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User Info: Ultimaphazon

1 month ago#251
Just killed this sub-30 with my shiny Zidane AASB.

Zidane - AASB
Beatrix - en-Holy BSB
Eiko -USB1&BSB
Quina - USB
Kuja - USB

Everyone fully dived with appropriate 6* abilities.
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User Info: towelrack

1 month ago#252
Here's a sub-30 setup, thanks to being able to snag Zidane's doublecast LMR from the lens shop.

Quina: Wrath R5, Entrust R3 / USB / LMR(last stand), LM2 / MM / MND gear
Zidane: Flash Disaster R4, Storm Assault R4 / USB2, AOSB / LMR(dc), LM2 / World Traveler / Wind Boost x2
Beatrix: Healing Smite R5 / GSB, USB / LM1, LM2 / Scholar's Boon / Holy Boost x2
Steiner: Blastspell Strike R5 / USB1 / LM1, LM2 / Truthseeker / Fire Boost x2
Eiko: Curada R4, Hastega / BSB / LMR(dc), LM2 / Gathering Storm

RW: Chain
MM: Lakshmi Subs: Madeen, Madeen, Famfrit, Typhon

Yep, I dived Steiner for this. What can I say, the big guy is pretty lovable anyway, even if he'll never see any action ever again, and the bravery motes at least were not in short supply.
I actually was itching to give this a try since I got Beatrix's GSB and USB from the recent Lucky Draws, and she definitely hits hard, it's great.

User Info: danderson 75

danderson 75
1 month ago#253
Got a bit lucky with a couple of draws on the 9 banner, I was not planning on it, but thanks to some good luck on the fest banners, I had 2 left over, hoped for garnet chain, but got Steiner's chain in triplicate

Vivi, lmr, lm2, USB, artifact & fire , gathering storm
Zidane, aasb, glint, lmr,lm2, flash disaster, storm assault, wind +
Beatrix, aosb, healing smite, lm1, lm2. 2x holy, scholarly boon
Steiner, csb, lm1,lm2, snowspell r4, 2x wind, mm
Eiko, usb,bsb, lmr,lm2, ultra cure, dr mogs

Main : Laxmi (health, crit damage)
subs: madeen (spell ward ×2), madeen(attack boon 20*2), typhon (wind boon *2), famfrit(health, blade ward)

Rw healer, but did not use

I never had a relm chain, it worked really well, tried to use eiko bsb, but could not fit it in the cast, ended with everyone at a silver of health except zidane who was at full health thanks to storm assault, it is my second sub30 and 5th complete.

User Info: darkeric7x7

1 month ago#254
Took some trying but got a sub30 here, at roughly 28s. Used the following set up:

Beatrix, lm1 and 2, USB1, R5 healing smite and R3 shellga. Scolar's boon
Vivi, lm2 and lmr1, USB1, R4 meltdown and R4 chain firaja. Gathering storm
Zidane, w-cast lmr and lm2, USB2 and USB1, R5 storm assault. Tantalus code
Eiko, w-cast lmr and lm2, USB1, R3 hastega and R5 curada. MM.
Freya, lm1 and lm2, USB1 and USB2, R3 cyvlone bolt and R4 sky high. DMT.

RW chain

Magicite deck:
Lakshmi (3x dampen dark), Madeen (2x mag), Madeen (2x att), Madeen (FA, HP) and Typhon (3x wind)

Main thing that helped was a bit more triplecasts from Vivi due to trance than average (about 4/6?)
Also seeing the overkill from Zidane's USB2 finishing Meltigimini was great, must've been 160k damage.
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User Info: xypheral

1 month ago#255

LD Eiko BSB - R4 Curada - Into the fray RM
LD Zidane (USB1, AOSB) - R3 FD, R4 Storm Assault - +DMG
4* Quina BSB - R4 Entrust, R5 Wrath - DMT
LD Vivi (FreeUSB) - R4 CTornado - DMT
LD Beatrix (USB, AOSB) - Shellga, R5 Healing Smite - TGM

why did i even bother mentioning that vivi's usb was that i look at it....all those relics listed above were all from free draws.....LD eiko and vivi for the free trance.....that, coupled with storm assault and healing smite removes a lot of burden from the healer.....

my torment streak continues....if only i could sub30 v...then i will have a clean 4-9 all sub 30....i'll revisit 10 to see if i can get sub30...though i highly doubt it....

User Info: bennex

1 month ago#256
Licking blood after defeating Yunalesca today. Mahanged this monster at 35.64s.
Had to juggle what I had, was thinking about getting LMRs from the Lab, but managed to do without. I just needed to go less defensive.

Everyone is dived.
I had to closely monitor the enemy ai to decide wether to use Dire Heal or Necro Countdown with Kuja. I tried to manually target Curada sometimes, but that always turned out to be a mistake.

Kuja, BSB2, BSB1: Necro Countdown R5 + Dire Heal R3; Dark Damage+ (2 Dark Boosts, Dark Artifact Magic Dagger, Dark/Poison Resist)
Vivi, GSB: Chain Firaja R5; Damage against Weakness+ (2 Fire Boosts, Major Poison Resist)
Eiko, USB1: Curada R5 + Shellga; MM (Dark/Poison resist)
Zidane, USB1, AOSB: Storm Assault R5 + Flash Disaster R5; Sword Damage+ (Wind Artifact Sword, 2 Wind Boosts, Odin Accessory)
Garnet, USB1: Spellbend Etude R1 + Allegro r3; Dr. mog's (2 Lightning Boosts, Posion/Dark Resist)

Magicite: Lakshmi (Mind + Magic Boon), Lakshmi (Mind + Magic Boon), Madeen (Health Boon x2), Madeen (Spell + Blade ward), Mateus (Spell Ward + Health Boon)

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 month ago#257

User Info: zibba1331

3 weeks ago#258
FFIX tackled in a little hairy at the end due to some bad decision-making, but i mastered it on the first try. really glad i saved my sanity by waiting until my AASB count got up there.

eiko: USB1; protectga, curada; LM1/LM2, ace striker
zidane: AASB, AOSB; flash disaster, storm assault; LMR/LM2, scholars boon
kuja: USB1; shellga, necro countdown; LM2/LMR, +magic rod
vivi: free USB; chain tornado; LM2/LMR, DMT
marcus: USB; mug bloodlust, DnS; LM2/LMR, mako

RW: chain
magicite: L99 lakshmi, L99 typhon x2, L99 madeen x2
+wind/dark gear x2 on DPS, poison resist accessories on all

let loose with marcus USB on turn 1 and got after it. AASB around 10s, chain around 12s. zidane finished with his AOSB, but marcus and eiko were killed just before that went off which was a bit harrowing. anyway, another one down!
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

1 week ago#259
1st D??? Torment done! Started with my strongest realm and cleared at 23:50 the first try. Garnet died at Phase 3 in that run which was way too early for my liking, so I tried again to see if I could get the time lower and got the job done at 21:75. Tweaked it a final time by delaying the chain by another half of a second and cleared at 19:83! Amazing how minor tweaks can do so much. I had to use Zidane's AOSB in the first two runs, but the final run had a fairly healthy amount of dualcasts so it ended before it even launched. Really satisfied I finally made headway on D??? Torment. And it only took a whole year since torments came out!

Vivi (LM2, LM1) | USB1 | R4 Chain Firaja, R4 Meltdown | Mako Might
Zidane (LM2, LM1) | ASB, AOSB | R4 Storm Assault, R3 Flash Disaster | Truthseeker
Garnet (LM2, LM1) | USB1 | R4 Dark Valefor, R3 Allegro con Moto | Gathering Storm
Eiko (LM2, LMR1 (DC-Wht)) | USB1 | R4 Curada, R5 Shellga | Dr. Mog's Teachings
Kuja (LM2, LMR1 (Endark)) | OSB | R4 Necro Countdown | Scholar's Boon
RW: Chain
Main Magicite: Madeen

Final Rotation:
Vivi: USB1 -> Meltdown -> Chain Firaja spam -> Meltdown (not cast in final run)
Zidane: Flash Disaster x 3 -> ASB (immediately after Ultimate Flare) -> Storm Assault spam -> AOSB (unlaunched in final run)
Garnet: Allegro con Moto -> Chain (slightly delayed) -> Dark Valefor -> Magicite -> Allegro con Moto -> USB1 -> Dark Valefor
Eiko: USB1 -> Shellga -> Curada (on Garnet) -> Curada -> USB1 (after Incubus Viral Smoke) -> Curada (on Vivi)
Kuja: Necro Countdown x 3 -> OSB -> Necro Countdown spam
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