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User Info: ffrkowaway

3 months ago#231
Bump, always good to see people do better than that thought they would

User Info: bennex

3 months ago#232
I based my setup on the same video as the user above, @Holy_Stone
Close Sub50, but needed a lot of tries and refinements.
I dived everyone (Alphinaud and Yshtola were already dived).

Farmed some Magia, so I didn't need to cast Papalymo cmd2 for magic boost.

The only way to survive was using Curada instead of Cmd1 of Yshtola's Burst, unless someone really, really, really needed instant heal. When HP Shield from Burst was up Minfilia used Magic Breakdown and Yda Ironfist Fire, if not Healing Smite and Fires Within.

Alphinaud went BSB --> cmd1 --> instant cast USB when ready --> continuing with cmd1 until BSB expired --> abillity spam --> USB --> abillity spam

Papalymo, BSB: Protectga + Chain Firaja, Damage against Weakness+ (2 Fire Boosts, Major Fire Resist)
Minfilia, USB, Glint, LMR: Healing Smite + Magic Breakdown; MM (2 Holy Boosts, FireEarth resist)
Yshtola, BSB: Curada R5; TGM (Mind Dagger, Fire/Earth resist)
Yda, BSB: Fires within + Ironfist Fire; Fist Damage+ (2 Fire Boosts, Fire/Earth Resist)
Alphinaud, BSB, USB1: Shellga + Dark Valefor R5; Summon Double Trigger (2 Wind Boosts, Fire/Earth Resist)

Magicite: Lakshmi (Mind Boon, Healing Boon), Famfrit (Dampen Fire, Health Boon), Belias (Fast Act, Empower Fire), Madeen (Blade+Spell Ward), Mateus (Spell Ward, Health Boon)

User Info: sarothias

3 months ago#233
Last night was just chillin in bed on Youtube and randomly felt like giving this a try.

Original clear time was 48.93. Now with Madeens and better magicite overall figured I would remove Minfilia as she was their for her slot saver USB but after that honestly felt like deadweight.

Removed her for Thancred w/ USB and got a clear of around 35ish seconds. Also changed my style of reserving Y'shtola's BUSB to be slightly more offensive for the group, rather than "holding onto it" as a JIC. ><

Tried a couple more times and was averaging 33 - 35. Decided to purchase an artifact gun for Cid. He was using a fire boosting gun but with an artifact gun with synergy it took him up around 300ish ATK lol. Next attempt 27.39 :)

Alph: R4 Dark Valefor/R3 Protectga - BSB - LMR/LM2 - World Traveler - 40% Wind
Papa: R5 Chain Firaja/R3 Shellga - GSB/BSB/AOSB - LMR/LM2 - Spark of Life - 40% Fire
Y'shtola: R4 Curada/R3 Hastega - BUSB - LMR1 - Mako Might
Cid: R3 Burnt Offering/R4 Burning Snipe - USB - LMR/LM2 - Gathering Storm - 40% Fire
Thancred: R4 Fire Assault/R4 SiT - BUSB - LMR/LM2 - Dr. Mog - 40% Fire

For Thancred I started off with his BUSB since IC. Then SiT (IC), then brave command lvl 3. I then switched to Fire Assault. Whenever he got enough of a bar to use his BUSB I would use it, SiT, CMD3 again then back to Fire Assault. IIRC I used his BUSB 3 times. Once at start, in middle and again right at the end. The second and third uses of CMD1 did around 60kish damage each time.

Papa - Shellga - CF spam until 20ish seconds then use BSB to keep Enfire up for his AOSB at the end. I can't remember if my winning running i used his GSB for an IC AOSB. I don't *think* I did else I'd have been a little short but can't remember for sure.

Alph: Protectga - 3x Dark Valefor - BSB - CMD1 spam - IC BSB - CMD1 if still time

Y'shtola: Hastega - BUSB after Papa hit by ST attack - Curada - CMD1 - Curada and refresh BUSB as needed. Use CMD1 if level 2 and safe before refreshing BUSB.

Cid: CSB and again around 15ish seconds. Summon Unicorn around 11 seconds to clear sap. Otherwise Offering spam. Use USB after second CSB then go back to spamming. Recast USB around 25-26 seconds to trigger Wildfire for free damage.

Main Magicite:
Unicorn (RES Boon +10)

Sub: Belias (+15 EMpower Fire, +15 ATK Boon), Famfrit (+8 HP Boon, +8 Blade Ward), Madeen (+20 ATK, +20 MAG), Madeen (2x +20 MAG)
FFRK - Ramza's CSB Code: 9DXU

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 months ago#234
@sarothias Grats! Artifacts are seriously amazing...

User Info: sarothias

3 months ago#235
ffrkowaway posted...
@sarothias Grats! Artifacts are seriously amazing...

Thanks! True that regarding artifacts. Jeeeez
FFRK - Ramza's CSB Code: 9DXU

User Info: drg3

3 months ago#236
Took quite a few attempts, but finally got it at 33.16.

Thancred busb
Yda usb, lmr
Pap bsb, aosb
Cid usb
Yshtola bsb

All set up for fire, thancred with stitch in time (to charge busb) and fire assault

Magicite: Famfrit; madeenx2, syldra, belias

All but pap LD, three of them just for this fight.

Brings the total defeated to 8; 1 sub 30, 5 sub 40 and 2 sub 60. Probably some others I can work on.

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 months ago#237
Cut time nearly in half from a few months ago, to 34.72, without even that many changes. Just Alph LMR, his CSB book as a stat stick, diving Yda and giving her and Minifiloa 6* abilities, and better magicite and some Magia with some RM shuffling.

Pretty sure I'll be able to make this a 1-disco sub-30 sooner or later.

LD Yda BSB (+30% dmg RM with Ironfist Fire)
LD Alphinaud BSB + SSB + LMR (DC summon RM with Hastega + Dark Valefor)
LD Papalymo USB + GSB (Gathering Storm with Chain Firaja)
4* Y'shtola BSB (Mako Might with Memento of Prayer)
4* Minifilia SSB (DMT w/ Healing Smite + Protectga)

User Info: ffrkowaway

2 months ago#238
For anyone who missed it, 100% no SBs:

User Info: Cuticrusader09

2 months ago#239
Yshtola's Busb brought my sub 60 to a sub 40.
zkUj - Cloud USB

User Info: kwonshin

2 months ago#240

Cleared FFXIV D??? this time. Only sub50 but this is still a big win.

Papalymo BSB OSB
Yshtolla BUSB
Alphinaud SSB USB

I had to make Ironfist Fire and Lunar Ifrit for this one. Chose Ifrit than Valefor due Fire synergyze team. Also had to give 10 HP Water to Papa, Ysh, Alph. They couldn't survive past phase 1 without it. No HP Boon at all. Could just give Magia but I am that damn lazy.
I Won't Do What You Want Me To Do
(edited 2 months ago)
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