ko resist?!)
5* Bizarre Staff [3] (new + useful! Fatithga Gracega Doomga Hastega)
5* Raijin's Pauldron [8] (new + awesome! party guts + Instacast)
6* Dual Claw [7] (Tifa ASB!)
5* Summoner's Garb [10] (dupe, but +holy)
6* Zwill Crossblade [6] (Locke Chain!!!)
FFRK: D6vf Garnet Chain ~ Orbs: https://goo.gl/9ERBYu ~ SBs: http://goo.gl/SO1Iyc ~ Spreadsheets: https://goo.gl/SYKysf ~~ SMT dx2: https://goo.gl/WbRFHV

User Info: khain37

3 months ago#10
I started out hot with the draws but went 0/30 in November and currently 0/6 since pulling a non-relic 5* to break the 0/30

Highlights: Minwu USB1 (Heal one), Locke USB2, Edge USB, Dual Cast LMR for Ovelia.

Total 13/100 (7 Disco, 6 Rainbow)

USB: 6 (Basch*, Minwu1, Locke2, Edge, Cid VII*, Setzer*)
OSB: 1 (Meia)
BSB: 2 (Laguna2, Leon)
SSB: 1 (Ignus)
LMR: 1 (Ovelia)
Unique: 0
Shared/Generic: 2 (Shared Mage Masher IX, Shinra Helmet VII)
Main: Alphinaud (lvl 99) Deployment Tactics - FCv2; Alt: Rikku USB (lvl 80) - Syzo
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