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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

1 month ago#221
Here's my "poverty" sub 30 team:

Vivi - USB1, R5 Chain Firaja, Dr. Mog's Teachings
Kuja - Glint+EnDark LMR, Necro Countdown+Hastega, +30% damage RM
Eiko - BSB+Unique (Emerald Light), Curada+Shellga, Mako Might
Zidane - USB1, Flash Disaster+Storm Assault, +30% damage RM
Beatrix - USB1+EnHoly LMR, Healing Smite+Protectga, Gathering Storm

Main Magicite: Lakshmi (HP+Dampen Dark)
Sub: Bomb King (Empower Fire), Typhon (triple Empower), Madeen(HP+Fast Act), Famfrit (blocker)

Everyone is fully dived but almost no Magia and Crystal Waters.

Horrible, horrible fight. Lots of micromanaging between trances and the need to manually pick Curada targets before Flare kills them off. Also very reliant on RNG, since Vivi needs to triplecast Chain Firaja at least 3 times.
Most notably, I managed to pull it off without Eiko's USB. I used her Emerald Light SB after Incubus Viral Smoke, which was good enough thanks to her trance.
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User Info: Sporadicles

1 month ago#222
Sporadicles posted...
LD Garnet: R2 Spellbend Etude/R3 Allegro Con Moto; SSB1/BSB2; DMT; 2x lightning boost, moderate dark/poison resist
LD Zidane: R3/R4 Dash and Slash; LMR2/USB1; Truthseeker; 2x wind boost, moderate poison resist
LD Vivi: R1 Firaja/R4 Chain Firaja; LMR2/BSB1; Blood of Espers; 2x fire boost, moderate poison resist
LD Marcus: R4 Fire Assault/R4 Storm Assault; USB; Gathering Storm; 2x wind boost, moderate poison resist
LD Eiko: R2 Hastega/R4 Curada; LMR1/USB3; MM; modrate dark/poison resist

Magicite: Madeen (Health Boon 8/Fast Act 10), Phoenix (Health Boon 8/Spell Ward), Famfrit (Blade Ward/Health Boon 8), Typhon (Empower Wind 15, Attack Boon 20), Lakshmi (Healing Boon 15, Dampen Dark 10)

(Edit - Magia stuff. Zidane and Marcus had 100 attack, Garnet and Vivi 50 magic. No crystal water.)

After a million attempts I managed it in 29.70. Vivi ended up using his LMR1 and Gathering Storm, and just spamming Chain Firaja. He swapped places with Eiko, who tranced after being hit by the single target poison. Marcus used Scholar's Boon. Garnet swapped Allegro for Vali and used her USB instead of BSB. Oh, and I swapped accessories so everyone had a dark resist one.

I also swapped Phoenix for King Bomb with Magic Boon 15. I'm still finding 4* Magicites useful in some situations.

But mainly yay. Until I got Eikos USB3 I thought this one would be the hardest to beat, let alone sub-30. On to III, where I have a lot of dps but only Arc's healing BSB.
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User Info: hang00

3 weeks ago#224
I got my first torment sub30 at 27:63. My relics are decent, but it still feels good.

Garnet - Lunar Ifrit/Allegro - SSB (DivGuar) - LMR bard - Summon x2
Vivi - Chain Firaja/Meltdown - USB1 - Fire+
Eiko - Ultra Cure/6* wind summon - USB1 - Dr Mog
Zidane - Flash Disaster/Storm Assault - AASB - Weak+
Amarant - 6* fire monk - USB - Monk+
Chain and Unicorn

Everyone is fully dived, Zidane and Vivi have full Magia and water on DPS skill.

Order matters a ton to time our trances. Eiko opens with USB for haste. I waited to use chain until turn 3 for Amarant, and he died right after it ended. Zidane LMR will help speed this up whenever I get that. Even at fully chain he doesn’t max out damage, but instant cast helps.

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#225
Decided to finally stop being intimidated by my lack of Eiko USB, and take this seriously. Vivi USB2 ended up being the key, and helped me to sub-30 #16, in 29.54s. Thanks jump rope!

Got close a few times, realized that with a good run, I wouldn't need Astra from my main magicite, switched to Madeen as my main, and got it first try that way. I suspect there's some RNG depending on when phases get pushed, but I'm glad I won't have to see how true that is.

LD Eiko / BSB / R5 Lunar Ifrit + R3 Protectga / Mako Might / double fire boost / moderate dark + bio resist
LD Vivi / USB2 / R5 Chain Firaja / DMT / double fire boost / synergy moderate dark + bio resist
LD Kuja / USB1 + OSB + LMR / R5 Necro Countdown + R3 Morbid Countdown / double dark boost / major bio resist
LD Zidane / USB1 / R5 Storm Assault + R5 Flash Disaster / +30% dmg RM / double wind boost / moderate dark + bio resist
LD Marcus / no relics used / R5 Fire Assault + R1 Mug Bloodlust / +40% thief dmg RM / double fire boost / major dark resist
Bonds of Historia as RW
Madeen (+L8 HP Boon x2) as main magicite; Madeen (+L8 Spell Ward x2), Typhon (+L20 ATK Boon x2), Lakshmi (+L20 MAG Boon, +L10 Fast Act), and King Bomb (+L15 Empower Fire) as subs

The top 3 all died near the end, but the pair of thieves kept self-healing and somehow managed to get it done.

There's also probably a bunch of other stuff in this build that's suboptimal. Not sure Protectga is necessary (I did need it for an earlier build to let Zidane Trance instead of die), Kuja might be better with Memento Mori or Dire Heal instead of Morbid. Marcus might be better with Steal Power. Deathgaze instead of one of the Madeens is probably best. Etc.

Getting the opening down was important. Eiko and Vivi both barely survive the P1T4 Ultimate Flare to trigger their Trances, while Zidane's Trance triggers with the P2T1 Ultimate Meteor, just in time for his first Storm Assault.

Approximate turn order:
Eiko: Protectga -> Lunar Ifrit x2 -> Summon Madeen -> BSB -> Cmd1 to Vivi -> more healing if alive, maybe can squeeze in more Lunar Ifrit(s)
Vivi: USB2 -> Chain Firaja x3 -> USB2 -> Chain Firajas
Kuja: Necro -> Morbid x2 -> USB1 -> Morbid -> Necro spam, with OSB as last action under Gathering Storm (OSB not necessary since a dualcast Necro will do 20K more damage at that point, but I was playing it safe)
Zidane: Flash Disaster x4 (first one slightly delayed so everyone can take advantage of the stopped clock) -> USB1 -> Storm Assaults
Marcus: RW -> Mug Bloodlust -> Fire Assaults, renewing realm chain

Baseline key synergy stats:
Eiko: 7167 HP / 226 DEF / 559 MAG / 468 MND
Vivi: 6576 HP / 240 DEF / 417 RES / 811 MAG
Kuja: 7611 HP / 407 DEF / 476 RES / 803 MAG
Zidane: 9030 HP / 363 DEF / 352 RES / 803 ATK
Marcus: 9110 HP / 316 DEF / 610 ATK

Now just Phrekyos to go!
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

3 weeks ago#226
Damn impressive @ffrkowaway! Your wrapping these up quick
FF fan since NES
FFRK Gtja Elena bsb

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#227
Thanks! Been wanting to get these all done by fest so I can focus all my resources on upcoming content. And this means I can cross off Eiko USB1 from my Anima Lens shopping list.

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#228
No one jumps like relm

User Info: sarothias

3 weeks ago#229
GG! @ffrkowaway Major grats!
FFRK - Rem's AASB Code: 9DXU

User Info: raoxi

3 weeks ago#230
@ffrkowaway #16? u made so much progress since last time i checked. grats! im still only on to my #3 or something. havent touched them in a while.
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