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Finally trying this one a bit. I think I have a sub30 team, mainly just need to figure out how to make it to the end.
What a fuddy duddy.
Manticore - 28.84s!

LD Vincent (CSB, BSB) - R3 Chain Firaga, Mental Breakdown / Mako Might, LM1, LM2 (2 Fire boosts)
LD OK (mUSB, USB3, AOSB) - R2 Chain Firaga, R4 Smoldering Fire / DMT, LM (2 Fire boosts)
Aphmau (USB) - Protectga, Curada / Lionheart
LD Shelke - R4 Entrust, R5 Wrath / Ace Striker, LM2
LD Vivi (USB) - R4 Chain Firaja, R4 Meltdown / Scholar's Boon, LM1, LM2 (2 Fire boosts)
RW: Wall
MM: Phoenix (+Lv8 Spell Ward, Lv15 MND Boon)
SM: 2x Evrae (+Lv10 Fast Act, Lv8 Health Boon), 2x King Bomb
Ice resists on everyone, major resist on Aphmau.

Hey guys, did you know that Entrust spamming on an IC healer is, like, a really REALLY powerful strategy? ... ...Oh. Everybody already knew that. Okay. Carry on then.

Pretty simple, here's a vague layout:
Vincent: CSB > Chain Firaga spam > BSB when possible > MB to cancel RES buff > renew CSB
OK: mUSB > SF spam > USB3 > CF spam > AOSB > whatever's left
Aphmau: Protectga > Curada on OK > USB spam
Shelke: Wrath/Entrust solely to Aphmau, use Phoenix when available
Vivi: Meltdown x2 > USB strats

With that party order, Vivi and Vincent both trance around the same time, and Aphmau gets extra gauge from Lionheart and all the extra hits. It's pretty close to full instacast speeds here once the USB is in play. Not sure if it's consistent yet, seems pretty solid so far though and there are a couple things I can improve anyway.
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: sarothias

4 weeks ago#223
Congrats!! @Relm_Arrowny_87 start working on this one and wasted no time :D
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Thanks @sarothias. :)

Completed this a bunch more times: 25.57s, 28.13s, 25.49s, 24.90s, 26.06s. It's looking highly consistent as long as I don't mess up, so I may have a very farmable 5* sub30 this time.

And, I managed to get a record that last run. Without any pausing this time! ...Wasn't easy, lol.

Turn order goes roughly like this...
Vincent: CSB > CF x2 > BSB --------> CF x3 > CSB > MBD > CF
OK: mUSB > SF x3 ---------> USB3 > CF x4 > [Wait for savage removal] > AOSB
Aphmau: Protectga > Curada (OK) > USB > Curada -------> USB x6 [Wait for Shelke to catch up at one point]
Shelke: Wrath x2 > Wall > Entrust > Phoenix > Wrath ----------> Wrath>Entrust loop
Vivi: [Skip] > Meltdown x2 > USB > wcast Meltdown ----------> wcast CF/Meltdown or renew USB

I'm still working out one or two things, and I do need to watch for small mistakes that might change the timing, since the fight can go sideways very quickly if I make even small errors. I'm hoping that'll fade with practice, if I do end up farming it. (...I do wish this one had better passives, but can't have everything I suppose.)
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: ShinUltima

4 weeks ago#225
I've run this fight 12 more times to fill out my ice deck and making a general purpose ATK magicite.So I'm done for now. I'm recording my turn order mostly for my own records, since I will forget if I ever need to run this again. Bolded are changes from before:

OK: mUSB, RW, Meltdown, Entrust Elarra, Meltdown xN, time mUSB to land after P3 Savage Icestorm at 23.07 mark
Gilgamesh: CSB, Iai Hellfire, magicite at the 12.00 mark, Mental Break, Iai Helfire, refresh CSB, Iai Hellfire spam
Vivi: CHain Firaga x3, USB, Chain Firaja x2, USB, Chain Firaja x2, Chain Firaga
Terra; Vali x3, USB, Vali x2, Chain Firaga, AOSB, Chain Firaga
Elarra: Allegro, Curada after 6.50 mark, USB, Allegro, USB after Savage Blazing Breath to remove sap, Curada spam, USB

So having run this fight literally a dozen times, it became clear than the timing for Phoenix was crucial. If I summoned Phoenix before 12.00, then Phoenix's turns would be out of sync for breaking Manticore's Savage and reduce my DPS. That is, I would summon Phoenix, break savage, Manticore takes a turn, goes right back into savage. This nerfed my DPS during Phase 2, which meant I ran a high risk of running into P2 Savage Icestorm, which was pretty much a run ender, since even though I had gauge on OK to refresh mUSB, I would then ran smack into it again in P3 with no way to recover. Delaying Phoenix summon until 12.00 (under HQC) addressed this issue. Doing this also allowed me to get in 2 turns with OK/Terra/Vivi with no savage, which would take me 1 turn away from P3.

OK's role doesn;t change. I just made of note of exactly when P3 Savage Ice Storm hits. He has HQC at this point, so I normally time it around 22.50.

It's somewhat minour, but I now do Allegro on Elarra's first turn after USB to speed up P2 even more. After that, it's Curada spam because I need the party to be as healthy as possible going into P3, cause that Savage Frost Breath is no joke. It Terra/Vivi aren't at least 75% health I stand a chance of them, especially this damn ability can critical. That's probably the only real RNG in this fight, but it's really annoying.
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So, there is one thing that can always end my sub30 runs: Random and particularly bad Savage Blazing Breath crits. The game's just suddenly like: Okay, your run's going far too well, so here, have a 9300 damage hit on your squishy mages. Oops, did I just kill Vincent? Terribly sorry.

...That particular QoL can't come soon enough. :/

(And btw, Blazing Breath? That's some oldschool bad translating right there. It reminds me of the Blaze ability from FF4's Chimera and Manticore-- oh. Okay, fine. I doubt it's intentional, but I'll allow it.)
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#227
^^Enemy crits are especially annoying when you don't see they're crits and make you think you need to make changes that you don't
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User Info: Kenlimkenlim

3 weeks ago#228
Late to the party as I’ve been busy with BotW, but managed to clear Manticore after some trial and error.

Vivi: C. Firaja, LM2+enFire LMR, USB/AOSB
Terra: C. Firaga, Lunar Leviathan, LM2+DC LMR, USB1/AOSB
Vincent: Mental BD, Burnt Offering, LM2+DC LMR, CSB
OK: MD, Entrust, LM2+LMR, mUSB
Elarra: Curada, ACM, LM1, USB1

Getting the loadouts/timings for all the trances to trigger was the key thing.

User Info: ffrkowaway

2 weeks ago#229

User Info: emidas

1 week ago#230
ShinUltima posted...
Greg chain to the rescue. Got sub-30 (29.10) on first try.

OK (LM2+LMR): R4 Meltdown, R3 Entrust, Mako Might (mUSB)
Gilgamesh (LM1+LM2): R4 Iai Hellfire, R3 Mental Break, DMT (CSB)
Vivi (LM1+LM2): R4 Chain Firaga, R4 Chain Firaja, Gathering Storm (USB)
Terra (LM2+LMR): R3 Chain Firaga, R4 Valigarmanda, Scholar's Boon (USB1/AOSB)
Elarra (LM1+LM2): R3 Allegro, R4 Curada, Lionheart (USB)

RW: Guardian
Magicite: Phoenix (+L8 Blade/L8 Spell ward), Phoenix (+L15 Empower Magic x2), Belias (+L15 Empower Fire x2), Siren, Evrae (+L10 Fast Act).

I literally just beat this a few minutes ago on my first try, so we'll see how RNG this is. Obviously this is a powerhouse team, but it would have been vastly harder without Greg chain. Still working out turn order as well. The only thing I know is that I used OK mUSB after P2 Savage Icestorm and then rushed to the end. I'm still using Curada with Elarra (no LMR so no dancing -> healing for me), which messes up Vivi's trance. He didn't trance until around 15 seconds. Once I get him to trance sooner it should be more stable, hopefully and not so close to the wire. Lost Vivi at the very end and lost Hastega, but the beast had 0 life bar anwyay.


Got a sub-25 now. Pretty close to getting this stable. I'll put down my rough turn order for now.

OK: mUSB, RW, Meltdown, Entrust Elarra, Meltdown xN, mUSB after Savage Icestorm
Gilgamesh: CSB, Iai Hellfire, magicite, Mental Break, Iai Helfire, refresh CSB, Iai Hellfire spam
Vivi: CHain Firaga x3, USB, Chain Firaja x2, USB, Chain Firaja x2, Chain Firaga
Terra; Vali x3, USB, Vali x2, Chain Firaga, AOSB, Chain Firaga
Elarra: Allegro, pause then Curada (allows Vivi and Terra to trance), USB, Curada, USB after Savage Blazing Breath to remove sap, Allegro, Curada spam, USB

Compared to That f***er Mateus™, this is much simpler.

I used this, but used Vincent CSB+BSB2(Radiant) in place of Gil in Slot 4, and Krile LMR+LMR2+AOSB in place of Terra in Slot 2. ~21-23s clear times. Thank you!
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