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User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#241
@ShinUltima If it helps, here is my post from when this torment launched and I got my sub 30. Minus Eiko USB, you could almost copy it lol.

Vivi: R4 Chain Firaja / R4 Meltdown - LM1 / LM2 - Mako Might - BSB2 / USB1 - 40% Fire Boost - Moderate Dark / Poison resist

Zidane: R4 Storm Assault / R2 Mug Bloostlust - LMR2 / LM2 - BSB2 (not used) / USB1 (not used) / USB2 - Scholar's Boon - 40% Wind Boost - Moderate Dark / Poison Resist

Garnet: R4 Vali / R2 ACM - BSB2 - LMR / LM2 - (Boostga / Faithga) / SSB2 (Faithga, Stock HP, Defense boost) - Ace Striker - 40% Fire Boost - Moderate Poison Resist

Kuja: R4 Dark Zone / R3 Memento Mori - LM1 / LM2 - BSB2 - 40% - Gathering Storm - Dark Resist - Moderate Dark Resist

Eiko: R4 Curada / R3 Hastega - LMR / LM2 - USB1 - Dr. Mog - Major Dark Resist

Main Magicite:
Unicorn: +10 Resistance Boon

Sub Magicite:
Silver Dragon: +10 Empower Wind
Famfrit: +15 Empower Water, +15 Magic Boon
Phoenix: +8 Health Boon, +10 Dampen Blizzard
Evrae: +8 Fast Act
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User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#242
@ShinUltima Well, despite knowing the history here, I do think using my team as a template is the best thing to start with, since your USBs should be good upgrades on what I was doing.

Main difference is that Kuja should get Hastega instead of Morbid Countdown, so Vivi can use his USB1 midway through while Kuja restores Hastega. And Kuja could maybe get Dire Heal if he has problems staying alive without his USB armor that I have. Even with Dire Heal, he would probably out-DPS Freya.

I'd think Zidane should only use his USB2, and Marcus should still get Fire Assault rather than Dash and Slash, since his chase will still trigger that way, and the self-healing is very useful.

User Info: ShinUltima

1 month ago#243
Took about 3 hours, but I finally beat this, and with a sub-30 too! Got 29.09.

Eiko (LM1+LM2): R4 Dark Ifrit, R4 Curada, MM (BSSB), dark/bio resist
Vivi (LM1+LM2): R4 Chain Firaja, R4 Meltdown, DMT (USB2/USB1), dark/bio resist
Kuja (LM2+LMR): R4 Necro Countdown, R2 Hastega, Gathering Storm (OSB), major bio resist + minour dark resist
Zidane (LM2+LMR2): R4 Flash Disaster, R5 Storm Assault, Scholar's boon (USB2), dark/bio resist
Marcus (LM1+LM2): R4 Fire Assault, R1 Mug Bloodlust, Thief DMG+ RM (USB), dark resist

RW: Realm chain
Magicites: Lakshmi (L20 MNd Boon/L10 Dampen Dark), Phoenix (L8 Blade/L8 Spell Ward), Belias (L15 Empower Fire x2), Typhon (L15 Empower Wind x2), Madeen (L20 Mag Boon x2)

Rough turn order:

Eiko: Curada to Vivi, Dark Ifrit, magicite, BSSB, Curada Marcus, Curada Vivi, BSSB, Curada Kuja, BSSB or Dark Ifrit
Vivi: USB2, Chain Firaja x3, USB1, Chain Firaja spam* (theoretically)
Kuja: RW, Necro Countdown spam, OSBx2**
Zidane: Flash Disaster x4, USB2, Storm Assault spam
Marcus: Mug Bloodlust, Fire Assault x2, refresh chain, USB1, Fire Assault spam

So theoretically I used @ffrkowaway's team as a base, but there are some notable differences from his listed turn order:

1) I absolutely could not get Vivi to survive P1 T4 Ultimate Flare if I didn't use Curada on him first turn even though my Vivi has more HP than his. Curada would heal the damage from Bioga, then the stock heal from his USB2 would heal the damage from Ultimate Bioga and allow him to tank the Ultimate Flare.

2) Eiko does Curada, Dark Ifrit, then calls Lakshmi and BSSB right after. I don't how he fit in 3 turns before doing magicite -> BSSB, cause when I tried that I had characters die.

3) I couldn't skip P2 Ultimate Venom Powder no matter what. Needed to use Lakshmi to block those statuses.

Other notes:

Hilariously and annoyingly, I couldn't keep Vivi alive after he did his USB1. Cause right at that time was the transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3 - I'd eat Incubus VIral Smoke, then Ultimate Meteor, then Ultimate Flare. Because my party was generally weak after Incubus Viral Smoke, this is when I'd usually be using Relm BSSB. But that stupid 80% HP Ultimate Meteor would put Vivi in a hole, and even with QC, I simply could not get another turn to heal him up before Ultimate Flare got him.

Thankfully, on my winning run, I didn't need him after that. Zidane/Marcus/Kuja closed things out.

Speaking of Kuja, in shades of what I ended up doing with Agrias during Deathgaze, I decided it was better to save his gauge for OSBs for the end of the fight instead of using his BSSB1 in the middle and OSB at the end. On my winning run, I goofed and accidentally did his BSSB instead of OSB a second time, which probably lost me about 40,000 damage. Again, thankfully, looks like I didn't need the extra damage.

I tried Marcus with Fire Assault and Dash & Slash initially. But in my failed attempts, I never got to use Dash & Slash and still had hones on Fire Assault. I switched D&S to Mug Bloodlust to not just give MArcus more bite, but also to reduce some of the incoming damage. It wasn't enough to keep Vivi alive without curing him in P1, but it was just enough to let Kuja tank P1 Ultimate Chain Bioga.

Keeping Kuja alive here is.. not easy. There were times when I was wondering if I should switch to Dire Heal to take the heat off of EIko. But I felt I needed that extra damage throughput. Dunno if it would be easier with Dire Heal, but it doesn't matter now.

Once again, @ffrkowaway, you have my thanks.
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
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User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#244
@ShinUltima Grats! My Vivi was very barely surviving the P1T4 Ultimate Flare, and that's with triple HP Boon. Guessing that's the difference, since it looks like you only have 1 HP Boon? That probably explains other survival differences, too.

User Info: Gainerama

4 weeks ago#245
Finally beat this bastard at 1:13 LOL, what a load of crap, screw this BS battle. Totally got wrecked by the status attacks and just couldn't get into any rhythm. Obviously I suck hard at this

RW: realm chain
Magicites - unicorn, typhon, madeen, phoenix, king bomb

Vivi LD - chainja, meltdown (usb) lm1+lm2 (fire dmg rm)
Beatrix LD - healing smite, ultra cure (bsb2, osb) lm1 + lm2 tgc rm
Eiko - hastega, ultra cure (usb) lmr mm rm
Zidane LD - D&S, storm assault (usb1) lm1+lm2 swd dmg rm
Quina - wrath, entrust (usb, bsb2) dmt rm
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#246
@raoxi You sub-30 this yet? With Eiko U1, you could probably follow my template, with perhaps some of the modifications ShinUltima made, and have a much easier time of it.

User Info: raoxi

2 weeks ago#247
ffrkowaway posted...
@raoxi You sub-30 this yet? With Eiko U1, you could probably follow my template, with perhaps some of the modifications ShinUltima made, and have a much easier time of it.

@ffrkowaway took my shiny zidane aasb in and 26s-ed him along with vivi usb1. 3 others jus sat around. nex ill try toto... hmm
A 40 seconds clear with Zidane AASB....yes, this isn't impressive i know due to my Zidane AASB, should've been alot faster (sub 30 at least), but a mistake on timing with the stupid haste removal cost my time dearly haha. I dont have Zidane LMR or Vivi USB1 either for extra dps, so yeah.

Zidane - AASB, BSB1 - Storm Assault, Flash Disaster
Eiko - USB - Curada, Ultra Cure
Garnet - USB2 (the radiant shield one) - Dark Valefor, Shellga
Vivi - USB2 (jump rope one, boostga) - Chain Firaja, Meltdown
Beatrix - USB - Healing Smite Protectga

Legend Dived - Beatrix, Vivi, Zidane
Magicite - Laksmi (sub: Madeen 2x, Typhoon, Phoenix with HP boon)

Zidane flash disaster to build up SB gauge then slowly bsb1 for imperil wind, then a few more flash disaster then AASB at around 20 seconds. Slow i know, but after trying so much to "sub30" this, i decided to play it slow. Garnet cast Shellga, then USB2 for radiant shiled (extra dps), else use Dark Valefor in every turn. Eiko Curada and USB duty. Vivi use USB2 for boostga then Chain Firaja. I dont have his USB1 sadly, so Vivi can only dual cast when he's in trance form :/

Btw, this is a close win due to my phase 3 when the boss casted "incubus viral smoke" that remove haste, i forgot to re-apply the haste...when i realized, it was too late and i lost 5-6 seconds due to the "non- haste", and i can't use Eiko's USB as the SB gauge isnt Luckily vivi still can recast his USB2 for hastega, but still the time it took was pretty slow.

Because of this slowdown, i surprised i still manage to win in the end (after alot of retriess and failing with the stupid status effect / haste removal), i managed to solo DPS the boss in phase 5 with ZIDANE ALONE under Trance and AASB. Instant cast Thief ability in every turn is really a beast LOL. \

I managed to squeeze alot of damage with Zidane under trance, and the fact that the thief ability also "heals" the user, also make it even better.

Probably i can clear this 5-6 seconds faster, not sure if i can Sub 30 it without USB1 vivi or Zidane LMR. I will do a faster run at later times, but in the mean time, it's another CLEAR for me at 40 secs.

My Torment D??? Mastered 06/30/2019:

FF3, FF4 (sub 30), FF5, FF7 (sub 30), FF8, FF9, FF13, FF14, FF15 (sub 30), FFT

User Info: Tptranger

2 weeks ago#249
My fourth D? Sub 30. Zidane AA made this one easy.

Eiko, USB1, MM
Vivi, USB1, DMT
Zidane, AA+USB1, +Sword
Garnet, SSB, AS

Lakshmi Main.

Basic ability spam. Kuja, Vivi and Zidane all hit very hard. Can post more details if anyone wants it - only Vivi and Zidane were left, both with no Last Stand, and Melt did a gravity attack on Zidane. Another Instant Double Wind Thief did him in... Zidane is a DPS monster.
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User Info: SevenSeas

2 weeks ago#250
My first D? Mastered at 28s

Zidane (aasb+lmr1): mug bloodlust + storm assault (thief++)
Vivi (usb): md + cja (weakness++)
Garnet (lmr1+lmr2): warrior song + shellga (tgm)
Eiko (lmr2+bsb): curada + hastega (dmt)
Quina (no sb): fb + entrust (mm)
Rw: chain
Magicites: syldra, phoenix gdm, lakshmi (mind up), madeen (atk boon), typhoon (emp wind)

Only zidane survived that doomsday. Seems like eiko usb1 is a good have in this battle. Hmmmmm
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