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User Info: Sporadicles

1 month ago#251

I was using Minfilia with GSB and SSB, but needed more damage so swapped her for Cid. He has his imperil SSB, but didn't use it, focusing on Burnt Offering instead. We kept going past 30 seconds so he ended up entrusting to Papalymo so he could Leylines before TGM ended, allowing him and Alph to speed cast at the end. Alph and Cid died near the end, but Papa's AOSB and Yda's fists finished the fight.

And of course, when I look at the team now I realise Papa should have used Chain Firaja instead of Meltdown. Go team forgetful!

LD Papalymo: R3 Protectga/R4 Meltdown; SSB2/USB/AOSB; Gathering Storm; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/earth resist
LD Yda: R4 Fires Within/R4 Ironfist Fire; USB; No Chicken Wuss; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/earth resist
LD Y'shtola: R3 Shellga/R4 Curada; BSB; MM; moderate fire/earth resist
LD Cid: R4 Burnt Offering/R4 Entrust; No SB; Wings Unfurled; 2x fire boost, major fire resist
LD Alphinaud: R2 Hastega/R4 Lunar Ifrit; SSB; DMT; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/wind resist

Magicite: Phoenix (Spell Ward 8, Health Boon 8), Madeen (Health Boon 8, Fast Act 10), Famfrit (Blade Ward 8, Health Boon 8), Madeen (Attack Boon 20 x2), King Bomb (Magic Boon 15)

Here's what I remember of the fight:

Papa Protectgas, then Meldowns into USB (at 10 seconds), more Meldowns, SSB at about 22 seconds, 1 more Meldown then AOSB

Yda uses Fires Within, 2 Ironfists, then USB. From there she does more of the same.

Y'shtola Shellgas, BSB, then Curadas. She uses BSB again before Tank Purge, then cmd2 which I think dualcasted, allowing us to survive the second. Then panic healing.

Cid uses Chain, then Offerings, Entrusting to Papa when he has two and a bit bars. Then more Offerings.

Alph Hastegas, SSBs, Ifrit, summons Phoenix at 10 seconds, refreshes the chain, then more Ifrit.

User Info: Cuticrusader09

1 month ago#252

Had to dive Cid to get it.

Cid, no SB,full dive, burnt offering, entrust, mako might
Pap: aosb, Lmr, full dive, chain firaja, protectga, spark of life
Y’shtola: USB2, full dive, curada, hastega, gathering storm
Alph: USB2, chain,Lmr, full dive, dark valefor, dr Mog
Ysalye: Bsb, Lmr, full dive, voltech, chilling blizzard, orphaned cub

Mateus main magicite

Y’shtola USB2 is key, the quick casts are needed.
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User Info: Gainerama

1 month ago#253
Rw: realm chain
Magicite- unicorn - king bomb, famfrit, phoenix, madeen

Alphinaud LD - hastega, tornado (ssb, bsb) LMR MM rm
Papalymo LD - shellga, chainja (bsb, aosb) LM2+LMR, fire dmg rm
Ysayle - voltech, chainga (usb1) ice dmg rm
Y'shtola LD - protectga, ultra cure (busb, bsb) LM1+LM2, dmt rm
Minifilia - entrust, wrath (no sb) ace striker rm

User Info: jeffheng

1 month ago#254

yshtola busb - hastega curada - dr mog
thanrad imperil earth bsb - ninja earth - dagger up
applenut bsb ssb - protectga dark valefor - mm
papamoly aosb bsb - shellga meltdown - dmg up
cid no sb - flame offering entrust - gather storm

all dive except for thanrad half dived.

must say that cid’s dive is awesome with his machinist and support skillset
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User Info: Palaxius01

1 month ago#255
39.86 sec clear

RW: Chain

Alphinaud USB/LM2/Ace striker
Protectga+Dark Valefor

Minfilia USB,SSB/4*dive/DMT

Ysayle USB/LM2/TGM
Voltech+Abyssal Shards

Papalymo USB,SSB/LM2/Double cast black RM
Meltdown+Chain Firaja

Y'shtola BSB/LM2/MM

Minfilia casts USB, then entrusts to Papalymo so he can cast hastega SSB and his own USB back to back. Minfilia then casts SSB for last stand as backup so Y'shtola can catch up on healing.

Alphinaud, Papalymo and Ysayle on dps duties. I used a mixed elemental team but I barely managed to win before Ultima timer hits. Sub 40 is ok for now.

User Info: Holy Stone

Holy Stone
4 weeks ago#256
Holy Stone posted...
Had no intention of trying the D??? since I needed Elarra to sub30s the 280. Then I finally looked through this:

and figured I could probably at least get to 50% with what I have. This is where I ended up:

Much better than I expected. I could probably beat this with a more focused attempt as I wasn't watching the script at all. This caused me to refresh Last Stand before it was needed and then I didn't have it available when I really needed it for multiple characters. I also ran out of hones on Papa so I should probably bring his BSB as a backup next time. Casting the 2nd chain too early also hurt me in the end. I could have waited another turn with Minfilia and been fine but casting too early caused me to run out of all 3 by the end. Alph and Papa could use better RMs since they didn't come close to capping even at high chain counts, while Ysayle was easily capping. Finally, I need to find a good time to refresh Pro/Shell as the damage really ramped up near the end when I assume they wore off. Overall though very pleased with where I ended up and the 80 rubies are welcome.

Alph: Hastega/Dark Valefor - Blood of the Summoner - USB2 (and BSB but never used) - Full Dive/LMR
Papa: Protectga/Chain Firaja - Scholar's Boon - USB - Full Dive/LMR
Y'shtola: Curada/Shellga - DMT - BSB - LMR (lol)
Ysayle: Valigarmanda/Voltech - Sorceress's Vow - USB - Full Dive
Minfilia: Healing Smite/Magic Breakdown - Mako Might - SSB
Magicite: Main - Unicorn (lvl 15 Magic Boon); Sub - King Bomb (lvl 15 magic boon),Famfrit (lvl 10 Fire Dampen, lvl 8 Health Boon), Phoenix (lvl10 Ice Dampen, lvl8 Health Boon), Tiamat (lvl 15 wind empower)
No waters used on any characters

Came back to try this with the buff to SB gauge generation with Stoneskin active. Mastered in 49.39 after hitting 99% on the first attempt. Biggest changes:
Alph: RM - Savior of Spira - Needed that extra summon damage because I also used BSB twice before casting USB2 for the burst in Phase 5.
Ysayle: R5 Chain Blizzaga/R4 Chain Blizzaja - Also pulled her LMR during previous LoTR. Max Crystal waters in everything but Power and Spirit, but that was mainly for Typhon.
Minfilia: Ended up pulling her BSB2 and LMR2 (maybe from Realm draw update?). LMR2 definitely helped in getting everything up and running quicker. BSB2 entry damage probably wasn't essential, but I did end up 1 turn away from dying to Ultima again so maybe it helped.
Main magicite the same. Sub magicites mostly different:
Syldra - Lvl10 earth dampen and lvl20 magic boon
Mateus - Lvl10 wind dampen and lvl8 Blade Ward
Madeen - lvl8 Health Boonx2
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User Info: SevenSeas

4 weeks ago#257
D??? mastered at 36s

LD Cid (no sb): Burnt Offering + entrust (machinist++) --> fire armor, fire+wind resist
LD Yda (usb): Burning Rush + Fires Within (monk++) --> fire fist, fire+earth resist
LD Potato (ssb2, aosb): C-ja + protectga (blm++) --> fire rod, fire+earth resist
LD Tola (bsb): curada + hastega (TGM) --> NA, fire+earth resist
LD Alp (ssb, bsb, lmr): dark valefor + shellga (MM) --> wind dagger, major fire resist

RW: chain
Magicites: Belias (dbl empower fire), madeen (dbl atk boon), syldra (dampen earth, FA), famfrit (dampen fire, spellward), phoenix (GDM)

Cid: rw, snipe, entrust to Papa for that sweet AOSB
Yda: self sustaining herself with FW until yshtola's bsb is up
Potato: protectga -> spam c-ja -> ssb for that acm -> c-ja x 2 -> aosb
Tola: hastega -> curaga spam -> bsb -> rinse and repeat
Alp: ssb -> shellga -> DV --> bsb cmd2 --> DV

Perhaps if i max hone that DV, and create an ironfist, i can shortered the clear time
but anyway, 36s is good enough for me for now
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(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

3 weeks ago#258
Sub30 with these relics:

Papalymo: USB+EnFire LMR
Yda: USB
Y'Shtola: BSB
Minfilia: SSB
Alphinaud: SSB

Fire rod artifact for Papalymo + Gathering Storm was the key.

No Magia points at all, can't be bothered with them.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: ChillGamer

3 weeks ago#259
SnowxNeverLeft posted...
Sub30 with these relics:

Papalymo: USB+EnFire LMR
Yda: USB
Y'Shtola: BSB
Minfilia: SSB
Alphinaud: SSB

Fire rod artifact for Papalymo + Gathering Storm was the key.

No Magia points at all, can't be bothered with them.

Are they fully dived?

User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

3 weeks ago#260
Yeah all of them.

Minfilia's Imperil holy proc was important to boost her own damage as well as Y'sh's Holyja.

I used Bomb King as main Magicite hoping for lucky Short Fuses but they never happened.

Setup was:

Papalymo: Chain Firaja R5, Gathering Storm
Yda: Fires Within + Ironfist Fire, +30% damage RM
Y'Sh: Holyja+Hastega, DMT
Minfilia: Healing Smite+Protectga, +30% damage RM
Alphinaud: Lunar Ifrit+Shellga, MM

Fire+earth resist accessories on everyone except Alph (I used Odin's on him, but Firewind Shard is fine too).

Main Magicite: Bomb King (empower fire)
Sub: Mateus (HP+Spell Ward), Famfrit (Blade Ward+Dampen Fire), Madeen (HP+FA), Syldra (HP+Dampen Earth).
(edited 3 weeks ago)
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